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Masculine Famine and the Potato Famine
The Owner of the Best Crypto Name in the Badthoughtiverse Cues the Crackpot
© 2021 James LaFond
Fri, Dec 17, 1:28 PM (4 days ago)
Greetings from dirty Jersey James thought you may find this funny
Could you imagine politicians in this faɡɡot country doing this?
Also was wondering if you had any insight on the Irish potato famine in the mid 19th century. I've heard conflicting narratives. Hope your well man
Indeed, Sir, we seem to live in the most sissy nation. Even the Canadians had a political boxing match. This does have some bearing on the Irish Potato Famine Hoax, in its strictly female view of the world as an ecstasy of passive, neediness and submission...
The common view of Ireland of the 1840s, demonstrated on every documentary I have seen and echoed in history books, is that the Irish were so goddamned stupid, that their only crop was potatoes, because they throve there and, apparently those Irish had no need for barley or rye to make beer, stout and whiskey, because, as is well known, Irish didn't drink?
Yes, that is how fast that narrative falls apart on examination. But since the feminine Anglophone way of imbibing information is to be injected by it rather than examining it, as in a current hoax of similar totality, we are sure that American minds will not probe even the most shallow narrative.
The standard narrative claims the Irish Potato Famine as a cautionary tale on the dangers of monocropping.
Some edgy lefties will point out that it was triggered by the evil capitalist British overlords—which it was—leaving the working class native Irish in such grinding poverty that they had no choice but to farm only potatoes. We are lead to believe by omission that not a chicken, pig or cow, or a strand of grain grew from the rich soil of the lush Emerald Isle. Even the lefties decline to examine fully what the rich Anglo elites then did when the lumper potato did catch a blight.
The reason is because these acts constituted a racial genocide, and just like Righty thinkers ignore class for race, when it comes to European-on-European history, Lefties ignore race for class. Any close examination paints a racial picture, an international crime against the Irish.
Briefly, when the potato failed, the entire British Home Army, rotated in and out of Ireland a division at a time, collecting all food stuffs, slaughtering Irish food-protestors, burying them in mass graves on Catholic Church Property with the cooperation, down to this distant day, of the Catholic Church. This was an annihilation and displacement that almost rivalled what Cromwell did to the Irish in the 1600s, which was also funded by international banks.
The ancient Greek term Holocaust was used to describe this singular act of extermination. However, when it was decided by academics in 1946 that there had only been one genocide in history, and that there could be only one National Villain in history, old British propaganda and new American propaganda naturally erased the original so effectively, that although there are three Irish museums to carry the memory of the late atrocity that happened in mainland Europe in the 1940s, there is no monument to the Original Holocaust that happened in Ireland on Irish soil.
I suppose, that the good part about living in a world that is fabricated of 90-plus% lies, is that the walls of imposed unreality are so easy to poke holes in.
Remember, my fellow potato negro, that the next time we get drunk in Jersey, that we are experiencing a unique American process, that before the Irish came to these shores our Mic ancestors had no means to make alcohol, not being smart enough like the Russians to figure out how to do it with a potato. Think about it, how absurd it is, that one could even farm potatoes without other crops to rotate in to restore the soil and livestock to fertilize the ground. We are so Goddamned stupid in this place and time, that most of us believe that no grain grew in the home of soda bread, stout and Jameson whiskey, and that no cows grazed in the land famous for Kerry Gold butter.
That is America, the place where most people believe such utter shit, because it hurts less then a thought.
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nc     Dec 21, 2021

happy YULE! you irish ϲunt
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