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Echoed Laugh
Distaff Taxonomy of Cracked Pottery: 12/10/21
© 2021 James LaFond
The year dies, wheezes and sighs.
A year is such a hateful thing, a bagged herd of chattel hope imprisoned by bully news, posthumously prosecuted by the judiciary of academia and sentenced to be misrepresented by politicians for the life of her step-daughter—for the year is feminine, a passive reactor upon which man stamps his brand, only to discard her for a younger bride.
My Dear Editor, Miss Lockhart has just finished Advent America, a 690-page hardback history book which could earn me the ire of the learned if it were somehow widely read. Below is a smattering of her messages to me as I imbibed the news that I am to be a grandfather for the third time and washed it down with a fifth of Kraken Coffee Rum:
“Andrew Edwards put a pic of The Violence Project on twitter and I felt very proud…
“James, the world is yours. There are now raid robberies and muggings at the shopping center I frequent. I dress like a hobo compared to Chinese women, thanks to you…
“I remember when I laughed and told you I didn’t have to worry about such things because I wasn’t in Baltimore...
“I found you seven years ago and knew you were right about everything yet it’s still hard for me to believe there are gunpoint muggings right here…
“8 books in 2020. Well of heroes is in their twice, paperback and hard cover.
“2021 is Flood, Orphan Nation, Filthy Few, By Gaslight, Dollar Joe, Beyond Rainbow Bridge, Haft, Advent America.
“So giving up podcasting didn’t really make me faster at books. But I am busier at homeschooling activities now. I am maxed out.”
Well, you also published Almuric, set up Substack, took over Patreon and the book accounts and are helping a good friend with his book...lots of work and work that I can’t do. I am not capable of publishing a book. You put out 2 Plantation America books this year, which is morally the only important category I write in.
Realistically, I think it would be wise to stay at 6 new books, one being history, and try and transfer 2 books from the paperback ghetto on the South American river, to hardback: 1 fiction and 1 non-fiction, preferably history.
Really, I would suggest you take down all of the books you published for me on the evil platform and transfer them to hardback.
That mess of some 30 Overton Railroad books I have up as drafts, [0] should just be left languish until I croak and than you can use that content, most of which has not been posted online, to keep Substack going.
The old harm city books might as well stay on the evil platform, as well as the combat stuff and literary criticism.
I never want to publish again on the evil platform, and am inclined to rescue all of the history and fiction from their clutches and reissue it.
Since our site PDFs are being pirated and given away, I suggest that you wait 10 months after publishing the hardback to send the PDF to the webmaster for conversion.
As for the blight coming your way, that is courtesy of modern infrastructure. Rome was ravaged by disease largely because they had advanced water delivery systems that facilitated pandemic. The barbarians largely used Roman roads. Likewise, the actual pandemic of Modernity, Suburban Blight, is a road born pathogen.
Car jack some chump [1] in the Citay.
Drive to the Countay.
Jack some bitch or chump on a parking lot.
Exit methods include ditching the vehicle and jacking another, being picked up by a shadow driver or just driving back into another part of the Citay from where you banked the first chump and ditching the car there. Dating a suburban woman and then borrowing her car or apartment is another method. [2]
I talked to Andrew today and he and I plan on meeting at some point before I return to The Beastly East to record combat discussions based on The Violence Project in person so that he have good quality audio.
-0. Except The Giver and Good Book Bad Book, none of which went online and have been discounted to prevent me from making a dime on them. Transfer those.
-1. You try to jack a chump rather than a bitch for the initial transport vehicle, as the chump will take longer to get in touch with the cops then the hysterical bitch.
-2. Use her for sex one last time right before you consumate the real purpose for the relationship, the theft of her car. The cops will keep her car and punish her for being a dumb bitch while you meet another dumb bitch at the community college.
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