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Muva Urff
Notes on the Moral Paradigm Grift with Don Quotays, Mister Grey and Guailo Girl
First, to establish the fact that bitchez in general be out a all control, Guailo Girl shows what happens, if you are Saruman at Isengard in Middle Earth and you decide to enforce your will upon the blue orks of Mordor in this Plane through the power of the White Hand, but have made the mistake of possessing the body of a sedentary peasant woman rather than a warrior...
[Crackpot comments are in brackets.]

Big mama takes care of bidnez.
Wed, May 19, 1:30 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
The only combat lesson I see here is attitude and aggression go a long way.
-Don Quotays
[Look again, Sir! I see first, that I was wrong, that masculinity is not dead in Modernity—but that it unfortunately has a vagina! On a darker note, please realize that the means by which mamma saved "Black Beauty," the pet name for her SUV, a vehicle that my privilege prevents me from attaining, is illegal for police in that very city—being NYC to use! If an NYPD officer used dragging tactics or a knee, or any pressure on the torso, in making an arrest, he can currently be disciplined, up to and including losing his job and pension. Additionally, I hope I do not have to remind the viewers, that if I or another ghost man, handled a Latino like this, that we would be charged with various crimes, up to and including federal hate crimes. The man would need only claim that he was asking for a lift, or work, and that we denied him opportunity. This is an excellent example of who is allowed to use force under the new grift.]

cristianjesus on Twitter: "@AsianPatDixon @censoreddottv @HeWasntJogging Look at all the bleeps stand around and do NOTHING. This animal deserves to be in a cage the rest of her pathetic life.

Wed, May 19, 8:17 PM (10 hours ago)
to me
Heroic golden skin toddler attempts to save loyal erryan princess mother from the true Mother of Civilization...
-Mister Grey
[The child with the pink bow in her hair, I hoped was assisting her giantess mamma in the attack on the evil ghost wench. Your interpretation is more life-affirming, sir. With a situation as hilarious is this, it is instructive to measure the delusion in society at large by reading the idiot comments. Humor is the best reaction here, and only 2 or 3 responded in this way. A muscle ghost man declares he would beat this beast woman up—thereby either losing a fight that would land this rampaging bitch on Oprah as a heroine, or becoming the next Zimmerman. Other viewers chastise the skinny drone for holding the door open for the Queen Bee, as if he had an option. If he had not, she would have shoulder butted him and snarled, "Ged da door, nigga!" and his ass would have been next if he had hesitated.
[There were numerous objections by viewers to people having videoed this, which speaks to these people living in an absolute dream-state and having no connection to reality. Finally, there is a total absence of cognition in that the predominantly Guilt Race people commenting still do not understand the dynamics of martyr race people observing and assisting the punishment of a guilt race person. How stupid can a pack of crackers be? You know that deer and elk know, the day before the season they are to be hunted, that those humans down their in their warm boxes, are planning some bad shit. These are small-brained ungulates, the purpose-made victims of the animal world, and they understand when it is the season at which the Powers have decreed that they will be hunted. However, the pallid race that supposedly put at least three men on the Moon and "made the world safe for democracy" has no idea that it is Cracker Season, a good decade into the hunt. Do we deserve anything less than eradication for denying the reality all around us? I have been hunted by police and un-uniformed criminals for the pale hue of my skin since 1985. It has been a general hunt across the nation since 2008. The hunt became an all-year affair round about 2012. The Hunt for Whitey [a great book] became intense in 2015, went into overdrive in 2016, and has, since 2020, become the actual Moral Value of supposedly "white" civilization, that "white" people are genetically evil, anachronistically guilty and targeted for social justice. Yet still, most of the wretches on this comment feed, are still in the dark, where the great Lie that is America, has bound them to their driveling doom.]
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Yeti WatersMay 22, 2021

The white bitch who got dragged out, got like a lite ass litte tap on her head. The bitch might have been homeless and acting weird before the video got started I am apt to give the African American woman the benefit of the doubt on that one. Listen folks, everytime you see a white bitch talking a beating, don't automatically assume it's a hate crime. What I saw there looked like a black bitch removing an unwanted person. Maybe I'm wrong, but I'm going with my guy instinct. How many of you motherfuckers reading James LaFond ever seen a white bitch act crazy, or god forbid ever had to put a bitch in her place? Let's not let this racism we all feel cloud our judgement.
Yeti WatersMay 22, 2021

By the way, if all you see there is a hate crime, black on white mugging, take a walk into the real world. My Scots Irish ancestors raised more hell, committed more murders, profited from more robberies and killed more enemies than the most blackest of ghettos of the last 90 years. If you're focused on race, you just don't get it. Look up homicides for NYC, SF, New Orleans in the 19th century. And then tell me how civilized white folks are.

What you will find is that there were almost 3 times as many murders reported in each of those 3 cities than you can dig up for the current murder records of any of those lovely burgs for the last 75 years. Why? Trust me, it wasn't black folks committing those murders back in the heyday of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. It was SCOTS IRISH people, statistically speaking . If you really want to understand violence and murder, you're going to have to quit looking at blacks as savage amimals. People who view black folks as inferior and deranged are pussies in my book. They are weak scaffolds who's only purpose in life is to bow down and spread weakness. You better have some fucking faith in who you are and where you come from, otherwise you are nothing more than an enemy posing as a friend. Talk is talk. Kill is kill.
Don QuotaysMay 22, 2021

Follow up, addition news stories say the little girl who tried to intervene was the child of the beatee.
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