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'Anger and Aggression'
Thawtcriminalwitz Prompts the Crackpot on A Self-Defense Advice Video
© 2021 James LaFond
Found this to be pretty interesting James. Would like to hear your thoughts

Sir, these fellows seem to be Brits of a martial arts stripe cut from a lower-T Geoff Thompson cloth. Everything in this brief video is sound advice and seems to reflect the general absence of firearms and mobs of feral Bantu warriors in the British crimescape, where violence is often confrontational, one-to-one and voluntary. No such violence rates as serious on my meter, because that meter was installed in Baltimore, where almost all violence was predatory pack behavior and hunting of outnumbered humans.
The tattooed hipster martial arts guy certainly does a nice job of video production with his survival guru, who certainly knows what he is talking about and might even be able to survive midnight bus commutes to work in Baltimore City, Screwtopia. The only problem I have with the three videos I saw—because I liked the format and the information was good—is that they stay in safe territory where martial arts bullshit still has a chance, that is one-to-one voluntary aggression. It would be interesting to see how they deal with mass attacks, machete attacks, running from the cops, lying to the cops and using weapons against mobs of unarmed thugs.
The best aspect of this brief talk, is the focus on separating the emotion of anger, so cherished as powerful among cu’łts, bitches, soy boys and homos, from the behavior of aggression. Anger is generally a state of debilitated combat potential which some folks like to think is powerful, but clouds judgment, narrows vision, dampens hearing, numbs tactile sensitivity, reduces stamina and begs for the terminal debilitation of an adrenalin dump, which not only constricts blood vessels but thickens the blood with shit you don't need in it.
Cool aggression, as mentioned by the doctor, such as that used by riflemen, boxers, hunters, and other experienced stress state actors permits versatility before, during and after contact. What you don't want to practice is hot aggression such as that used by uniformed police officers who yell and scream and panic as a matter of trained response to the resistance of their authority by those they are sworn to oppress. This behavior has resulted in many officer deaths. I particularly enjoyed the footage of one good ole boy who shot down two Florida sheriffs that was suggested for my viewing after this video. This problem with panicked hot aggression among law officers has also resulted in many other unfortunate outcomes, such as the Beautification of Michael Brown and Freddie Gray and the Ascension and Deification of Floyd Christ.
I would caution viewers to parse the woods of the Hood Doctor when he speaks of showing a firm resolve to defend one self as a deterrent. Against an angry neighbor, while behaving as an authority figure [such as when I worked management and security against thugs] such stand your ground methods can consistently net positive results. However, a determination to stand your ground and defend while being hunted by clans of two-legged hyenadons can get you set up for a take down. Watch videos of hyenas ganging up on lionesses and you will see what I mean.
In such situations I move off in an attempt to separate my hunters and catch one in an extended position. This has always worked for me. Also, in the Soviet Socialist Cuckpublic of Modernity, being seen firmly resolved to defend will be used by media and law enforcement to characterize your actions as engagement in mutual combat—the “fight” that most cops and all media cannot wait to label so that the victor may be vilified.
Never forget, that there is no greater crime against Civilization than the individual's successful defense of his property, person or especially his honor, as the concept of honor is counter to most civilized codes of conduct under the shroud of Modernity.
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Thawtcriminowitz     Jun 29, 2021

Solid response as usual my friend
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