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Rob, the Neighbor
The Brick Mouse Has an Opportunity to Do the Right Thing: Harm City 7/7/2021
© 2021 James LaFond
The Brick Mouse, 5' 11” 160 pounds, fit and good looking at age 29, was exiting his car, after parking before his house on a one-way street in Parkville, Baltimore. He was parking on the right side of the street. As he exited the car, at a disadvantage because it is a sports car up out of which one climbs rather than stepping down upon the foe, he noticed a “Jacked, six-foot tall, muscular” young man of about 190 pounds, walking down the sidewalk on the left hand side of the street, noticing him.
This was 4 P.M. And noting that he was in a predation time slot for motorists parking after coming home from work, declined to open the trunk for his three bags of groceries, as they would be a burden in the face of this larger man who immediately upon Brick Mouse noticing him, cut diagonally across the street, down hill on a 10% grade and said, “Hey man, could I have five bucks for the bus?”
The Brick Mouse said, “Sorry, I don't have any money on me.”
With those words the big man continued to walk directly at the middle weight, who noted the aggression, extended his left hand to check, found his knife in his back right pocket and began shuffling backward along the driver's side of the car, as he had been pinned against the trunk if he stood his ground, or against the five-foot bank above the curb if he moved off to his left.
The man kept coming for three more paces, then began stalking laterally as the defender reached the driver's side door, whom he accused, “Hey, I don't appreciate you reaching into your back pocket like that. I'm your neighbor.”
The Brick Mouse responded, “In that case my name is [redacted] and you're welcome to keep on going.”
The aggressor, now drifting laterally past the Brick Mouse said, “I'm Rob,” and kept on walking, mumbling something about, “A man's got to defend himself,” as he headed east, downhill, to the bus line.
The ladies in the neighborhood dismissed this as an innocent misunderstanding, which it was not. When a man comes right at you, with the intention of getting within arm's reach, he is attempting assault, which is intimidation by proximity. When this happens after a request for money, that perceived money is about to be taken by force. Since women yearn to be assaulted by men, they don't often characterize this as aggression.
I have decided that this was most likely opportunistic aggression that did not become predation due to the evasive action of the uncooperative target.
Rob the neighbor may have been looking to rob the neighbor.
Rob did not have a backpack on and was unlikely, therefore, to be using the bus. He certainly was not going to work.
He was walking down a one way street while people where coming home from work.
He was up hill and behind any person getting into or parking their cars.
He was also to their left, meaning that he would have immediate access to the driver's side egress and exit while the person was most vulnerable. Additionally, since this is a one-way street with parking on both sides, if Rob had walked down the right side, every potential target for his aggression would have their car between him and they.
Most crimes of violence against civilians happen when they are entering or exiting their car.
If they are entering, they are pushed in.
If they are exiting, they are pulled out, and if they can't be, can have the door used as a weapon against them.
I have seen these mechanics used for car jacking, abduction, robbery and panhandling. A person stuck siting in their car is more likely to hand over cash as a tax to permit them getting out. The only time I ever struck a panhandler was when I was a store manager and caught a crackhead pinning a customer into his car.
I recommended to the Brick Mouse, since he is a mechanic, to carry a 12 inch wrench to and from his car before and after every shift.
He has a beautiful young wife, so there is a worry he held there, about Rob.
I told him this:
“Your primary attacker is going to be a Caucasian male, possibly with a friend, that is in his 20s or 30s. This is due to three factors: you are good looking, smaller than the norm, and white. You are the only safe target for a white criminal. His instincts were good enough to know you were armed, so he certainly knows that he has replaced young black men as prime police targets. If he starts anything with you, even your neighbor ladies will characterize his attempted mugging as a misunderstanding or an argument. The entire system is set up to slot any same-age, same-race, same-gender violence as a “mutual combat” or “fight,” giving him cover if there is a messy result or third-party intervention. Your secondary threat is pairs and trios of young black men hunting cracker meat.
“Your wife's primary threats are pairs of black women and single black men and groups of black male youths, as well as male-female pairs of black youths. In the real world people use aggression primarily against those who occupy a lower social status than they. Working white men occupy the absolute bottom of the new social justice order. This places white women as having system backing against only white men. This means that white criminal men will increasingly target other white males and that white women will be increasingly targeted by other demographics.
