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I remember, back in the early 1990s, when Marc "Animal" MacYoung was writing for Paladin Press, that Venice Beach even passed for a criminal habitat.
I also recall, way back in the same-ass day, that hard dudes from Baltimore were afraid of going to Philly to buy dope because those dudes up there were just extra-stupid violent.
Now B-Sirius has sent news that these two storied points on the American compass have begun generating news again...

Philadelphia records more than 300 homicides so far this year, breaking decade record | Fox News
b Sirius
6:13 PM (4 hours ago)
to me
Philadelphia broke a grim, decade-long record this week after recording more than 300 homicides in the City of Brotherly Love. | Fox News
Breaking in on that murder bowl…….
Howzit coach?

Sire, I shitpoze you are referring to my philanthropic volunteering to train both rioters and police in a rematch of the Baltimore Riots of 2015....
Well, the offer still stands.
Philly is experiencing the exact same doubling in homicides that Baltimore experienced in 1968 and 2015 in the wake of creep state sponsored urban unrest, and that Portland and New York experienced in 2020.
All is as it should be.

Venice Beach violence reaches boiling point in L.A. as new viral video emerges | Fox News
b Sirius
6:15 PM (4 hours ago)
to me
On any given day, video footage documenting violent incidents in the famed Venice Beach neighborhood of Los Angeles – involving the homeless who have erected tents there – are uploaded online. | Fox News
Bantu ghost beat down…………..mofos are coming out of the woodwork

The above story is miss-reported. The print story claims that the Yeti wastrel was beaten by a man and a woman, when he was clearly beaten by a black woman at the behest of a white woman. They even have the pale jangling titties of the ebony beast woman blurred out. Look at her anklet and her braids and the knee brace.
Permit me to fill in the unheard monologue from Lakrushya as she punches the Giecho Caveman actor:
“Muvafucka! I gave yah my mamma's EBT card on da undastandin' dat yo skank ass throw some dick my Baby's way while mah big ass be laid up in dis knee brace. Shieet, if it ain' hard enough throwin' dick to a ratchet bitch with nottin' but an over-sized clit, mah knee still torn up from helpin' yo dumb ass ged away from dat rich faggot whose dick you was suckin' when dah sekret surface ajents come a runin ta ged 'im back to da press conferance!”
“Beyatch, yo bess be listanin' while I whoopin'...”
When a strapping black babe is depending on you to enslave her darling with your dick, you better not be nodding out on the job or you will be treated to the fist rather than the kiss!
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Ruben     Jul 22, 2021

Brilliant and usual my bestest of friends. Thank you x3. Much love from the hinterland where I hide, from that place where I used to live.
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