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'Are You Okay!'
The Instinct Of the White Mob Turns Ominously Upon Five Yetisons
© 2021 James LaFond
I am going to look in detail at two events that involved a friend of mine in Southeastern Pennsylvania, hipster central, in that state, which he related to me for my analysis.
But first, let me recap:
-A mutual friend of ours who works in that area, as a mechanical technician, a working paleface, has been threatened or bossed around by higher status whites, on one occasion for not wearing a mask in public.
-A working class paleface in Baltimore, I know no longer takes the bus because he was being threatened out of hand by black bus drivers, just for being alone and white and poor.
-I have recently experienced extreme hostility in liquor stores and coffee shops from Hindu and Muslim men, who treat me like I was told black men were once treated by whites. These same men treated me with respect before the ascension of Floyd Christ.
-My friend Rick was fired from a casino for back-talking a black coworker this time last year.
-My lady friend Megan was fired this time last year for back-talking a black customer who called her a bitch out of hand.
Most of these actions were taken by Caucasian people, not black people, even though the two terminations of employment were on behalf of aggrieved blacks who did not think that the floor at their feet had been properly kissed.
When I went to the eye doctor yesterday, neither I or the doctor was masked.
Two masked white couples entered, and the doctor still remained unmasked.
Then a very attractive light-skinned black babe and her young daughter came in with masks on and then the doctor, a white woman, put a mask on!
This is the same doctors office where the receptionist, a white ϲunt in her late 20s, scolded me for not having an address, for not having insurance, and sneered at my cash one month ago. When she handled me in person she refused to look at me, snorted when I thanked her, and turned her back on me when I was asking her if she needed exact change. White people in my family treat me the same way since I've been homeless.
Likewise, twice each with Rick and Mescaline Franklin, two middle aged working class men, as they drove with me in the passenger seat in Pennsylvania, on four occasions inside of May, they were threatened by white motorists who were younger and more upscale, men who would not have fared well in the combat they seemed to thirst for.
Rick was recovering from chemo and was feeble. So I told him, in response to the road rage invitation, “I will not fight a young man over an argument. If he hits you in your condition I will cut his fucking head off and you will never see me alive again, so you might want to let him off the hook.” Rick let the hipster maniac go on his millenial way and stopped back-talking the other motorist.
In short, the type of social down pressure that we are told, was once exclusively reserved to afflict the black man [since I was not around in the 1930s, I cannot gainsay these conventions, only suggest their reversal], is now being applied to many of my friends in the toxic east of the most evil nation in history.
Now, for two things that happened to my friend Mister Grey yesterday in eastern Pennsylvania. First, when we went to the 7-11 for drinks here in Baltimore, the Hindu woman behind the counter spoke to us like we were untouchables because we did not wear a mask, while the Mexican mestizo behind the counter treated us with respect.
First, he goes to one liquor store, a state run joint in Pennsylvania, who can call the State Police for security. Mister Grey brought his bottle of rum to the counter and the lady said, “You pulled in kind of close to that silver car out there, didn't you?”
He said, “Miss, I don't know what this is about.”
She said, “Are you okay!”
He said, “I'm fine miss. I'm just buying this bottle of rum.”
She escalated, “It is my duty to protect people from themselves. You seem to be a dangerous kind of man. Are you okay?”
[Look, any gatekeeper, including perfect strangers working as clerks, will soon be getting us locked up in psyche wards based on bogus claims of threat targeting our masculinity. Prophecy guaranteed.]
He then noticed that a male employee was rushing to the counter as if he were causing trouble. So he said quietly, “Miss, I have not threatened anybody and I was having a good day. I don't now what this is about.”
He then realized that these two white government employees were treating him like cops used to treat him in the big city, trying to bait him into an argument with false charges of misbehavior so that they could call for back up, so he just walked out, leaving the bottle on the counter. This was in a rural sector of a red state.
Thence he decided to go to a beer distributor.
As he was standing at the counter waiting for an employee to materialize, with three other men in line behind him in a rural redneck area, he noticed a “fishbowl” container on the counter with miniatures of Southern Comfort and decided to check the label and see if it was pure whiskey or sweetened like Fireball, thinking maybe he would buy a couple since he had left his rum at the State Store [1].
