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Embrace the Great Satan
More Child Rapists Frantically Sought by Conservative and Liberal Americans to Violate Remaining Ass Virgins
© 2021 James LaFond
Taliban use child sex slaves to assassinate officials in Afghanistan | Daily Mail Online
Sat, Aug 21, 9:04 AM (2 days ago)
to me
These were the disgusting scum bags the US supported and now want to come here. The article seems to almost equivicate the Taliban exploiting the boys as secret soldiers rather than the Police as fucking child molestors.
-Mister Grey

With the fall of Scamistan, the gaslight American Rape Mind has collectively turned wide-eyed and uncomprehending and begging the White Lords in their bright towers of power to save the poor child rapists and national traitors of Scamistan. Possibly the only decent thing the U.S. military has done in recent years was to abandon some 40,000 child rapists and drug dealers to their Taliban enemies.
But the American Mind is so slavish, so ankle grabbing, so instinctively ready to bend-the-knee that everyone I know except for Mister Grey and Lynn Lockhart and a few other whackjobs are pining for the child rapists of Scamistan to be rescued by the U.S. Military. The German military is already rescuing these criminals so that they can come to the U.S. and European cities and rape our children and grandchildren.
Some of the nicest, kindest Christian souls i know are worried that the wicked Muslim Taliban is going to make women wear face scarves. Towards the stated end of saving these Аrуаn women from a fashion requirement, which makes them less likely to be raped by scumbag Semites and Asians, Americans are willing to ship tens of thousands of child rapists and drug dealers and murderers to this country. Ironically, just four days ago i helped a teen girl scarf her face to disguise her charms from black rapists in Salt Lake City. Once all of these scumbags are flown over here to rape our remaining children, the police and U.S. military will arrest any of us palefaces who defend or avenge our darlings from the hounds of sodomy being begged by Christians and Atheists to be set loose among us.
As I have predicted in Last Whiteman the Global Homo Order has slated America as a game preserve for the hunting of sex slaves and the castration of we men who cleave to our remaining Heathen decency. The submissive faiths of the Great Satan beg for rape. Only the heathens will resist, as i predicted in Cube, Beyond Rainbow Bridge and Who Writes the Songs of Night?
Our reckoning is at hand.
Are any of us fit to stand?
Or are we nothing but poured sand?
Back in the U.S.A.
guerilla masculinity
Bob or A Bag?

Mister Red     Nov 16, 2021

Please count me in as one of the "other whackjobs." Thanks.
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