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Against the Orthodoxy
Electric Dan and T-Rex Chaff Under the Rule Slave Law: 10/17/21
© 2021 James LaFond
“I'm trying to figure out how the fuck I',m gonna get my kids through all this without the shot.”
“How's it going out West? Down to 196lbs today. I've lost 50 lbs since March. I got into an argument with my doctors at an appointment yesterday. He started lecturing me about getting the jab and I told him I won't and why and he became very emotional for a 65 year old guy. It's funny he didn't comment on my weight loss. They don't want people to get healthy on their own.”
-Electric Dan
Cognitive Warfare: the Battle for Your Brain
The youtube link above, most likely taken down by the time this posts, discusses the open zoom and posting conspiracy of six NATO big brained nimbus types. One of these NAT0 officials, who is dedicated to making war on all human thought to achieve total conquest without the need to fire a shot or put up with some back-talking Navy SEAL who does not want to be jaxxinated, is a retired French Colonel.
You know that France is supposedly another country, right?
Well, when this asshole frogs about his Command, he points out that he commands a unit in Norfolk—that's in Virginia.
Look, the world I wrote about in Organa, set 200 years from now, is here already.
We are experiencing a medical-military-mindscape takeover by fiends more evil than Tamerlane, Caesar or any misbehaving ancient butcher you can name. I say this because these White lords need not descend from their conniving tower—they have no skin in the game save ours, which is to say our identity, which is to be flayed from our backs and danced around in like some Aztec rite.
These are fiends that cannot be fought. They own the social battlespace—have shaped it. They have absolute media supremacy and are literally free to re-shape the mindspace which is the new battlefield. We live within their creation.
We cannot fight them or alert their agents to the possibility that we are their enemy.
Dan, know that anytime you speak to a doctor that your are speaking with a Commissar of the Media-Medical State. When you speak with teachers, people who vote, communicate on social media, talk to folks who back the blue or champion BLM, that all of these peoples are agents planted by the evil overlords to triangulate your diversion from approved thought patterns.
The only way to remain free of mind and not end up in psychiatric prison, medical lockdown, employment lockout or in meat-prison will be to lie about and conceal your opinions and beliefs. Police are being repurposed to support media and medical and political agendas.
I would suggest finding the jaxxine that requires the least booster shots and paying a homeless person to get the shot for you. Do this in a retail outlet like a grocery store pharmacy where people are overworked and have poor work ethics. Medical people are generally fanatical jihadists for Uncle Sham.
Take heart that we are surrounded by idiots who want tens of thousands of Third world child rapists imported to police us. It is true, every good Christian or compassionate American that supports bringing refugees from Scamistan so that they don't have to wear a veil, every one of those kind-hearted people are begging for child rapist policemen from Scamistan, and that is what they will get.
Do you think?
Do you reason?
Do you understand that masks don't stop disease?
Are you suspicious of a medical treatment that cannot be discussed?
Do you want to eat meat?
Are you committed to fighting back when a Nightly Class god demands you kneel and blow him in order to get your jaxxination certification that you are not racist and homophobic?
Understand that most white American men will get on their knees and suck Nightly cock if given the choice between that and unemployment as a homophobic racist.
Frame the battlespace of the once and future dystopia that is now, accurately, in this way, as a realm of pure lie in which any utterance of the truth will light you up for the infrasped retard spotters and snipers that are among your family, associates, coworkers, employers, church-members and neighbors.
65% of America hates and fears you.
30% of America is afraid of you.
4% of America is trying to find and erase you.
You can't hide in the 1%.
You have to find concealment in one of the groups that make up the mass mind of the lie.
You can't do that by speaking true upon the sound stage of The Lie.
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Fuck that Grey shit.

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