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Shaping the Cattle Space
Prologue: A History of the Future: 11/11/21: With an Addendum by Crux Cross
© 2021 James LaFond
The Historical Back Story for Ditcher, Set in 2051
As I contemplated which novel I was going to finish next, the choice was made for me with a confluence of emails, text messages and news casts as I worked at the bar that is my Portland headquarters. The intersectionality of system Propaganda is in awesome afright. These elements were:
-1. masking and vaxx updates from back east and on the local Portland news, some of this is appended here, the rest will be in part 6, Raping the Cattle Space
-2. a wise political commentator texting me that BLM will be inactive until the next election, when evidence that BLM is now the center of American culture is overwhelming, as well as the clear and unstated fact that the last election was edited into a close defeat for a clear winner, obviating any more need to effect elections on the front end with mob politics. I will cover this in, Part 3, Deification, for which viewing the NFL, and Country Music Events and police reporting provided astounding insight. Although the question of race is paramount to any discussion of the reshaping of the American Civic Space into a Post Rational and Post National Battle Space, I leave it for the midpoint of this study in order to there gather some threads into a sensible weave.
-3. Pro-police and pro-law enforcement news saturating the social experiment of Portland, where the police were attacked last year by the same elements that now elevate them to sainthood, is covered in Part 1 Heroization.
-4. National celebrity mask culture and local Portland, Baltimore and Brooklyn mask cultism are triangulated in Part 2 Beautification in order to attempt to characterize the nature of the society that the Masters want for Wee the Peeple.
-5. The nexus of all news, entertainment, politics, reporting and law enforcement is the out-of-date plague and the counterfeit cure. Myself and others who have sought refuge from the medical-media tyranny I examined in Beyond Rainbow Bridge are currently the objects of a weird metaphysical hunt that will be examined in Part 4 Demonization, and which I had long envisioned as a key aspect of the Ditcher setting.
-6. Being a former grocer and being assailed by fake news at the bar constantly, as folks I know are being harassed by corporations and governments nationwide for the crime of growing food, and others toil along illuminating points of the supply chain [which has been vested with an element of orthodox holiness over these past 21 months] it will become obvious in narration and not just conceptual titling, that we are—our minds—the objects of a postmodern religious Reformation no more stupendous than that spearheaded by Luther, Calvin and other shepherds of the collective soul at the terror-fraught dawn of Modernity. In Part 5 Salvation the ultimate elevation of “stuff” to the holy waters of the largely soulless body politic will be examined.
-7. Finally, in Part 6, Raping the Cattle Space, I will discuss with appended input from Crux Cross and other contributors, the means by which both the fully domesticated [Asian and Caucasian, predominantly] humanity currently cast out of the Chapel of Races and the feral—semi-domesticated—Young Gawdz might be managed by the same system of control.
Battle Space Management is the mode of operation utilized to prey upon and cull disobedient humans by the U.S. Military around the world. It is based in the premises of:
-Absolute Air Supremacy
-Assured Logistical Support
-Integrated Global Intelligence Networks
The use of military drones in Baltimore began with the 2020 Shamdemic at the same time that police in the major unrest hot spots of NYC, Portland and Seattle were demonized and told by their federal law enforcement training officers [1] that they were on their own, being hung out to dry and being “thrown under the bus.”
This was a very clear cue back then that chaos was being ignited and fanned by Creep State agents in order to permit NGO and free range ferals to terrorize American cities so that Americans would beg for the hard heel of the State upon their tender collective neck.
The concept of the battle space as a cattle space is very old. The most successful military in human history, the Mongol Horde developed their ability to literally round up and slaughter armies of civilized soldiery based on two elements of their culture:
-1. Herding animals over vast distances, which requires a handful of horsemen and perhaps a few dogs to manage herds of thousands of often dangerous beasts. This fundamental part of nomadic steppes life prepared these warriors and their living tools, their horses, to dominate the battle space as they had the cattle space.
-2. The great hunt, in which a military formation encircles a wide area of broken terrain wilderness and drives every single terrestrial animal into an open space where all, hares, deer, wolves, tigers, bears and moose would be slaughtered.
Thus battle space management, for which the key study subject of its 20th century architects were the Mongol hordes and Confederate “Wizard of the Saddle” Nathan Bedford Forest's victory at Brice's Crossroads, combined with “fighting in Indian file” a form of predation that forms the basis for special operations, police SWAT and room-clearance tactics, have as their two sources, the management of herds of domestic beasts and the hunting of wild beasts, places the Battle Space Manager in an excellent position to become the Cattle Space Manager. With no more nations to conquer under nuclear threat, and with all ruling elites facing the same massive threat of citizen unrest under the coming famines of this dawning Ice Age, the Mongol Horde-Indian File method of warfare may be dialed back into the activities that such storied warriors used to develop their war-fighting ability.
