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Destination Lockdown
The Social Control Clinic Down Under Hints at a Cuckmerican Future: 8/8/21
© 2021 James LaFond
I do not have the courage to post this news in a timely fashion. It is my opinion, here in the rotten heart of the gaslit East, under the heel of the White-throned Beast it is very disorienting to see how slavishly devoted to the medical lies proffered by The System that its chattel are. Even among Christians and anti-immigration conservatives, every person frames their life within the precincts of the sacred disease. I cannot wait to get up into the Rockies—where I should be when this posts—where the first social instinct is not to bend the knee.
I know very little about Australia. But I know it was founded as a penal colony when America finally balked in 1804, against its own founding dynamics as a human waste dump. Australia is the youngest of the abused orphan children that are the nations of the deeply evil Anglophone world, the world based in three-fold disharmony:
-first on debt as crime,
-secondly on class-based enslavement of same-race minds
-thirdly on sacred lies that the above two conditions were something else or were done to someone else
I suspect, that in this first homoginous global initiative, in which all heads of state [except for three Africans who were assassinated as soon as they suggested that the global Brovid Jiveteen campaign was not for their people] agree that vaxx is a must and lockdown is a plus, that in the Anglophone sphere, Australia will be the key clinic trial on how hard the state can push to erase us. The military is being used to lockdown healthy people and keep families separate in Australia. I would remind the freedom loving “Murican” that U.S. Troops have been recalled, that 70 tanks are being left for our erstwhile enemies to use in Opiatstan, and that elements of the three best combat divisions in the U.S. Military occupied Northern Virginia with zero news coverage in January of this year.
The boys are coming home and any of us who disagree with NEWSLAW and blaspheme against the cult of SCIENCE and afront the priesthood of EXPERTS will be counted as their enemies.
Prediction, unvaccinated people, because of their demonstrable lack of care for public safety, will be prohibited from buying or owning guns.
You heard it here.
– People are being restrained and murdered in Sydney Hospital Covid Wards
-Anonymous Downunderling
Thank you, James!
This will help to preserve what’s left of my sanity here in Australia. We are all (still) under house arrest here no thanks to the force of the neoliberal tidal wave holding our local elite to its most orthodox expression.
Masculine Axis excellent so far. Your thoughts on testosterone levels and environmental expectations are probably spot on. You’re not gonna cuck a bunch of army rangers by giving them plastic water bottles (not that it helps).
I arrived at the conclusion that masculine behaviour and quantity of the male hormone is definitely a bidirectional relationship. With both driving the other positively.
Mandrill monkeys made for an interesting case study when I was trying to get to the bottom of the ubiquitous low t situation. These guys are hierarchical, with a single alpha male and a whole load of betas. The alpha bangs the females whenever he likes and the betas might sneak in a poke when the alpha isn’t around. The alpha male is also distinguished by very obvious physiological demarcations, namely a bright red face. The rest of the males resemble the females in that they have a sort of dull facial appearance. What’s interesting is that when a fight between the alpha and a beta occurs and the the beta wins, the domination of the alpha kicks off some psychology which results in a massive T boost in the beta and a corresponding decrease in the alpha. This all culminates in profound physiological changes too; the alpha loses his badass red face and the beta, according to Wikipedia can enjoy “increased testicular volume [and] reddening of sexual skin on the face and genitalia”. You may even have discussed this phenomenon in MA so forgive me if so, but again lends credence to environmental/behavioural driver.
Anyway, thanks again for the book.
Adam S. another locked down Downunderling
White Indian Bob, noting biblical flooding in his High Desert:
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Ruben     Oct 14, 2021


lad. How are ya? I just came across this character at my online library. Are you familiar with him? I think he's mining your turf. I'm gonna check it out. Praise for John Dermot Woods:

Electric Literature 25 Best Novels of 2014

"Poignant and unsettling, and much like a good short story collection these tales resonate long after the book is closed."—Largehearted Boy

"An accomplished artist and writer, in addition to being an entertaining and often an electrifying one. John Woods does something very original in his combining of the arts in this collection, and my hat's off to him in his two-hat achievement."—Stephen Dixon

"Like a lost season of The Wire directed by Richard Linklater, The Baltimore Atrocities beguiles, bemuses, often horrifies, and never fails to impress. John Woods renders small moments of intimacy and violence with remarkable compression and eerie calm; together they form a rich disturbing portrait of the city-as-zonked-out-slaughterhouse, its denizens both the butchers and the butchered."—Justin Taylor, author of Flings

The Baltimore Atrocities is a mordant, deadpan collection of more than one hundred murders, betrayals, heartbreaks, suicides, and bureaucratic snafus—each with a half-page illustration by the author—that tells the story of a couple who spends a year in Baltimore in search of their respective siblings, who were abducted decades earlier as young children.

John Dermot Woods is a writer and cartoonist living in Brooklyn, New York. He is the author of a collection of comics, Activities (Publishing Genius, 2013), and two previous illustrated novels, No One Told Me I Was Going to Disappear (with J.A. Tyler) and The Complete Collection of people, places & things. He and Lincoln Michel created the funny comic strip Animals in Midlife Crises for the Rumpus. He is a professor of English at Nassau Community College.
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