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Fond Wishes
B Sirius, Tom, Nero the Pict, CS, and The Brick Mouse Write In
© 2021 James LaFond
As I check the email box I am packing to vacate Harm City again for points west. I thank you all for your support and would like to share the following messages. As well, the material at the bottom of the page on feminization, I will address after I sign off in a post that will be scheduled for early October.

Fri, Jul 23, 2:03 PM (6 days ago)
to me
Hey James:
Reading blog post Under the Dark Light posted today 07/23/2021, it triggered a memory of a poem I liked and sorta has some of the attraction to those of us who want to be left alone….albeit in the mountains with a distillery attached.
Fond Wish
by Peter Saint-Andre
Somewhere in the mountains in the
Wilds of Wyoming,
I'll find some land and make my stand
And finally end my roaming.
I'll bide my time by the high tree line
Where the mountains meet the sky.
I'll spend each season in joy and reason,
And live free till I die.

Podcast and audiobook links
Sun, Jul 25, 7:14 AM (4 days ago)
to me
Orwell stuff you might like
Down and Out in Paris and London
Keep the Aspidistra Flying
The Road to Wigan Pier
Ride safe. Enjoy your time in what is left of “Free America”.
Take care,
-Nero the Pict

roach motel at the end of the universe from my blog
b Sirius
Mon, Jul 26, 10:30 PM (3 days ago)
to me
The Roach Motel At The End Of The Universe | Five Guns West

Boy Scouts
Tue, Jul 27, 1:06 PM (2 days ago)
to me
James -
I hope this finds you well
Thought you might be interested to know that in 1910 a Boy Scout could get a badge related to “single stick” fighting. A window into a less sissified Nation…

Feminization of america as us gov policy
Wed, Jul 28, 5:53 PM (8 hours ago)
to me
The first 3 videos substantiate your position on what happened to the boomers. I think the guy is on to something, in part because these 3 videos are no longer searchable on any platform. Would be curious to hear your thoughts.
-The Brick Mouse
'After High School'
the man cave
Pigskin Feud
plantation america
thriving in bad places
book of nightmares
time & cosmos
let the world fend for itself
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