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If Homer Lived Today
Musings on Emasculation in Modern America: 7/29/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Feminization of America as U.S. Gov Policy
Wed, Jul 28, 5:53 PM (8 hours ago) to me
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The first 3 videos substantiate your position on what happened to the boomers. I think the guy is on to something, in part because these 3 videos are no longer searchable on any platform. Would be curious to hear your thoughts.
-The Brick Mouse

I have long been on record writing about feminization in America. My suspicion is, not that this is some master plan, but that the U.S. Government and its many agencies and departments, is in fact a self-aware macro-parasitic life from. Living things have instincts, as do institutions. All governments descend from conquering barbarians who decided to impose their will in extracting resources from the conquered population on an ongoing and sustainable basis, rather than simply murdering everyone and adopting enough captives to replace losses, which is the pre-civilized norm.
I first realized this when studying the history of military units, whose soldiers and officers participate for 4-20 years. When such a unit, like the U.S. Marine Corp, French Foreign Legion, or one Roman Legion which was active for nearly a thousand years, maintains a distinct identity and spirit, despite a constant changing of personnel, it begins to look like a human body, whose individual cells live but a fraction of the person's life. I see a government as a body—a being—agencies and such as body parts and organs, and individual persons as cells. One might describe certain ideologies as pathogenic.
Thus, any and all governments, being based on predation of form and function, however ancient, cloaked by however many lies, will have deep-seated predatory instincts to dominate the weak through threats of force or ostracism [1] and to eliminate the strong through application of force.
In all of the world, America held a unique position between 1804 and 1864, in that its majority population [European by descent] was granted privileges and rights. Nothing, in the great span of history, is more strange than a privileged majority. Indeed, before the breaking of slave importation ties with the mother country of Britain [resulting in the shipping of these doomed persons to Australia] the United States and its predecessor entities tended to withhold privileges and rights from the majority in favor of racial Aliens. [2]
However, once America had gotten past the Appalachians it had a continent to conquer and had to extend rights to the class of men that had previously been designated in the founding documents as those who would kill and die in service to the young nation: “white men.” This was the only mention of race in the founding documents, the designation of who must fight and die for the otherwise raceless nation.
By 1898, America was on the road to world empire.
By 1946, this had been achieved.
The next major conflict, a “police action” in Korea, would see the integration of the U.S. Armed Forced under Truman. Within the next 14 years all racial privilege previously assigned to whites was dispersed to all Americans. Thus the nation that had grown more powerful than all previous nations over the preceding 160 years, due to its unique access to unexploited nature resources and its granting of privilege to the majority, managed, in 14 years, to reverse that devil's bargain with the hated working class white man.
Leviathan breathed more easily for a short time.
Then it became obvious that all men want power and are willing to use violence in extreme circumstances, that men of races that the U.S. Government had previously failed to even address in its founding documents, men who had been regarded as so naturally slavish as to be putty in the hands of The Beastly Behavioral Architect of the State, would also need to have their moral fangs drawn before they grew. Modernity has yet to find the perfect pre-existing slave race. That is why I regard the current simultaneous disease hysteria propaganda and transexualism as very important. For these governance methods whisper of the creation of such a perfect slave race, biologically bound to Mother Leviathan.
Fundationally, all civilizations traffic in emasculation, with the vast majority of men disarmed and laboring and “house-bound” as husbands under the heel of the ruling class and their armed human hounds. The seed is always present, whereby the slave-male is made to agree to his disarmament and even dispossession in return for a slackening of peril, for regular food, comforts and a lack of immediate physical threats.
With Modernity, the seduction of the common man to become a sissy in return for enjoying living standards exceeding that of any pre-modern head-of-state—to essentially become a woman—is inevitable.
However, to make emasculation socially complete, to ostracize the warrior in favor of the sissy, to drug Achilles and promote Elton John in his stead, serves to inoculate the middling man from following the ungelded man out of his stall of compliance. At the same time, the ungelded man is lured into diversionary sports, crime, alienation and addiction or is employed as a disposable system functionary, such as a soldier or cop. The lower orders of the masculine spectrum are easily dealt with medically as a drones of some stripe or another.
Each faction of the many-headed hydra of state follows its instincts and expresses them according to its form and function. I do not suggest, that the introduction of pot and rock and roll in the 1960s to addle the boomer mind, and the introduction of rap and crack in the 1980s to strip-mine the Gen-X mind, were intentionally coordinated, but rather an expression of a gravity, the workings of a centrifical social force.
For a man to be granted distinction only as a manipulator, which is what a manager is, or as a quasi-heroic diversion avatar [athlete] or as an entertainer [which most ancient persons thought was a degrading occupation reserved for women and slaves] is to offer him nothing of soulful substance.
That is why Morpheus is set aside for his dreaming suicide. It is my contention, that Modernity, and most perfectly in its American form, is the mind engine that would do the following to the Heroes and author of the Iliad:
-Paris would be President,
-Hector would be a quarterback,
-Aeneas would be working at Home Depot,
-Priam would be locked away in an assisted suicide facility,
-Agamemnon would head an investment bank,
-Brisias would be a pop singer,
-Nestor would be acting in scooter store advertisements,
-Odysseus would be running a drug cartel,
-Ajax would be in prison for defending himself,
-Diomedes would be an MMA fighter,
-Achilles would be firing heroin in a trailer park,
-Homer would be singing about how he was richer than Agamemnon, slicker than Odysseus, had a bigger dick than Ajax, got his big break betting on Diomedes' break-out fight in Vegas, and made it big pimping out Thetis [Achilles' divine mother] to men unworthy of a name and incapable of shame.
Emasculation is in the civil design.
Masculinity is recognized by the people farmers of Government as just as dangerous as balls on a bull—and thus most of us must be made steers and the select few get to toss monkeys off our backs in the bizarre rodeo of modern woe.
-1. The force of ostracism is just as strong among predatory packs such as lions, hyenas and wolves as it is among the herds of their prey. This forms a nexus point for domination of the herd-minded ruled by the pack-minded rulers.
-2. Such as arming Indians as slave catchers and importing Africans as elite house servants in the 1600s in Plantation America, as well as the Sudanese police of ancient Egypt and the Scythian police of ancient Athens.
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Shep     Oct 10, 2021

Achilles might try to spike up, but the needle couldn't penetrate his Styx-dipped skin.
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