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Is There Anymore Crackpot Podcasting or Hobo Historicizing on the Whorizon?
© 2021 James LaFond
“I am really excited about you doing podcasts with a pay wall. I plan on subscribing to the site once you post your first podcast on the site.”
Take care James,
Michael Collins.

Sir, I feel real bad about this.
Of late, I have even been avoiding social engagements because speaking causes the nerve going to my eye to light up and begin the need for medication. I only get 9 doses a month. So I ration it for reasons of supply and because the medicine has negative effects.
I finally got my writing groove back by sleeping 12 hours, writing 2, napping 2, writing 2 and then listening to audio books for the rest of the day. I walk 2 miles a day at a gentle pace to keep from rattling the nerve.
My recent experiments with the condition have shown that eye use is worse then getting punched in the head and that talking loudly is the worst, with normal conversational tone bringing on a seizure in an hour or so.
I am putting off recording anything that won't take a low tone. If I can half-whisper and it can be picked up on a recording, then I'll do that. This probably means the need for a person doing sound in the same space as me. If that happens, it happens.
Speaking of which, there are over a dozen hobo history videos at about 20-30 minutes each in the can with Incognegro. However, it takes him a long time to do the sound and he is swamped with post-Brovid summer work, supporting and home schooling his children, moving his studio, etc.
So there is audio and even video of me out there on subjects from the Ottomon Empire, to Disease in history and historical reviews of such movie as Django Unchained, Mandingo and others.
It looks like I will have to back out of a couple of tentative podcasts with the Myth 20 crew because of this health issue. However, I will be spending some time in July with The Brick Mouse and will ask him to make some recordings which may be placed who knows where. If this happens, I will let you know.
Thanks for the kind thoughts, Michael.
James, Suburbia New Jersey, 7/2/21
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michael collins     Jul 14, 2021

Thanks for the info James. I really hope you feel better!
doctor here.....     Jul 15, 2021

If you need any medical advice lemme know... Hope you feel better....
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