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Musings on Muggings
The First in a Series off Brief Videos Concerning Brian Jewell's Memoir of Life as Pallid Prey
© 2021 James LaFond
Below Brian Jewell and an old albino hoodrat discuss the finer points of urban aggression in connection with his book, Musings on Muggings.

1st Video
Brian Jewell
Thu, Jul 29, 12:59 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
Here is the first in the series.

Brian's experiences as a paleface welfare kid, self-defense student and as a hated adult in the most violent of the 9 Baltimore County precincts [being Essex, which accounts for half of the County-wide murders annually], served as a point of discussion in his home in late July, of the Second Year of Our Lord Floyd. I think his lady videoed six of these, which range between 2 and 9 minutes. I will post a heads up when he sends me the links.
Oh yes, Brian and I were introduced with boxing gloves on by Arturo Gabriel [the Chicorican on the cover of The Logic of Steel] at Jim Frederick's Kempo school in 2014. We had both been training with Gabe separately on and off since the early 1990s. In early July this year Brian was nice enough to spar with The Brick Mouse and his crew of novice boxers in Baltimore and deal with some punches that otherwise would have been tracking my way.
Brian also gave me an autographed copy of Musings on Muggings, which I can now read, as it is in 14-point type and now I have nice new glasses.
Thanks, Brian.
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