The herds of Caucasian and Asian mind chattel might be corralled, stampeded, culled or driven into the feedlot as necessary. [1]
The packs of ferals might be let range to encourage the herd to stay together and to look to the herder and his dogs for protection, or might alternately be hunted as necessary.
The level of excellence required for herding and hunting are both high. However, the level of agency, of initiative and creativity is higher for the hunter. As most postmodern people require only herding, military and police will be selecting for low agency—for people who will get the jab without inquiring as to its nature—while the high agency types required to hunt the tiny minority of dissidents will be reduced to those lacking a moral compass. This will greatly strengthen the System of control in terms of hunting out non-compliant rebels and rabid ferals, as a high level of psychopathy will be guaranteed at the point of the witch-finding spear.
This brings us to the religious framing of this discussion, as a crusade, with police and military as “a force for good” as an army of post-Christian ethical soldiers in service to The Second Reformation. University educated people have objected to me framing education as religious. I do so based on the known religious origins of our education system, with Catholic and Protestant Doctors propounding doctrine. I see the secularization of academia over the past 300 years as an evolution away from Christianity and back to the school of Academic Philosophy of Late Antiquity, which was itself a crass religion of negation—an excellent platform for religious witch-finding. Do note that it was The Reformation [1500s and 1600s] that saw hundreds of thousands of free thinkers and suspected dissidents murdered by catholic and protestant alike.
The religious fervor of atheism—which is the absolute belief and faith that there is no power higher than humanity—is nothing other than collective human self-deification. We are becoming the dysfunctional gods of an odd Olympus.
Today, I read The Аrуаns: a Study of Indo-European Origins, by V. Gordon Childe, The History of Civilization series, Dorset, 1987. This is an incredibly dry discussion of what might have been the origins of this storied family of races. It is of interest that in discussing Theory, Childe's uses religious jargon. For after all, a theory is something unproven and unknown that the domesticated human mind cleaves to as a rock solid truth despite the evidence to the contrary and the on-the-face admission that a theory is an educated guess.
Below is a passage by Childe concerning faith and apostasy in academia:
“The element of truth [2] underlying the second heresy [3] would then be the realty of the Indo-Iranian period which we have postulated on other grounds... But the same truth powerfully reinforces the orthodox theory against Mr. Pargiter too.”
Academia has quite obviously for ages, consciously or unconsciously, tapped into the same great ancient need for religious faith that it has raged against from 200s A.D. Hellas, most savagely in Revolutionary late 1700s France, and most faithfully in post 1966 America, down to our time in which science is a belief that is followed rather than a tool that is used. The advent of the mask as a cult of compliance vestment and its immediate acceptance as a vestment in most Christian churches, with many churches in California [4], New York [5] and Maryland-Virginia [6] requiring secular cult vestments for worship, settles the debate as to whether modern media-medical-academic expertism is in fact a religious expression, for it most profoundly is, and not in some fleeting sense, but in its most strident “priestly” sense.
-1. Latin Americans should fall largely into this category. When one sees that violent psychopathy is at about 1% in Caucasian Americans, less in Asian Americans and between 2 and 5% in Latinos [who are a mix of these and Africans] and understand that a full 25% of African Americans are violent psychopaths, it is clear that the later are uniquely engineered—both socially and genetically, I think—to serve the role of the canine [both wolf and dog] in relation to the human herd and our post-human herders. I do state here that I suspect that transhumanism has occurred, if not technologically but corporately, and that we are ruled and owned by post-human beings.
-2. Is not the search for truth the key component against prohibitions of knowing and under impositions of blindly believing the defining act of heresy?
-3. an alternative theory of Аrуаn migration based on reconsidered evidence
-4. America's cult center, plebean
-5. America's financial center, patrician
-6. America's political center, imperial, with these three comprising an analogue to the Late Ancient Roman cult of sacred, post-racial civics
Mask Addendum by Crux Cross
[The observation of the morphology of mask convention will be an important survival and analysis skill for the heretic minds of the near future. -JL]
Crux cross 1
All is well here. Bought some canned corned beef, which coincidentally went on sale at my local small market just a week or so after you mentioned it as long lasting on, I think, your recent Myth of the 20th Century broadcast. 
