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'You Know That?'
The Crackpot Answers Charges of Prophetic Malpractice and the History of the Future
© 2021 James LaFond
“South Africa is having major violence so your refugees will soon be on the way! Thanks a lot. I respect you but wish you would prophecy something nice once in a while. You are a prophet. You know that?”
-Lynn Lockhart, Editrix and Literary Angel of the Bored, 7/12/21

Well, my big-brained dear, Herodotus relates often how men as varied as Crosses of Lydia, Marzabasus, the invading Persian General, and various Greek city states of antiquity, consulted various oracles, often on the same question. Likewise soothsayers traveling with armies were a form of prophet and would often sacrifice numerous animals to the god being beseeched for guidance.
There were many more oracles than the Delphic Oracle on its mountainside above the Good-cattle-plain. Dodona of the Almighty Oak, being second in import. Also, the unique oracle of the Pythianess, the woman who sat over the natural gas fissure at Delphi and had visions that might be interpreted by the prophet attending her, were expected to give their visions in an artistic format, in verse. Once the Pythianess spoke of black blood dripping from the eves of heaven.
Perhaps we now see such a thing.
Woe that the finest and most ancient race of mankind is now so afflicted.
As the ancients remind us constantly, even the most sober and science-minded, that “The Powers” sometimes referred to as “God” and sometimes as “the gods” “do take an interest in human affairs” as evidenced by “portents” such as eclipses, tidal waves, earthquakes, storms at sea and upon mountains where armies encamp, and rock slides crushing the army under foot that came to plunder the Delphic Sanctuary, which happen to accompany human actions on a great scale, such as wars.
I believe such ancient claims are correct observations that cosmic, or at least planetary forces, are at play in, above, within and behind mankind's great schemes and actions.
In Africa the great powers of mankind now meet upon a 45-nation field of tangled battle even as the sun goes into a cooling cycle. Remember that the sun is not the benevolent god of Africa as it is to the northern regions, but rather the Bright Devil that afflicts the Dark Continent. Mother Africa is now coming back into season as Her heavenly rapist wanes and scourges her less severely. The earthly apostates who still follow or have forsaken the worship of the various Celestial Powers of the Аrуаn, Semitic and Chinese races violate her sacred expanse. As the heavenly powers punish the peoples of the northern latitudes and Africa comes back into season, the Celestial races will push into Africa:
...The House of Islam having long already driving deep into Her dank folds, slaughtering animists and Christians alike,
...The Scions of the Middle Kingdom colonizing Her fecund fissures and sowing disease such as gain-of-function flu and juiced-up Ebola,
...The Slaves of the God of Things raping Her under cover of love, and as proof spiriting away her orphaned children to America and Europe in their millions and then tens of millions...
Oh, I'm sorry, Lynn, I was channeling hints from The Outsider and this is not what you asked for.
Forget the above.
Here, Oh Princess, on this soft, sun-kissed day, that I hereby prophecy a rainbow of many heavenly colors spilling down gloriously to Earth, down which prance 7 billion cotton candy ponies whose tears of joy shed as gumdrops—and before they waft off as shepherding angels for each and every one of us too guide us upon The Rainbow Bridge to the right hand of Brill Yates, those tears will form the Big Rock Candy Mountain of Dreams and all will be flowers and birdsong.
Now, if that comes true, then I really am a prophet of gravity and not just some knucklehead who thinks that science is fake and conspiracy is real and on that basis predict the future when smarter men busy their minds obscuring the past.
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Chad S Macaulay     Aug 13, 2021

James is the Edgar Cayce of the working class
Anonymous     Aug 14, 2021

interested in the Flowers & birdsong where do i buy ???
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