“Rob's default go to, if a PIG showed up, would be to say that you were friends, that you owed him money, anything to make it seem like a fight. He would then point out that you were armed and he was not, as proof that you were the aggressor. While he knows he is at the bottom of the social justice order, he also knows that you share that niche. Now, part of your risk at being selected by other white males rather than blacks, is that you are dressed as a working man, meaning you are seen as a harder target for the foe race, who would prefer to hit a business man in a suit. On the other hand, if Rob ends up in a beef with a local businessman, the PIGs will jack up his jacked up ass.”
People higher on the social justice scale are always more likely to use aggression against those lower or equal to them in anticipation of system intervention. Americans have been brainwashed into believing the opposite, that the poor attack the rich. But historically, across all ages and races and political systems, the poor attack the poor, the middle attacks and manipulates the poor, and the rich manipulate both because they fear nothing more than the middle.
To place your risk of aggression and your latitude to use aggression with system sanction in the context of your demographic habitat, use the following scale, noting that each rank has a relative social justice score.
Social Justice Order 2021 Edition
-9,000 Quean of Wakanda
-6,000. Princess of Wakanda
-900. Kang of Wakanda
-600. Prince of Wakanda
-300. Immigrant of color [1]
-250. Police
-200. Upscale white women
-20. Upscale white men
-10. Working white women
-1. Unemployed and criminal whites of both genders
-0. Working white men, hated by all of the above and feared by the system that is dedicated to their eradication
-1. If Latinos and Asians fall below the police line, then they will cease to be able to defend themselves against Wakandans without the police siding with the Royal Caste.
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Jeremy Bentham     Aug 8, 2021

Very Interesting James! Yes this incident illustrates superbly what most of the other internet self-protection pundits maintain, that an important component of self-defense is managing ‘Unknown Contacts’ (UC). This is especially true while we under the current regime of Anarcho-Tyranny in which criminals are allowed to act with near impunity. The UC are the suspicious looking and acting creeps and thugs who will approach you in public places trying to get within touching distance of you so they can either launch an attack or intimidate you into submission. Your goal is to keep the suspicious UC at a distance, thereby either deterring them from approaching you altogether or forcing them to reveal their intentions prematurely so you can react effectively (and legally). The tools you use to fend off the UC are situational awareness (being aware of potential danger and thus being on guard), positioning and ‘verbal judo’. Let the UC get too close and you are likely to end up a crime victim unable to defend yourself Act with physical force too soon and you are liable to be charged with assault yourself as the suspicious UC plays the innocent victim before the authorities. The UC will often make some innocent sounding request (AKA the’ interview question’), such as ‘do you have a light’ in the case above, to get you to stand still and allow him to invade your space (as in both cases cited). A request that by itself ordinarily wouldn’t justify pulling a gun on the UC. The pat response to such obvious ‘interview questions’ then is to say “sorry, can’t help you “, and then get away quickly. If the UC and/or ‘bystanders’ accuse you of racial bias for rebuffing such interview questions, you can reply “I’m not racist and I’m not stupid either”, and then leave immediately. As James advises, do not engage verbally with the dindus or other street people. Certainly don’t be drawn into a shouting match that will inevitably escalate into you suffering a beat down. Just get away as fast as you can. In these days of the Corvid 19 pandemic a person can demand that others keep their distance ostensibly to avoid spreading the virus to the vulnerable (“gimme’ six feet”) and still be perfectly within the bounds of PC.

Finally if you are assaulted, yell for help (Help! Help! I’m being robbed!). Yeah it won’t make you look very manly and nobody is likely to come to your assistance, BUT it will serve to establish you as the innocent victim of an unprovoked criminal assault in the ‘eyes’ of witnesses rather than as a willing combatant in a ‘fight'. Keep calling for help even if you succeed in over-powering your assailant. Witnesses will likely report to the police that they first became aware of the altercation when they heard calls for help and went to see what was happening. Encounters with UC demanding money are poised to become much more common here in the Midwest. The Illinois State Supreme Court just struck down the law prohibiting panhandling in the state. Will other states follow? Probably. Even in ‘red states' the judges are mostly Liberals, who in many cases ran for election as ‘tough on crime’ conservatives, and nevertheless who feel their primary duties are advancing the radical Leftist agenda and releasing criminals of the oppressed classes back into society, while at the same time punishing political opponents of the Left. Protecting the community they supposedly serve is not in the mix.
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