Don’t tell me this whole thing was just a multi-year plot by Big Corned Beef?!?
I really don’t have anything striking to report in terms of mask changes or covid behavioral phenomena up here. Certain stores still require the mask, and have large male (usually ‘minority’ male) security staff at the door to enforce the request. But others don’t, and there’s been that sort of sine wave of wearing and not wearing, at least in my unscientific observation. 
At the Federal part of Penn Station here in Manhattan, they have a guy sort of hanging around the transition point from the State/City/Port Authority part to the Federal part, and, in my observation, he’s clearly a mask enforcement presence. 
Meanwhile, although I’d guess compliance is still in the above 90% range, I’ve observed there is the occasional totally unmasked individual who apparently goes through the subway and then the state/city part of Penn Station, and walks by at least three different types of armed police type uniformed males without garnering so much as a word, let alone a full on intervention or arrest or summons. Those three types would be, as far as I can tell, US military (NY State Army National Guard?), NY State Police (interesting hats), and NYPD (transit I believe). 
The fact that I haven’t witnessed, or didn’t notice, any arrests or even summonsing of unmasked individuals in my admittedly limited travels leads me to wonder: has the NYPD issued any of those announced $50 fines? 
I tried to research this question online but didn’t find confirmation either way. I wondered around some city .gov sites to find out how much the city of New York, or whatever agency or department (Dept. of Finance?) _collected_ in mask fines. Now, if I gave you and some of your readers my log of my mere hour-long research attempt, I think I might get a comment to the effect of, “Come on Crux, you’re using the term ‘research’ a little generously, aren’t you?”
And I’m sure some bureaucrats or in the know types might say something like, ‘Yeah, well, that’s an area of fine collection that is relatively new and given the crisis we haven’t worked out the best way to disclose that data to the public, it’s still being collected, etc. etc.’ 
But for better or worse I’m partial to the idea that, in the computer context, if it doesn’t work in under a second, it’s not going to work at all without some major repair or hitting the actual paperwork type solution.
Which is all a long way of saying I didn’t find anything saying they’d collected anything in fines. 
I didn’t even find any published decisions upholding collection, or garnishment or seizing or whatever. 
I mean I’d really just like to even just _see_ a summons via an official source (court file, .gov site) just to see what law or reg or city code ordinance they site on the face of the ticket. From a news site, I found an apparent summons that gave something like ‘Mayor’s Executive Order’ as the authority. But I would guess that maybe, by now, there would be at least one legal challenge resulting in a published decision —published online, where a judge would say whether that order and it’s application at the time and circumstances etc. would be, I don’t know, valid or ‘arbitrary and capricious.’ 
Feels to me almost like they don’t want the executive order tested. 
Anyway, I figured the monies collected angle would be a good sort of back-door way to find out but I got a null result there too. 
Huge qualification is, of course, that my not finding anything doesn’t prove it’s not out there somewhere. I mean what do I know?
The reported summons and arrests from about a year ago could have all been connected with dispersal orders, I suppose. So, the legal hook could have been independent of just the so called mask requirement. What I’m wondering about is sort of a ‘pure mask fine’ play. 
I couldn’t find it. Again, that doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Wouldn’t it be someone if the whole mask thing was one huge legal bluff? I’m not talking about the federal level, the amtrak and all that. I totally believe you and get a big sense of, ‘oh yeah, they’re not playing’ when I go into the federal amtrak part of penn station. But the rest of the city. The non-federal. That the constant announcements, warnings, etc. etc. ... and zero dollars actually collected in fines by the city? Wouldn’t that be something?!? Or maybe some fines collected but none judicially tested —i.e. only collected sort of ‘on consent’ and not actually fully judicially upheld?
Again, I’ve walked through Penn Station once per week for the entirety of this phenomena, and observed at least a token percentage of people unmasked or below nose masked, but I don’t recall ever seeing anyone getting a summons for that announced apparent violation from the NYPD or anyone. How can that be? 
It reminds me of a passage in a novel where a guy was raised fundamental christian like, and given to understand the world was only about 6,000 years old, but had a summer job for years as a river guide in some out west Grand Canyon type place and never once saw a rock fall —in months and months of canoeing down the river. And there’s like millions or rocks and pebbles etc. along side the river for miles. So if you do the math he figured he’d have to see at least a few falls. But he didn’t see any and slowly realized that for both theories to be correct —rocks piling up, rocks falling, that the time scale had to be way different than the 6,000 years asserted by his elders.
In closing, again, hope you’re well. The West sounds great. Take care,
Crux Cross
Ps pardon the length
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