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The Metaphysics of Haft
The Pulp Fiction Renaissance Podcast #4: With Mister Grey Review from 9/28
© 2021 James LaFond
"Your new nickname is James "Get Past the First Chapter" LaFond. Richard Barrett is hilarious! the look on your face when Barrett talks about the Asberger bitch with the knitting needle and not feeling it was priceless!"
-Mister Grey, Host of InTheseGoingsDown

Richard Barrett and James Lafond take a trip down to Middle Earth with “Haft”…James’s Lafond’s subversive, iconoclastic, instant classic Tolkien spin-off novel where the Orcs are the good guys!
Inside you’ll find:
What Richard Barrett was doing when he first read “Haft”…
Why he says not to judge it by the contents of its first chapter…
How he came to love “Haft”…
Just who were cast as the evil Elves (the answer will surprise you!)…
James Lafond’s life inspirations for Haft and the Orcs…
How he came up with the Elvish “Phony Mountain”…
How James Lafond keeps his writing PG-13…
How Richard Barrett’s mom found James Lafond’s perfect woman…
The civilizational forces at work behind James Lafond’s Haft symbolism…
What Miyamoto Musashi and Lawrence of Arabia learned about class life cycles…
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