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Devil Dick and The Crackpot Discuss the Result of Government Regulation: Dateline10/25/21
© 2021 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
I am a member of the spice merchant's guild
Devil Dick
Last year I finally gave in to a burning desire to build my own computer. Buying one prebuilt would have cost me $1500 more than if I could find the parts on my own. At that particular time, one particular component, graphics cards, were hard to come by, most being scalped for about double the price. Well, I managed to find one being sold at market value on kijiji (a personal ad site) and made my way an hour and a half away by transit. I ended up finding most of the other major parts for the computer like this, I found merchanting an enjoyable activity on this small scale. Some thoughts immediately came to mind. Firstly, I realized how easy it would be to make some money on the side buying things low and selling high.
[Having come to the bottom of so many obvious and barely concealed lies in American history I have decided to redefine the purpose of government action as the result. Look, the smartest college graduates actually go into government work on the federal level or government contracting. I have known many of these brilliant men from wargaming, men that worked for areospace, the NSA and NATO. However, since every single government program you can name since 1965 has had the exact opposite effect of its stated purpose—including losing five winnable [1] wars—we idiot Americans believe that politicians are all idiots and never had real jobs. Well, we are the idiots, and politicians are smart, but not as smart as the corporate and Creep State operatives who pull their puppet strings, while they do their real jobs which is fucking us over. Look, since welfare destroyed the black family, I take that as its intended goal, which is more rational than saying that all government programs achieve the exact opposite of their stated aim. It is obvious, that since the global warming hysteria came out of a suggestion in 1974 by a climate scientist that pumping carbon into the atmosphere may stave off the coming ice age, that the purpose for the global warming bullshit is to inoculate the earth's population against the realization that we are going into an ice age as scheduled.]
          Secondly, I realized this is exactly what you're average drug dealer was doing. Most of these guys from the ones I had met, were simply purchasing a product bought at an already inflated price from whatever trade route it came from, and selling it for an even higher price. I guess you could call it the Wakandan version of the silk road. Well, the question popped into my head, " I wonder where this stuff comes from"?
[The War on Drugs saw the 100-fold increase of drug distribution in the U.S. Since 1974, an effect that really kicked off when enforcement got serious in about 1982. Also, the traffic in heroin and heroin addicts from Vietnam, in which a friend of mine was involved, might have been the actual goal of that war. That and the federally planned and abetted riots of 1968 kicked heroin addiction into high gear by 1971. The 1974 declaration of the Drug War was after the fact, as the real drug war was by the U.S. Government against the people targeted for addiction. The execution of the drug war beginning in the 1980s, was just a way to build the police state, just like the defund the police bullshit is a way to get Americans t beg for a better police state.]
          I read a book called "The merchant kings", the first chapter is about the Dutch East India trade company ran by one Jan Pieterszoon Coen. "It would be a private corporation operating free from the direct control of the government.....yet it would have the authority to make decisions in the name of that government". Hmmm, I wonder what agencies exist that are unaccountable yet act on behalf (supposedly) of our governments? Of course, Black lives matter! God bless em and god bless our trans folx allies.
[Four Indonesian islands had their entire population genocided to make way for the Dutch clove monopoly. Other than the banker that financed Magellen's expedition and then moved to Holland, the only other person to make a profit was a sailor who keastered a handful of cloves in prison for a year and then sold them so that rich fuckers could spice their rotten meat with them.]
"While peace reigned in Europe , the servants of the two nations ' companies (British and Dutch east india companies) were shooting at each other". You know, I wonder if international Antifa and Black lives matter organizations get along when they meet in the fields of Colombia or Mexico. I hope so, I hate seeing folx lose they/them life to the streets.
[In New York these two organizations got into a fight in front of an NYPD member I spoke to, who said the Pigs jeered the combatants and that BLM whooped Antifa ass.]
"The spice supply had to be restricted  to make the whole enterprise viable....ruthlessly enforced to keep to artificially restrict supply and keep prices high". "To control production and keep prices high, VOC (Dutch East India Company) troops uprooted nutmeg and clove trees that were growing outside VOC approved plantations". Imagine it was illegal to grow your own spices today! That would be crazy, how would I season my chicken! 
[This is how diamonds—which are pretty worthless—and fiat currency—which is totally worthless—are maintained as rackets today. Indeed, whoring and pimping have suffered greatly since unmarried sex has basically been lagalized in the last hundred years and women were released into the workforce fifty years ago. The best thing that could happen to pimping and whoring would be the return of the Puritans.]
In summary, suppose there was some crop or refined chemical that were illegal to produce domestically. Further suppose that there existed some accountable agency that both operated outside the law and in the name of the government that could use force to secure the majority of said crop/product to make a large profit back home, and pin the blame on Tyrone who's nothing more than a second rate merchant like Pajeet at 7/11.
[A governor became a president based on drug shipments to Arkansas and a colonel and a general and a news reporter were all slain in California to cover up drug shipments to U.S. Military bases run by the Cunning Insemination Assembly. The only person that was not killed to maintain operational security for this was Maxine Waters who made her career on it. I am certain that the Baltimore Riots was cover for heroin and phyntenal distribution that skyrocketed overdose deaths by 500% in five eastern states in 2015-16.]
Further suppose these unaccountable groups each fought for their own share of this pie, the government backed ones ultimately winning out. Let me cut the bullshit. I'm talking about Tampax Pearl. Did you know tampons are taxed as a luxury good? Womens health is not a luxury sweetie.
[This is how stupid normal conservative and liberal progressive Americans are. Thanks to the Gangland History Channel shows and biker TV series, Americans think that outlaw biker gangs have ironclad initiation processes that make them immune to police infiltration, as evidenced by the fact that these tattooed assholes are still zooming around the country dealing drugs? However, I have had gang members tell me that cops are in all the gangs, that having cops in your gangs is security on one hand and provides access to stolen goods and a means to fence stolen goods on the other hand. This tells me that the big international biker gang is probably a creep state front. Any time one of my friends beats up one of these big fat biker men they have to deal with cops and lawyers. Scooby—please!]
Let me go further. Imagine during the 60s this same agency promoted drug use knowing they would have the majority share of this trade, and 20 years later made you pay for upholding their own monopoly. Marijuana is legalized here, and I find it particularly pathetic the average idiot fought for their right to be sold drugs by their slave masters and have anal sex instead of say I don't know, the right to defend oneself. Who am I kidding, like those faggots could do anything with that right anyways. 
[I have had three fellow boomers claim that the evidence that the Boomers are the greatest generation is that they got pot legalized!]
Making drugs and having mediocre unnatural sex the epitome of rebellion has unsuprisingly, led to a complacent sub-population of edgy sign holding homos. Yeah, the government selling you dru...nutmeg and terror bombing people will be stopped by your faggy government supported protests. What better way to take away your freedom than by redefining freedom as obedience to fake authorities and fake see eye gay social movements.
[SeeEyeGay is a great code. Look, I have a long standing rule not to trust anyone who has had a dick put into them. Based on the fact that the government is now spending most of its energy convincing all American to get injected with experimental fluids and secondarily to convince men to get their dicks cut off and take a cock in the ass, I think that long standing suspicion was dissidently correct.]
-Devil Dick
Dude, you can be such a dick. Thanks, I quite enjoyed this email. Enjoy that new computer.
-1. Vietnam, Somalia, Iraq, Iraq again and Afghanistan, that makes five winnable wars lost and the War on Drugs as a war known to be unwinnable that was engaged in anyway.
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