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Rating Combat Methods for Self-Defense
The Crack Man Cues the Crackpot
© 2021 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments are in brackets. I will use this as a speed quiz. Began answering at 6:40 PT and finished at 6:52.]

Crack Man
3:40 AM (2 hours ago)
to me
Hello Mr Lafonds,
I’d like to hear your opinion and insight on hand to hand combat in a defense situation.
If you treated this somewhere already - then just point me toward it.
I´ve seen your striking videos already.
How do you rate (in comparison to the classical punch with bare knuckle or palm):
- (Bare knuckle) Body blows
[Closed fist to the body is a great use of the bare fist.]
- (Spinning) back kick
[If you are behind him as he reads his smartphone.]
- Kicks in general
[Not for defense, but for offense. Kickers who use them as offensive gambits are almost always successful, defenders are rarely successful. Kicking against a group is stupid as it fixes your position.]
- Elbow strike
[Good for breaking clinches and for breaking the lower ribs when he has his back to the wall.]
- leg kicks in general
[Bad against blades and groups and best for larger aggressors than for smaller defenders to use.]
- Takedowns/throws
[Throws are the best method for fighting on pavement and take downs one of the worst. Against groups, large men have great success throwing smaller guys around. Takedowns against groups requires their permission not to help each other out.]
What if you could train someone only 1 Move?
[Checking hand.]
What if you could train someone only 1 combo?
[Shield to sprawl and sprawl to shield.]
What if the trainee is female?
[Tell her I don't train women.]
What if the trainee is an average Joe?
[Teach the knife first.]
What if the trainee is doing combat sports?
[Teach the knife—because I would stab his ass if i thought he knew how to fight and threatened me.]
What if the attacker is/seems intoxicated?
[Never talk, with this advice applying to wrangling sober Negroes as well.]
Thanks in advance for any answers on these.
And Sorry if you covered this already.
[No apologies, Sir. These are all worthwhile questions.]
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