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Teutonic Fist and the Crackpot Discuss the Best Reason for Discord, with Presidential Ratings
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Normies playing with stray dogs
Sat, Jul 3, 5:50 PM (2 days ago)
to me
A few weeks ago there were some junkies fighting in the street. There were two paleface normies around them female and what passes for genetic male wearing the same haircut. The junkies, also female and what passes for genetic male, were typical for their kind dressed way too warm for the weather and were getting on with it over a backpack. The normies tried to "mediate" the scuffle like their kind learned from a life getting handed off to outsource authorities like daycare nurses and teachers, most likely woman in the midwit bracked of IQ distribution, and so they said things to the fighting druggies like "you only make it worst" and "if you don't stop you will get hurt".
[All such situations, including the Paris garden party scene in Barry Linden and the entirety of Steel Magnolias or any Halmark movie, will be made immeasurably more meaningful by the appearance of a Mohawk war party seeking scalps and sisters.]
Which made me laugh cause these people soil themselfs on the needle and probably did sexual favours in exchange for drugs, so "making it worst" isn't a exactly a possibility of which the normie can assess its weight. So i asked them whats going on here just in the anticipation that they stole the backpack from the normies and that would offer me a plausible, moraliy somehow justified situation where i could deal out violence in broad daylight against weaker people.
[Thank you for writing this and for admitting to something that i have many times failed to admit in my writing. For the misbehavior of others in public space is more than just entertainment, which is not to diminish it. The only legitimate purpose I regard American presidents for, since my teens is entertainment, chiefly comic relief. Likewise, these junkies and normies have already provided us with a smile on this side of the Sea of Inequity. Secondly, the only other possible use for these four people, is to suffer and bear witness to your relative might. This has great sacred value, as the weak should be beaten by the strong when they contest in such ways, and the morally strident weak who chatter on behalf of the vile machine should be treated to a near view of their much deserved plight whenever possible—this shall make the Spheres of the Cosmos sing. I have become more superstitious of late and see in every act of random violence and discord a song calling for the return of the Old Gods.]
But no, they didn't steal it from the normies, they stole it from one another and the fact that they are opposite sexes lays near the conclusion that they are your typical trash couple that form their relationship to each other about their relationship to drugs. I asked the normies if they are stupid to involve themselves into something like that and while they looked at me somehow confused the two honeymooners went their marry way more or less arguing over what could be a small amount of drugs or money or whatever these two poney taled clowns assumed it was worth involving themselvs over in other peoples business.
[You are to be commended for taking a pedestrian moment of busybody boob behavior and playing the part of the stage director stepping on stage between two members of the Chorus to remind them that they are not to adlib when actual named members of the cast remain on script.]
I asked them why they bother stopping and try to mediate like daycare teachers. The what passes for a genetic male said that i wasn't here when they started to go at each other and it was brutal maaaan, so i asked him if when he sees two stray dogs fighting, would he put his hand between them to make them stop. What do you think you are doing here. It was like talking to an alien, like in a foreign language, because it was. This guy had no concept of "mind your own shit" or "well she picked him" and then said "where are the cops when you need them", which started to make me angry. When the cops show up in this street, its usualy because of me or my friends, so i don't want cops around. And i don't want cops around to police trash either. If you call the cops, its like setting loose a pitbull without muzzle or chain. Its a force none of us can control. Police is government that will always escalate a situation further than anyone else can and will always get in the way of organic maintaining of order and justice. I told these two palefaced idiots that these junkies indeed stole from them, meaning their time.
[They deserved to be stolen from.]
Later that day, middle of the night rather, i came past two realy greek looking guys who i greeted asking their business, so they told me they are on their way home because further down the road some guy came out, told them not to linger infront of his apartment and that they should fuck off, so at least the local sense of right and wrong and behave yourself you fucking clown is still in working order if effeminate tourists or cops don't interfer in it.
[Wherever it is in Germany you live, is still much more civilized than the shithole where I am detraining in two days hence. Even with all of the extreme emasculation both of our societies have been placed under, your society still has a chance it seems, of having organic order. This last situation, in Baltimore, if it involved Bantus, would have resulted in a chimp-out stomping at least. Your simple greeting of two Ricans by night, here in New Jersey where I write, would have likely resulted in an edged weapon encounter or a 2 on 1 fight. In Baltimore, a shooting would have been very likely. The point is, that when the system decides to crash organic cohesion in favor of the police state, it needs two ingredients to reliably destroy traditional social order: over-domesticated Caucasians and feral Africans in roughly equal numbers.]
Oh, yes, Presidents in my lifetime, according to greatness, which is to say comic virtuosity:
-Carter, boring
-Shrub Senior, creepy and bland
-Ford, good for the occasional trip and fall
-Frothy Latte, gay enough to always be mildly entertaining for the astute
-Tricky Dick, who should have played Mister Magoo in a non-animated movie
-Reagan, who had that "I'm about to use my B-list acting ability to be a real prick" smirk
-Shrub Junior, who could mispronounce anything with gravity
-Slick Willy, who could lie to 300 million souls with a wicked grin and debate the definition of "is"
-Creepy Joe, who cannot contain his thirst for children on stage
-Orange Man, who made me laugh every day for four years and therefore the most valuable man in America for that period and the most important president in my life time.
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