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Marius and the Crackpot Discuss Elites and Aliens: 12/7/21
© 2021 James LaFond
[Marius has been a great boon to my writing, and, in the email from some month or so ago, he indicates that I may have lost one of our dialogues. If Marius or any correspondent thinks this has happened, feel free to send the comment or question or concept again. I will certainly have forgotten addressing it, even if I did, so then, if it turns out I scheduled it in the interim, then we get a chance of your dialogue fencing with two segments of my sublimated personality disorder. Crackpot comments are in brackets.]
The Bug
Hi James,
Is it possible that this entire system of control is at the behest of an extra terrestrial?
[Yes, as I finished 116th in a class of 114—actually being superseded by the students who had finished last in the two previous solar years at the Regal-M Academy—I have often thought that my meager grant to study you apes upon Blue has been a long-running zoological joke, in which lunar observation nodes forward my various blunders—such a mating with some dozen of your cows—as a live-feed tutorial on how not to study you savage besties. [1] And, in a more pedestrian fashion, I don’t think we are alone in the universe, but are rather getting the bone by some of its bad actors.]
Obviously evil exists, and civilisation corrupts man, but this shit is almost too silly for humans to do it to each other. You take the view that we are being consumed by forces that are beyond our perception, which gain power in times of great turmoil like extreme weather events or battles.
[I am a late-dawning Heathen. I do suspect that as we farm animals for their wool, hides and meat, that Cosmic entities farm us for our adulation, fear and suffering, with egotistical, carnivorous and sadistic higher powers feasting upon our various activities, and ultimately drinking our doom like ambrosia.]
Personally I have seen a demon during a wild thunderstorm, so I have no doubt that these entities exist, but that is almost in another dimension. What if we are, in fact, being manipulated by insects or reptiles of some kind in our own planet?
[Dark streaks have haunted me since childhood. I wrote about the insect invaders in Little Feet Going Nowhere, which was based on Sheldon’s The Screwfly Solution, as well as in Planet Buzzkill. I do think it is currently more likely that there are aliens operating off the dark side of the moon than that we actually got o the moon in 1971 and have been unable or unwilling to return in the intervening 50 years!]
Some of the woo - woo people are saying that due to the Age of Aquarius, humans are waking up (albeit slowly and feebly), and the elites have had to rush forward their plans 30 years. 
[This is reasonable but not because of us waking up—we are still manifestly asleep to higher things. Also, considering the magnetic ebb of the sun for these next 30 years, perhaps beings from another dimension could, during this time, gain more regular and sustainable access to us? The novel Red, with Erique Watson I am working on supposes such an event. I am also exploring this as I finish Wonderfall this winter.]
I agree with you, that if the trends continue, sodomy will be a prerequisite for employment and masculinity will be outlawed. However, they have really pushed the narrative of climate doom and the sentient flu to its limit. Its breaking apart at the seams.
[As the false narratives implode, two things happen, undomesticated bad-thinkers will reveal themselves for liquidation, and domesticated system chumps will remain in passive hypnosis or awaken too late. I think that the Brovid Jiveteen Shamdemic was a method, by which in a single year, the Creep State masterfully regained all momentum lost during the usurpation by the Orange Man and additionally caught up to the accelerating Ice Age.]
You don't believe the jab is designed to harm, but is just a huge clinical trial. i think its both, and they have rushed its production. If it is infact a depopulation tool, it may be the very worst of modernity that is needed to wake people up.
[I agree after a kind with you. It seems that the jab has done more harm than can even be falsely attributed to the Shamdemic. However, I suspect, that any vaϲϲine, untried and untested in humans, is going to do a lot of harm without having been engineered to do so. Many tens of thousands were murdered by the medical establishment to scare people into getting this vaϲϲine. On the front end, I think it is largely in accord with the One God of Modernity: Currency and the System control to insure Monopoly of various currencies: cultural, monetary, medical, political. On the back end, down the long stretch, I think that this is a clinical trial intended to:
-A. Shape positive effects into a life extension therapy for the elite,
-B. Shape negative effects into a life suppression, sterilization or even extinction tool to be used against wee undermen,
-C. To build jaxxination infrastructure so that instant annihilation of the undermen could be achieved to 90%...this would be the master stroke. If the Jaxx was designed to be our death knell, than it is a misfire that will help prepare us for a follow up attack, an attack I believe to be alien, trans-human, anti-human. The news has lied so well about the negative effects that most humans think the Jaxx is perfectly safe and will rush to receive the kill shot down the road. Remember, we small percent who are suspicious, we can be killed with drones, lynched by mobs, arrested on medical warrants, blamed for the next shamdemic as the super-spreaders, etc. The odd thing about this church, is that it is a geometrically inverted Aztec death cult, dedicated to the sacrifice of the entire congregation for the individual on the pyramid top, like an inverted Christianity in which we all die for Christ.
-D. To build infrastructure for immunizing the elite against some yet to be engineered prole plague.]
I am not without optimism for humans. If we had proper nutrition, functional bodies and free thought and free action, I believe we could become an impressive species again (only the ones willing to put in the work obviously - most people are cattle)
[Frakhan Follower from back stage says, “Daz right!”]
I cant comprehend that any human with a soul, would behave like our elites do.