Then, a young, hipster man in his early 20s, 20 years younger then Mister Grey, came behind the counter as he placed the miniature back in the fishbowl, having found that it was not 80 proof whiskey, and said, “I'm going to have to ask you to empty your pockets out.”
“I saw what you were doing. Empty your pockets out.”
“Or what? You are accusing me of stealing?”
“Sir, empty your pockets out.”
Mister Grey, knowing full well that he had the ability to snap this twerp's neck in his hands, therefor knew that he was being set up for a police call, that without being permitted to prey upon their traditional black targets any longer, since Floyd's ascension to the Right Hand of God, that this ϲunt was trying to trip him up so he could do what every white person always wants to do to another white person, which is bring down the power of government upon them, to call the bully PIGS. This is, after all what democracy is about, 51 people deciding that 49 people need to be punished so that they can feel like the government works for them.
Mister Grey walked behind the counter and emptied his pockets and the man insisted that he empty all of his pockets, and he did, turning them out.
There was nothing in those pockets but his phone, his wallet and his knife.
He then put them back and snarled, “You accused me of stealing in front of these men.”
The white he-bitch refused to answer or make eye contact.
“You will apologize to me.”
The white he-bitch mumbled something.
“You will apologize to me now in front of these men.”
The white he-bitch mumbled, “Sorry.”
“Louder, apologize to me louder, in front of these men!” snarled Mister Grey.
“I'm sorry.”
“Sorry for what? What are you sorry for?”
“I'm sorry for accusing you of stealing.”
Never did this creature say sir, even then.
Mister Grey left the case of beer he was going to buy on the counter and walked out never to return. He doesn't believe in the white person's addiction to calling in authority figures and system functionaries to punish others.
Now, Mister Grey walks with no apology, a masculine guy who causes zero trouble, is always ready to help out any person regardless of age and race, just like Rick, Nero the Pict and Brian. Of the five of us, I am the only evil one, the only one who steps over bums, who watches women and children be beaten and robbed in public, who never lifts a hand to help a stranger in need.
And in this I have been justified. Because I am afflicted less by our white mask police and compliance nazis and bitch men, than these better men. What limits my abuse to a sneer and a turned back is, I suspect, my obvious ostracism, my place beyond the pale of civilized cuckdom. Where these men, still drive, still work, still extend the helping hand, and do not dress in cast-off clothes. The appeal to non-combatant women and bitch-men, of picking fights with these grown men of much courtesy, is simply this:
They are “white” men who do not apologize for the condition of their birth, who work with their hands and walk with their heads up. These are men that still behave as if they have minimal human rights despite having been born as members of the only evil race in human history, men who are one step from my cast-out plight. And nothing slacks the thirst of the white gash or bitch-man of Modernity like raising the mob and calling in the police against the only people it is okay to hate.
This obvious thirst to turn the system against like-looking people and worship “the other” is the reason why I do believe accounts that black men were once constantly picked upon by mobs of whites, because whites now suddenly do this to whoever they can get system support for tormenting.
This is just the beginning.
Wherever you are, if you are a pale man that works with your hands, or walks the earth without kneeling and begging to kiss the ebony feet of your New God, then the White Priests and Priestesses of this Tranny Nation will attempt to antagonize you into committing an act of moral self-defense that will grant them the excuse of calling down the PIGZ on you or raising a mob to lynch you.
I told Mister Grey, “You finally found the enemy that had always been laying in wait for you, to punish you for the crime of breathing without an apology.'
“Yeah man, some kind of white nationalist I turned out to be—I fucking hate white people more than anything on this planet.”
I am proud to say that three younger that I know, have abandoned political involvement in the hopeless and misguided cause of reactionary European Identity, for the very good and obvious reason that the greatest enemy of Europeans and European Americans has always been and will always be fucking WHITE people, the lowest scum on this planet, not even a real race, but a self-hating cartoon invented at the dawn of the Modern Age so that European elites could get away with selling their underclass into slavery.
-1. the government liquor and wine store in Pennsylvania
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Jeremy Bentham     Aug 21, 2021

