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From an Outpost of Vampire
Viking Age Barbarian Cues the Crackpot on The Powers
© 2021 James LaFond
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Mon, Jul 19, 10:18 PM (10 hours ago)
to me, Lynn
Whoa! Level 4 lockdown here and total f-ing freak-out. Getting philosophical about things, as it all crumbles, this by Brett wasn't half bad.
MinRel: A Lightweight Religion and Spiritual Study
Concept: a religion without the cruft and precedent that forces eventual paradox and therefore inversion. License: free to use for all of humanity (and whoever else is listening). Each church ...
Wee too optimistic for me. The universe is to savage to bargain with.
-Viking Age Barbarian

My Norse cousin, it strikes me that all is right with might under heaven—for on the other side of the world, here in the Upwinds of Blunder, most people think that the shamdemic and the mandates and the fear mongering are over—that they took part in the world's largest clinical trial and submitted to top down imposed mass hysteria so that they would not get sacrificed to the one-and-only god that most folks—including most self-professed Christians—worship according to their acts—The God of Things.
Thank you for the greeting from your distant outpost Sir, where you live in my future, in a place where this email could put you in prison, a place of which I can't mention less it result in your detention.
Philosophy fails—except for stoicism—on the rocks of reality, foremost and sharpest of these being that Systems of Control, being governments, religions and media corporations have as their one and only purpose: CONTROL.
Philosophy is the academic version of what a whore does when she sucks the cock of someone who hates her, imagining on her knees that this is some other cock that belongs to a prince of faerie come to take her away from this seedy motel...
No government has any had any other purpose than the tax farming of its human property.
No religion has ever had any other purpose than than the soul-herding of its flock.
Through most of history, these two forces converged in cooperative predation. Thus, through the process of conspiracy, that logical cooperation for mutual benefit which both entities insist does not exist and was placed in the dictionary as a lark, to feast and ride upon the human body and soul to exploit end devour and erase it.
Modernity has subverted both of these ancient and evil forces and now rises as the One God in this garden of hate.
Is Modernity, or as I call Her ,The God of Things, a false god?
Here we look away from reality into philosophy and other aspects of fantasy for something that will help us feel good about the lies we cleave to.
The Aztecs were instructive. They had a multi-faceted death cult that preached that powers higher than man feast upon man just as man feasts upon the beasts. Every person in this society was held as a sacrifice, except for the High Priest-King. It was he, Monteczuma, who betrayed the old gods for the new, his people for the invader. He sought to save his people by embracing the new gods.
In this he blundered in the frantic, fear-laced bid for the preservation of his death cult.
His people were slain to 90% and cursed him to death in their anguished throes.
Our own priest-kings seek to save themselves as they cast down our old gods once and for all and raise new idols, even as they sacrifice us in our millions to their cult of perpetual life. Those who my family and most of those in our nation believe live only to serve us and preserve our fantasy of rights are busily defaming and killing us to make room for their new slaves, raping and eating our children to extend their mean lives and driving us to extinction just to preserve their artificial distinction.
This civilization, this thing called the Modern World, is not so much an empire, as a vampire.
I do pray for one thing, that God sends back his avatars and angels of old to sweep the counterfeit ones we worship from the face of the earth.
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