[I think they are posthuman, transhuman in the main. I also believe that evil has soul too—I mean, I’m from Baltimore. Have they evolved to this evil state due to technological amplification of people farming? Or, are they overseers, oppressing and harvesting us for some greater power, like Gilgamesh did for the heavenly Host. Recall that Gilgamesh was smitten with agony over the fact that he could not share the gods’ immortality but had to die just the same as his rape victims. Might our elite be embarked upon the quest of Gilgamesh, in which he affronted the gods and brought down yet more woe?]
Clearly they have sold theirs in order to attain/maintain there positions, and are now seeking to live forever on the backs of the slaves beneath them. However, i think they're being had by an evil greater than themselves.
[I hope so!]
Its like that article you wrote about how the native americans see the white man's sickness. It seems like their is a force at play that has only one goal - consumption. 
[Jeremy Rifkin...last name might be wrong...wrote a book called Time Wars, mid 1980s, in which he argues against Western Civilization as a consumptive society. Consumption is disease. He was a Cringe Lefty that turned me off with some of his pie-in-the-sky BS. But he made some points that hold up under the ancient Promethean ideal of Zeus as “Time-Holder.” I think maybe Phillip K. Dick was channeling one or more of these extra-chronological powers. He has turned out to be our most accurate prophet.]
That doesn't seem human to me. I don't believe that humans are intrinsically wired to do that. it seems like you don't either, at least when referring to humans in their native form. Its like their is a malevolent insect directing all of this.
[My only question, in that we are being obviously turned into behaviorally social insects, is was it design or happenstance? Recall the “scorpion people” of Gilgamesh that held the ancient secrets to the mountains at the sources of rivers and the whereabouts of The Distant One who had survived the God-sent Flood. I wonder, if these ancient fears of insects are related to the insect’s likeness to an articulated machine of control? If there is a memory within us of an ancient transhman order felled by natural cosmic forces, and in its remnant, would not that transhuman order, that secret society, fear earth changes as much as we fear their insect rages?]
If that were the case, do you see any truth in these legends of aliens coming here and practicing eugenics on humans in order to make slaves (annunaki etc)?
[I love the idea that the Bush Clan are annunaki vampires! I think there is something there and wonder if the aliens—other than myself, of course—are not echoes of an earlier transhuman order extinguished by the Younger Dryas Comet. These cosmic oatmeal cookie types like Graham Hancock and Randal Carlson, believing that such an ancient technocratic order was all benevolent, in light of what we are experiencing, is great foolery or deception. In fact, the mythos of W.D. Fard [2] makes more sense than most of these schemes.]
And what do you think humans could be if this force was removed?
[Get to the planets and then the stars. As such, I regard this as a prison planet, a soul farm. Our outward technology has all gone inward. Imagine, watching Star Trek in 1968 and someone saying, “No space ships, no phazers—all of our technology is going to be focused on the communications device and nothing else. In fact, we will lose ground on space travel.” The deans of science and science fiction both, all 500 nerds of note, would have laughed him out of the room.]
I am not so naive to think it would all be one big kumbyah (just read about the maori's and maorori's where a bunch of vegan peace loving hippies were slaughtered by the 1800's equivlalent of the all blacks rugby pack)
[Polynesians have admirable martial qualities, but they cut down the last tree on Rapa Nui. They won’t be getting us off of this rock.]
I do think we could ritualise our aggression and cooperate enough to colonise other planets (and perhaps slaughter and enslave the native people there... like a molested altar boy that becomes a priest, you can only do what you know best…)
[Sounds like Richard Barrett’s fantasy of British imperialists in space! I like it. I want to be Burton and have adventures among green women...]
Curious to hear your thoughts.
Also, i've frequently been having dreams about a world similar to organa. I would love to read a story from the perspective of the old man who talks about how he and his boys overthrew the nations to establish this corporate world they now live in - an origins story perhaps.
[Thank you so much, Marius. Joe Saddler, the prick that cloned himself as a protagonist? Okay. I have thought about writing such a tale and it is provisionally titled Dark Side Ink. If I do write it, I’ll send it to you for a reading. You will have to remind me, as I’m losing my mind and my way at the same time.]
What do you think is going on, when i dream what is essentially a movie of a script i've never seen? is it tapping into the ether and all of these ideas are floating around? have you ever experienced that?
[Yes I have and it has formed a basis for much of the fiction I have written. I think, that like Dick having screwed up his brain with a car accident and LSD, that I did the same thing with 25 concussions and as many years of sleep deprevation. [3] I don’t know how your ether window got installed—Rugby with aborigines, perhaps?]
hope you are well. ps i don't think my 2nd article about regeneration ever got published.
[I hope it is not lost. I am a techtarded, boomer, hobo. So please do not trust me with a lone copy of anything. I lost a whole novel I wrote once, by hitting some key. Send it again, please, and I will address it. I have lost all of my work on various machines twice this year. So it could have been stuck in an oddly backed up file. Hopefully it has posted. I cannot remember what I write anymore.]
-1. See Letters from an Extraterrestrial Anthropologist, which, if I should have known what treatment I would receive after revealing my nature, I would have callously titled Zoologist. But alas, no good deed goes unpunished among the apes of Blue!
-2. Fard was the Afghan national who instructed Elijah Mohamed in the Black Muslim cosmic order and was probably murdered by cops or Mohamed in Detroit in the 1930s.
-3. Gilgamesh, before the end of his quest was renowned for needing no sleep. Once he had pierced the veil of mortality and viewed the realm of the gods, sleep overtook him “as it does all men.”
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