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Guilt City
Joe Slim Discusses the Medical Model for the Future American Hovel
A Monologue from Joe Slim: 7/16/21, Whiskey River Saloon at Rolling Mill and Northpoint, Baltimore City-County Line
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I work in engineering at the [redacted] Hospital.
There are 22 buildings. 18 of the buildings are connected by underground tunnels or walkways over the street. The ones that aren't, they're right up next to each other, so you can just go from door to door.
The in-house construction is a joke.
It's usually poorly planned and has to be redone by outside contractors or fixed by your's truly. The engineering staff mostly know what they are doing. But the higher ups are just management types who don't know anything. The head of engineering used to be a good guy, knew what he was doing, worked his way up—an older black guy. But the higher ups got rid of him because the other blacks hated him and called him “Uncle Tom.”
There are thousands of employees—it's essentially its own little city and they are buying up the surrounding housing.
The negative pressure Covid rooms, we busted our ass building those last year and not a one of them has ever been used. We built these rooms for the doctors and nurses to change in and out of protective gear and they never got used. Something like 120-million in federal money came into the hospital for that shit , and I suppose they had to do something with it and couldn't just pocket it all. It was a joke, a big scam. The hospital was empty of patients for like a whole year and it gave them a chance to get rid of a lot of staff they didn't want anymore.
The housekeeping staff is a joke. It's run by this sixty-year-old wigger we call Colonel Sanders. There are a handful of good employees that work, about twelve out of the twelve-hundred, twelve-hundred people to clean these 22 buildings.
They are so lazy that 50 a month leave and get replaced. They hardly have to do anything, and don't do that! We had to place these bar codes that they scan in the bathrooms to check that they did it. Those got ripped down. So we screwed them on. They took out the screws and ripped them down. So then we put them in with security screws like we use in prison housing. Now they scan that they changed the toilet paper and paper towels and cleaned the room, but they don't do the work. They just walk in and scan the bar code and walk out. They are union employees with pension and everything and in their contract, they are not required to wipe down walls below the knee or above the shoulder. They have outside contractors—Mexicans—come in to do that work, the only real work.
I suppose this is to keep from getting sued by the American employees for back or shoulder complaints. I mean, you can't really expect an American to bend or reach on the job right?
The most dangerous thing about being in engineering is having to go to the various floors and wings where they keep the nut cases. There are multiple floors in at least three buildings that are essentially prisons for insane people.
This one nut breaks through a wall and my buddy goes to fix it and another nut takes his screw driver and tries to shank these female nurses and its a shit show. The security squad has to come in and wrangle this crazy person.
There was this one thirteen-year-old kid that broke through a prison grade wall. This is plywood faced with sheet rock which is covered in plaster. This fucker breaks through those wall and rips out a stud to use it as a club and starts going after people. We haven't seen him since. They must have a dungeon for these fuckers where they lock 'em up and throw away the key.
There is a whole army of these crazy retards. There is this one low roof, three stories up, that is backed on one side by the upper floors, and two other sides by these two other buildings. They want to use it so that they can let these nuts out to get some sun. So we put up a ten-foot fence so they don't fall. This one nut jumps this fence, three stories to the street below, landing on a moving car with people in and injuring them, really messed up one of these people, breaks his leg and then makes a run for it! They caught this guy and I guess put him wherever they put the King Kong kid who ripped out the wall.
The number of people locked up and imprisoned there for mental health problems and addictions, if you took them from all the various buildings and put them in one facility, it would look pretty bad, would be downright scary.
The funny thing is that all of the managers and supervisors, they are all women and black people, all of them. But the people that hire them and promote them and put them out there like figureheads, every one of them is a white guy, except for a couple really sharp white women. So this whole thing about helping these people out, there is a ceiling on it. They just give them enough to keep working men from being able to get above their station. It's like this fake civil rights city run by a bunch of OZ's from behind the curtain.
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