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Yeti Slurrs!
Mister Grey Cues the Crackpot on Racial Epitaphs for the First Man-Made Mega-Race: 12/8/21
I remember how sorry I felt for Earl Stackhouse when he suggested we exchange racial slurs for fun only to discover that I had a loaded gun and his had limited fun:
Cracker, honky..., ah, help me out Jimmy
Porch Monkey, Spear Chucker, Jungle Bunny...
[By the way, “coon” was originally a slurr on poor European-Americans and is still a bi-racial term shared by men of both meta-races in the Lower Mississippi Watershed.]
It got to the point that it was not funny.
So, forty years later I am so glad to hear that a brother has caught up:
-1. Snow possums
-2. Snow roaches
-3. Enemies of the Sun [beautiful]
-4. Sugarcane Snatchers
-5. Cornstalk crusaders
-6. Chalk demons [excellent]
-7. People of no color [that is what white people means and is inaccurate, I am beige]
-8. Ice rate
-9. Mayo sapiens [love this!]
-10. Skin cancer magnets
-11. Mayo monkeys
May I add on:
-White cakes
-Bright snakes
-Moon coons
-Butter faces
-Vitamin D Thieves
-Peeled potatoes
-Maggot faggots
-Cave bitches
-Made snitches
-Chalk skulkers
-Pink penis people
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