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Who Am I?
Original Verse by Jack Man August 26 2021
© 2021 James LaFond
Who am I?
You know me,
I am Vast,
My Touch reaches around this world,
I want to last
some may call me whore,
But many call me mother,
I make and I create
I also smother
You little gear - you can’t escape me,
And you can’t destroy me
As I am big and too many
Just so you try and flee
Why don’t you just serve me?
Chaos is my bitter nemesis,
I demand orderly progress,
With countless small and bigger steps,
Resulting in more or less
I gave you so much less worries,
What is this freedom anyway
Do you really want to live in anarchy
the weak and the ambitious want me,
They need me
as I fulfill thy destiny,
They feed me
My belly growing steadily
Why don’t you back down
Why don’t you bow down
Can´t you see all that I gave,
I devour you - from cradle to grave
Just wait
Who am I?
Brian and James
guest authors
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the gods of boxing
the lesser angels of our nature
riding the nightmare
blue eyed daughter of zeus
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