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'Do You Believe in the Human Soul?'
Mister Grey Cues the Crackpot on His Metaphysical Doctrine
© 2021 James LaFond
“Do you really think there is such a thing as a soul? Do you believe in the human soul?”
Well, my chief character flaw among many, is an absolute lack of faith. I do not think that I have the capacity for belief, for faith, which must, by definition, be willfully blind.
Since age 13, when my friends Rick and Jeff asked me to judge their atheism versus religion debate, I have thought, that what makes the most sense is this:
-That there is such a thing as a soul, an animating spirit paired with our body.
-That this force, this entity, either leaves or perishes, when the body gives up the ghost.
-That most people are so body oriented [materialistic] that their souls are unlikely to survive the death of their body in a self-identifiable form, even if such an avenue is open to us.
-That the human soul is a counterpart to the human body, and just like force [government] and ideological [religion] systems of control, which have stolen the human body and soul from their sustaining traditions, feast upon us here, that other forces await hungrily our arrival in the outer dark. Just as the Evil U.S.A. has eaten of my labor and will eventually take everything that I made and either banish it or give it to others, I suspect that metaphysical predators: gods, angels, devils, demons and such await my death to feast upon my soul.
-That there is probably a minority of metaphysical beings which seek to preserve or elevate human souls beyond the death of their body, and that such do-good pillanthropists [I spelled this four different ways and have not been able to get it past spell check] are about as popular in Heaven as radical vegan animal rights advocates are on a cattle ranch. Prometheus Bound by Achylus makes this point quite well.
-That just as there are deities who farm souls, and those few who seek to save them, that there are hunters of souls, that want to prey upon free-spirits such as myself. I might avoid going up the meat-chute of souls by submitting to the mind bending matrix I was born into. But some demon will probably rip me into eternity dining on my sneering indignity when this body finally succumbs.
I think correct, and do not believe, and do not have faith in, the doomful doctrines of Christianity and of Aztec cosmology; that most of humanity comes into life on earth without an intrinsic chance at redemption, afterlife or return. Just like all of those millions of Thai and Indonesian children that will be born to parents that will sell them into sex slavery and will never see a bible or be directly contacted by God or personally saved by the Christ they have never even heard whispered of, and will suffer random dooms, I think so are our souls doomed. I see souls flickering mostly dim and sometimes bright among their deluded or suffering fellows until the hunger of darkness extinguishes them for a moment of warm nourishment in the cold void of the Cosmos. I suspect, that in Heaven as on Earth, we are food.
My goal, for my soul, is that it will be strong enough to taste bitter to whatever eats it.
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Gary Morgan     Jul 14, 2021

What a pessimistic post.

Fortunately, eventually, everyone will know the truth, and everyone will be saved, and will live in eternal peace and harmony on this earth.

The relatively brief 6,032 years of humanity suffering (from Adam to the day of wrath of God in September 2032) has a couple of purposes. Firstly, it enables God to manage the transition from an angel-only earth, where some of the angels thought they could get away with murder. He gives them enough rope to hang themselves (Satan himself will be cast out soon, with a huge number of his angel pals).

At the same time, it enables God to sort the wheat from the chaff amongst humans, with the wheat being permitted rule on earth, as well as up-close eternal physical proximity to Him and His infinite love and glory.

The post writer doesn't realise he has demons around him, giving him such a black view, denying God is good, and also convincing him that he owes His creator nothing, not faith, not obedience, not love.

Just over eleven years to go, everything is up for grabs, the first will be last, the last will be first. To the faithful go the spoils, for a thousand years initially.

How do I know all this? You won't believe me though. Yet.
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