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Letters from the Edge
Viking Age Barbarian, Mister Grey and Satrap of Kulakistan: Date Line 7/1/2021
© 2021 James LaFond
On head
Mon, Jun 28, 10:00 PM (3 days ago)
-Viking Age Barbarian

Thanks for the heads up, but my retarded ass was not able to pull up anything other than a graphic. The fact that more people online are addressing the need for survival skills is heartening, as it makes one suspect that the Grey God is perhaps close to return.

What about the fish bat, how good is it as a weapon?
-Mister Grey

Number one is the fish bat has a reason to be in your car other than the reason it is in your car. Just as a bat kept in your car should be stowed with a ball and glove, make sure there is some fishing tackle stowed with your fish bat.
Number 2 is to never cock the thing. Strike from where the hand is. Do not raise the bat hand or cock it back. This requires forearm conditioning work on the bag, unless you area carpenter...

Followup [to tomorrow's article in neo-Tribalism]
Mon, Jun 28, 9:29 PM (3 days ago)
More practically, what skills and mindsets do you think will be useful for sedentary kulaks such as myself?
-Satrap of Kulakistan

Sir, this is most simple:
-1. Do not be sedentary. Become active and aggressive in some physical undertaking, preferably something dangerous which imparts skills that can be generalized to surviving mishaps common to low-trust environments.
-2. Do not be a kulak. I understand, as a Satrap of Kulakistan, that it is your desire to maintain your material things. But think back to the 1930s, when the Kulaks of the Ukraine were exterminated in their millions, because they had modest homes and incomes and had committed the crime of self-sufficiency at the dawn of the Age of Universal Dependency. Now, think back further, to about 500 B.C., when Darius invaded what has since become the Ukraine—or parts of it, in a bid to conquer and subdue the Scythians. He barely avoided the fate of his predecessor Cyrus, who was killed by the cousins of the Scythians in Central Asia. When he complained to the Scythian kings that they did not fight him, they responded that since they were not farmers and moved about with their goods, that they did not have the compelling reasons to choose between the two fires of extermination or enslavement, and that if he could find where their forefathers were buried and violate their tombs, then he would discover what it was like to suffer their attention in war.
My friend, your forefathers' tombs are in your veins, in the echoes of their ideas and deeds within your mind's eye. Conceal them and be free from the imperial heel.
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