“Societies don’t become more tolerant, they just change their targets.” -Penn Gillette, Magician

“Rudeness is a weak imitation of strength.”

“Hatred is the most accessible and comprehensive of all the unifying agents. Mass movements can rise and spread without belief in a god, but never without a belief in a devil.”

“Some of the worst tyrannies of our day genuinely are "vowed" to the service of mankind, yet can function only by pitting neighbor against neighbor. The all-seeing eye of a totalitarian regime is usually the watchful eye of the next-door neighbor.” -Eric Hoffer, 1902-1983, “The Longshoreman Philosopher”

“More generally, stoking hatred of the average white man is the Democrats’ go-to strategy for keeping their otherwise circular firing squad of the Coalition of the Margins together. I’ve been pointing out this basic game-theory logic for over 8 years, but it seems baffling to most Republicans.”

-Steve Sailer 08/13/2021

“Screw Your Freedom!” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, Body Builder, Actor, Former GOP California Governor

Indeed James, the worst enemy of White/European Americans are ‘Woke’ whites. Political enemy that is, and politics is one of the things that is most important in life to the Woke/communist Left (right behind social status that is). English-speaking, Whites in America are divided politically in a way that other resident ethnic groups are not. Blacks, Hispanics, and even American Jews, all consistently vote as a bloc (80-90% Democrat). Putin himself pointed out that blacks are a major Democrat Party voting bloc. Working class whites are of course an easy target for harassment by Wokester bullies. I don’t see this kind of status-seeking classist bullying where I live, but then I may as well be on another planet given where I live in the ‘nice’ Midwest. This is regardless of the fact that blacks and Hispanics commit most of the violent crime in the country. Naturally said crime is being enabled by the Woke whites in control of government to punish their political rival non-woke whites. Therefore the most direct threat to the freedom and prosperity of the American people (ALL the people) is posed by the Woke/communist white ‘elites’. The Wokesters hate America and hate the people in it (White Americans in particular that is). So at least you have that in common with them, eh James? LOL!

But gosh James. I can’t imagine anyone has much regard left for America and the way it’s being governed after the current debacle in Afghanistan. I mean that withdrawal was planned and executed with Three Stooges level incompetence. Such a tragi-comic mess that it makes you seriously wonder if it wasn’t all done intentionally to humiliate and demoralize the USA. Once again with the Heritage, English-speaking, Christian Whites who make up most of the American military being the particular target of the demoralization. And the rub is that America is STILL stuck in the ‘Stan. Thousands of US civilians were left behind and are now at the mercy of the Taliban (only 52 hostages in the ’79 Iran Hostage Crisis by comparison). How is the US Government going to get them out? Send a “strongly worded letter” to the Taliban? When the press releases coming out of the Federal Government sound like they were copied from South Park, you know 'interesting times' are just around the corner.
Ruben     Aug 23, 2021

"There's not even a US embassy left. Even the flag has been evacuated. This is not even Saigon. It's more like Hitler's bunker, May 1945!"

Notice, there are two sets of hostages in this phase of what looks like an engineered US collapse: the thousands of stranded Americans who can’t get out of Afghanistan thanks to the history-rockin’ ineptitude of “Joe Biden,” Tony Blinken, and General Mark Milley, and the millions of We-the-People back home whose minds are hostage to the narratives concocted in a shadowland of sinister governance. Welcome to a week of throwdowns and showdowns, a force majeure of mind change.

This week marks the beginning of the Deep State’s hard time. Its narratives are shredding. Its mind-control measures are slip-sliding away. Half the country has been onto their game for years, and the other half is about to feel their heads explode as a corrective reality elbows into the scene. That is, the real-and-only reality, not the one confabulated backstage for you by skulking quislings. See how you’ve been played? They have taken your country. Maybe you should start caring about that.

These last excerpts are from Clusterfuck Nation and not directed at you but to you as I think you'd enjoy him.
Bryce Sharper     Aug 24, 2021

Woke whites are the enemy. BLM would've had no power without them. I recommend steering clear of them if at all possible, or dressing in professional-class attire as camo around them. Hispanic neighborhoods are better than white ones for working-class whites since hispanics respect manual labor.

Increasingly I think we should stop patronizing stores that do not respect us, even if it means growing our own food and brewing our own alcohol.
Shep     Aug 25, 2021

What makes the grass grow green?
Sam J.     Sep 4, 2021

“Yeah man, some kind of white nationalist I turned out to be—I fucking hate white people more than anything on this planet.”

I understand this mentality but there's a problem with it. All the other races combine together against us and to counter it we have to stick together.

Now NOT being a sort of "White Man first" person is essentially saying that you counter their solidarity with...nothing. You can't beat something with nothing.

The solution is not to fore swear all White solidarity but to punish those Whites who are SJW's instead of condemn all White solidarity.

Something to recognize is that after 100 years of brainwashing by the media it's only the really hard core and troublesome type that are wide open White Nationalist. Most everyone else has been brain washed. This is changing but it would seem prudent to give the hard headed ones who refuse to bend the knee in the face of such an onslaught of disapproval a little slack. They are not the problem in a general sense so gauging all White Nationalism by the actions of a hand full of the hard core is not an accurate gauge of Whites.
clytemnestra57     May 16, 2022

The problem is that Whites don't execute or punish our traitors with such fire consequences for themselves and their families that any temptation these Quislings might have to collaborate with our enemy evaporates like a vampire in sunlight.

No. Instead they get presidential libraries and elaborate funerals. The more they stab other Whites and hold then down to be raped and robbed by every faction of the rainbow parasites, the more wealth they accumulate, the more they are feted and celebrated.

White race treason is highly incentivized. Until Whites create enough painful, long-lasting disincentives, expect matters not only to stay the same but get much, much worse.
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