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'I Got Babies Too'
Richard Jewell and Barney Fife versus Deontay Wilder in Reparations Recovery Bushwhacking
© 2021 James LaFond
Bob's titanium joints were creaking and my bell of a pin head was tolling. These aging circumstances had us a little down as we watched the weather, just because we wanted to see the pretty Mormon babe in her red dress on the SLC TV station telling us what we already knew about the thunderheads on the mountain.
"Bob," says the ivory hoodrat, "I would kill nine negroes for that girl!"
Then she does not sweep goddess like out of the thumbnail into the screen and Bob retorts, "Way to go. The TV heard you and they aren't letting us see her—a waste of two minutes!"
But all was not lost as Bob pulls up a police shootout future BLM video and says, "Here, one of your buddies got into it with the cops..."
What follows is simply one of the best and most glorious acts of life-affirming mayhem I have ever seen.
Bob noted the blood spray from the shot negro ankle puff up from behind the sedan.
Human shields were scattering and sitting in their car seat, the unseen dog obviously on the floor of the sedan with paws over ears thinking that humans are totally retarded.
Note how the hopping Bantu gets behind the van unseen by his adversaries as they have tunnel vision and comes in with what i think is an Uzi upside da man's head!
The straight face of the news caster is precious as he thinks, "Please, let this fool not be related to me on my Aunt Shelby's side!"
Deadly shootout with Florida deputies captured on dashcam | ABC7 Los Angeles - YouTube
8:15 AM (6 minutes ago)
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