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Our Rejected Soul
TW and a Gentleman with a Sharp Rapier Bring Verse and Word against the Curse
© 2021 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]

Thu, Aug 26, 11:46 PM (10 days ago
Hi James….I hope your well.
I am worried about your eye. I can’t help it…I care. If I had super powers I’d heal iteliminate it.
...note about the man I met who fucked Ayn Rand , a psychologist I met ……
Look Ayn Rand was ugly as fuck…Jesus Christ broom Hilda…but she Pwn3D them all (to include Phil Donahue ) ….
There are Jedi Knights lurking James…..
B Braley
Writer 1920s
Montana Post?
Anyway I took a poem then hired [redacted] who lives just above [redacted] and he built out a piece of metal art which integrated the poem into a concept…
[the artist] whoops ass

[Ayan Rand wrote fiction, if plodding and didactic. These men may have been having a tryst with the symbolic language she trafficked in rather than with her. Her ideas once drew me close enough to have a look see, before I turned away from the cucked nest she had feathered for literal thinkers. Her power as a channeling nymph whispering in the gearbox of the machine was more real than IT. The cult that formed around her simply came to serve IT. Hesiod would have known her at a glance. An interest in poetics and myth has been keened in this mind since my eyes became weak and i have switched to listening to audiobooks. My ears are picking up things my eyes missed. There is something about poetry and other symbology in word, that reaches town the stairs of uncaring Time to us, with a care, sometimes a surprisingly acute care, for we who were so long ago far from unborn. I think the poets and yarn-spinners show the way to maintain our soul in the face of the great erasure, where the rabble rousers slink down their rabbit holes.]

Re: Joseph Campbell
Wed, Sep 1, 2:01 PM (4 days ago)
Campbell had a profound effect on me when I was deprogramming myself from millenarian fundamentalist protestantism and Chick Comics (him and the Church of the SubGenius). I happened to be stationed as staff at a US Military graduate school with an excellent library which gave me access to his 4-volume Masks of God books.
I don't think you missed much by not reading it. It's a lot like Fraser's The Golden Bough (which Campbell references constantly): A lot of extraneous detail, with only a few golden nuggets strewn about. Although the section on Pacific islander mythology in volume one was intriguing.
I encountered Campbell at the same time I encountered CS Lewis, which set me on an Anglican path through my own journey. I soon learned (after becoming confirmed in 2005) that the church of CS Lewis had become the Church of What's Happening Now with the only bright spark being the African Bishop of York.
My journey continues with me being Orthodox friendly but not converted. I am not a joiner, and maybe there is something fundamentally protestant about my lack of belonging to anything. I seem to pick up ideologies, see if they fit, then discard most of them and keep the nuggets of wisdom that may not be offered anywhere else. Hence my Esoteric [redacted].
(Just kidding)
I mention that as we ran into a [H!@#$%] nutcracker today in an antique shop made of cast iron which would involve pulling down his Roman salute to crack the nuts with his mouth. (I suppose you had to be there.) My other half was amused but decided we had other things to spend our money on. They did have a very attractive rapier with a cool leather scabbard and belt, but I don't think my children would appreciate me spending their meagre inheritance on something like that.
Anyway, all the best,
Hi James,
Yes, feel free to use it. I haven't posted anything in a while, but the site url is .
BTW, fascinating you should mention Arthur as well. My wife thinks I'm going loopy, but I am genuinely coming to believe that he existed. Cornwall is steeped in Arthurian legend...We passed a stone that marked Tristan's grave the other day, and there are place names that share similarities with place names in Wales associated with Arthur.
I also now believe the legend that Brutus actually did survive the Trojan war and set up a civilisation here in England way before the Romans set foot here, and that a lot of the descriptions of Britons in contemporary Rome may have been propaganda.
Enough of that.
Have a good one.
A Gentleman's Rapier | Wherein a desparate, aspiring gentleman tries not to prick too poorly…
I stumbled across James LaFond whilst listening to one of the many thousands of podcasts hosted by Borzoi Boskovic. Upon first hearing him speak I immediately had to find out more. James LaFond writes on a massive variety of subjects, most notably street fighting and the general decline of the modern American empire, but the one thing that hooked me, besides his engaging erudite prose and ...

[Interestingly, most of those dissenting minds who have reached out to me over the past decade to do interviews concerning my work, men who seemed to tolerate me despite my not being politically active or a joiner, have recently ghosted me in the month in which medical social control was outsourced from government to corporations under stewardship of the media mob. I don't think it was me, but them running for cover from the big erasure. They have my well-wishes and my prayers.]
[However, as Campbell once and often posited, God speaks to us through many masks and in many voices. In The Song of Roland, God sends down three distinct agents to retrieve his fallen hero. Although i am not a heroic person, I have had numerous scalds recruit me as an oracle and then discard me. This includes inviting me into an active police state where I had no connections, and then leaving me at a public park where police park and bantus play basketball. Yet, when a man who had as a boy been a refugee from another nation, came and rescued me, he expressed the thought that God had brought his Christian self and my Heathen person together. I still use, as my mobile home, the rucksack he gifted me. I thank those who left me to him.]
[It is my opinion that we true outliers have been brought together by those meddling outliers who try their hand at "joiner' politics. We should silently thank these souls who rarely own a speakable name, afraid to show their face in association with their Word—who have done no Deed in our presence to confirm their Word before The Powers. They have been our tragic guides.]
[I thank them all, for helping me meet a few handfuls of real men, who match Word and Deed.]
[In Campbell's Transformation of Myth Through Time he tells a tale of maintaining our humanity in the face of an evil world of moral tigers from behind the masks society makes available. I recommend this for any of us alive at this time who feel lost and alone.]
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