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Athletic Wearican Rise to Power
Crux Cross Gives a Maskland Update from Crew Ork Citay: 8/8/21
Another mask update:
This week (Thursday?), my building replaced mask signs in the elevator. I think we're on the third or fourth sign.
This latest drops all reference to the CDC, NYC gov., federal or state "mandates" and just says STOP! MASK REQUIRED. with Spanish translation and bright clear graphics—the word stop is in a red octogon stop sign shape, mask required is followed by a drawn profile figure of a male in a mask—and not a friendly gentle emoji round head cartoon but an accurate (harsh?) shadow profile.
Meanwhile the subway broke out these retarded round friendly faced emojis on how to wear a mask and how it's about respect for your fellow man to properly wear a mask.
In sum, this feels boring and somewhat insignificant, but I figured as long as I'm journaling it to you I'd better mark it. 
The noteworthy aspect too is the dropping of the reference to written law or to proper authority in the elevator sign. 
Crux Cross
Sir, thank you for this.
I noted such signage changes in Harford County, Maryland in June.
The Premier of the People's Cuckpublic of Maryland, said, a few days ago, that “There will be no more mandates.” He then went on to chart severe penalties for state employees using fake νаϲсіոation cards, charted a parallel social conscience class system, in which the unvaccinated will have to mask up and endure segregation from the νаϲсіոated, which flatly contradicts his statement that νаϲсіոes make one immune to death from Brovid Jiveteen.
By the time this article posts, the normal season flu, should have already been misreported in the same way it has been these past two years, in order to make Brovid Jiveteen, which should now be Brovid 21, seem more deadly than ever.
The macro-lies employed by the Premier of my home hive, were then socially activated, when he proclaimed that he would ask “private employers to do the right thing.” In other words, social justice enforcement is being privatized.
This is why the police were defunded and Athletic Wearicans were deified and placed above the law at the exact same time that the shamdemic was raging. Have you noted that for five years, if you said the “N-word” it was okay for an n-bird to harm you?
This happened exactly a year to the day before I saw Dollar Joe beaten by three Anteefas in the Dollar Tree on Foster Avenue in Portland, for attempting to buy a mask while unmasked...
Not only does the Corporation now have the master-servant rule back in force under shamdemic protocals, but corporations have expended in the wake of the crashing of the economy in march 2020 that put mom and pop businesses under the gun. Meanwhile, the “do the right thing” mantra appeals to the Athletic Wearican mob mentality.
In Ocean Shittay Murlind, last weak, Athletic Wearicans were showing open hostility to unmasked people. Police will simply serve to assist corporate security in enforcing company law, which takes police back to their foundational American purpose and to exonerate Athletic Wearicans for enforcing social-medical-hysteria norms with fist and sneaker.
The new normal is here.
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