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'To the Youth Psyche Hospital'
Michael Collins Bully Odyssey Part 3
© 2021 James LaFond
[James comments are in brackets.]
I ended up going to live with my mother during highschool for one year. Big mistake. I left my dad because he started getting really angry with me all the time. I cost him too much money and I didn’t spend enough time with him. I wanted to hang out with my friends. He just was really grumpy all the time.
[Hell, most the guys I know, including me, had shit heads for dads, weak slaves already broken on the wheel. They at least had the decency to walk away from us, even as our mothers continued to greedily feed us into The System. This is their religious obligation to the state as Risen God. American women, most of the white ones, are nothing more than psychological Aztec priestesses dedicated to the sacrifice of their husbands and sons into the maw of the great all-devouring Beast.]
Well my mother is bat shit crazy and we ended up getting into a physical fight. She was screaming and cussing at me for hours and I just walked away from her. She came running at me with her hands up like she was going to slap me. I instinctually grabbed her wrists to prevent her from slapping me.
[Same thing happened to me at this age, right after my shithead dad, Ted the weakling, left her. She hit me and hurt her little fist as I grinned savagely. She then punched me on the right tricep with all of her little spiteful might and I grinned, and grinned and laughed for a minute or ore until her strength fled her little hands. I sneered, right in front of the hallway closet in the doorway between the kitchen and the bedrooms at 123 Moger Drive, as she broke down in tears and my tricep swelled up like a purple wasp bite. I loomed cackling over her as she broke down in tears and then I left the house and fucked one of the lady's in the neighborhood who was her friend.]
[Again, in a just world, you slap her and confine her to her room until she behaves and then sell her to a Russian mobster. But again, we live in an evil world that hates us and hungers for our suffering, so we make due.]
Big mistake on my part I should have just run away from home. Well she then proceeded to claw my skin, attempted to knee me in the balls. I was pushing her away from me. And then I restrained her on the ground. I did not hit her only restrained her on the ground. In fact I was the one bleeding. I had my shirt off because it was summer and my chest had chunks of skin missing and was bleeding.
[Bro, according to Herodotus, your maternal lineage is the same as that of Cyrus, founder of the Persian Empire!]
Long story short she called the cops. Cops took her side. I went to go see a psychologist to see if I needed to be committed.
[This is why she attacked you, the sure knowledge that she was doing the bidding of the Master System by presenting her son to be broken on the Wheel of Souls. She was behaving as a good and loyal citizen, by ferreting out her willful offspring as a potential human and pointing like a zombie to the zombie mob at he yet to be bitten. Our parents—mine included—have the purpose under America, to maim our souls and present us as offerings upon the Altar of America.]
The nurse was this old lady who just listened to me ramble for hours about my life story. She said I am mentally fine and let me go.
[Lucky she was from an earlier time. You see, I had a similar situation, where my fucked up parents took me to a shrink to have my mind set right and the shrink took pity on me and let me go. The System, being so massive, catches in its clutches good people who haunt the gears of The Machine and give us aid, like the white sailor who helped William Wells Brown escape from slavery, and the master, once an escaped slave, who bought Peter Williamson to adopt him as a son.]
My mother was super pissed and said I was just a manipulator like my father and a liar etc. I at the time was sleeping in my sisters room next to my mothers room. Underneath my bed I kept a handmade knife my grandfather made me and a hatchet. I always liked to sleep with weapons next to me in case of a home invasion.
[This is especially understandable after wrestling with Team Butt Buddy and those upperclass homos tried to molest you at the hotel with—what I suspect—was their coach's approval, who was probably an ass rapist himself.]
My mother attempted to commit me a second time and she used the fact that I kept weapons next to my bed to convince the people I was paranoid and crazy.
[This is clutch. If you are married, the surest way for the government to get you into the penal system is to have your wife call on you, and say that having weapons is proof that you are dangerous. This is why we have red flag laws and why the Orange Man supported them. Medical associations direct their doctors to quiz patients about weapons in the home. You experienced first hand the medicalization of law enforcement.]
I talked to a different nurse the second time. She didn’t give a shit about my life. And didn’t listen to my side of the story. So I went to the youth psyche hospital for 2 weeks and then left because my fathers insurance stopped paying for it after 2 weeks.
[She was a loyal commissar and knew her role and that you were the enemy within. I know numerous other young men who have experienced this in the 2000s. This is a modern form of human trafficking supported by government and medicine. I personally talked to two men, a Christian and a Jew, within the past six months, whose MOTHERS placed them into secular, psychiatric reeducation institutions.]
They drugged me up. I was an emotional mess and was crying all the time. My mother came all the time to the hospital to yell at me. My own case worker was completely on my mothers side and didn’t even listen to my story.
[These were probably white people, mostly women.]
This black guy in the hospital who dressed in classy suits like they do in harlem said to me that my mother and father have been using me like a ping pong my whole life. He was a nice guy. Long story short I went to go back to live with my father.
[You were met by another good person who haunted the evil Machine and helped you out. No one is better at sniffing out unjustly applied vaginal authority than African American men, whom the White System has used their women—actually paid them off—to ostracise them from their own sons in order to create the feral, fatherless gangsta race and chase us working paleface scum from the places of our birth so that Whites can buy up the property we leave behind.]
I decided not to wrestle anymore. I didn’t want to deal with all the bullies. And I wanted to learn how to box.
[I made the exact same switch for the same reasons. My chief tormentor was my older cousin, Fred, who was a heavyweight wrestler. I was never going to beat him in wrestling giving away 90 pounds. So I learned to box and beat his ass! We are friends now, a half century later.]
I watched the movie cinderella man and I wanted to learn how to fight like that. I thought boxing is the missing piece. I also have to admit that I was burnt out from wrestling practice. I always felt like a kicked dog after wrestling season was over. My body was overtrained.
[Cinderella man is the best boxing movie of all time. The best use of boxing for self-defense in film is shown in the scene where his friend tries to punch him in the street. Wrestling is a sport for the ruggedly strong while boxing favors the slight of frame. Wrestling breaks down the body and stunts growth, selecting only for the most freakish human specimens to prevail. My cousin Fred declined to wrestle in college and switched to rugby to save his body some punishment!]
[Michael, you escaped from the clutches of the Wheel of Souls, the false science of psychiatry, and you also escaped from wrestling. I know other men who have had homo-predators attack them in a wrestling setting. It is common , so you side-stepped two pits of woe reserved for your damnation by our Satanic Nation. Good job.]
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