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Raping the Cattle Space
Shaping the Cattle Space 6: A History of the Future: 11/14/21
© 2021 James LaFond
Herein it is this observers intent to offer some scenarios by which System Control will use, expand and exploit the fundamental slavishness of the American Collective Mind as well as the fact that the majority of Americans currently regard themselves as the beneficiaries of the system rather than its chattel.
Up until 1914, the vast majority of the most ruthless and rapacious tyrants and businessmen, from Ramses III of Egypt who settled entire nations as slaves, down to the Founding Fathers and even Gilded Age Industrialists of America, regarded taxation of a laborer’s meager earnings as an evil at best and as slavery at worst. For instance, according to Ramses III’s Conquest boasts, circa 1200 B.C. taxation was the lot of the slave.
Hence, the baseline assumption by the denizen of Modernity, that taxation equals freedom has predisposed him to believing an entire host of lies just as preposterous. For any man that believes he is free by virtue of paying into a protection scheme that includes being imprisoned for not paying taxes, is, according to any and all traditional definitions of the term, a slave—a willing one at that.
So the question is, in what forms will suppression of future slave revolts, plots or subversive thought be expressed over the next 30 years?
Below are a few guesses based on recent patterns of rule:
[In brackets find novels that I have depicted this in.]
-Meat hunting, with a permit, somewhere somehow will be outlawed. Only trophy hunting will be permitted, with the meat reserved for minorities, immigrants, undocumented persons, etc. [Uprising, Ditcher]
-Satellites and/or other observation platforms, will be tasked with detecting the reports of high-powered rifles. [Uprising, Ditcher]
-Drones will increasingly be used for policing wilderness and rural spaces, and in particular firearms violations. [Skulker Jones, American Dreamboat.]
-Chinese Security Companies, government owned and corporate, will be tasked with policing Americans in the Pacific Northwest. [Ditcher]
-Mexican Narco forces will be tasked with policing Americans in the Southwest and Inter-Mountain Region. [Ghost-Snatcher]
-BLM and other NGOs like Antifa, will be given law enforcement contracts by the U.S. Federal government and local and state law enforcement. [Skulker Jones, Ditcher.]
-State National Guard will increasingly be used to augment State Police. [Tagline Newslaw]
-U.S. Border Patrol will be partially or fully reassigned to police internal boundaries and infrastructure. [Ditcher]
-Church organizations will increasingly be forced to spy on congregation members. [Ditcher]
-SWAT teams, private, police, NGO and military will be used to shutdown wood stoves used in moist, cold, rural environments, in order to clear well-watered land for Infotech server facilities. [Ditcher]
-Foreign nationals, with tourist visas will be licensed to employ armed security details and entitled to require the labor, vehicles, housing, food and assistance of U.S. citizens. [Ditcher]
-Worship in churches that are not contractually engaged to report on church members and have live feed surveillance will be punished with utility cutoff, SWAT raids and drone strikes. [Ditcher, Longhshank Cain]
-Killing of grizzly bears, mountain lions, wolves and other dangerous beasts that attack people, even in immediate self-defense, will be prohibited by law and punished by drones and NGO strike teams. [Uprising, Ditcher]
-Sharia law zones will be commonplace in American cities and suburbs. [Skulker Jones, Longshank Cain]
-Reloading ammunition without a license will be a federal crime. [Ditcher, Last Whiteman, Longshank Cain]
It will be against the law to marry unless one can tender proof that one has had sex with a member of the same sex and/or with a person of African ancestry. [Tagline-Newslaw]
-Medical Administrators, Doctors, Nurses and Physician Assistants, will be authorized to swear out medical warrants for arrest, detention, quarantine to be served by law enforcement, military and private security. [Beyond Rainbow Bridge, Ditcher.]
-Before the Eddie Grand Solar Minimum has run its course, NGOs, private security, military and law enforcement will be tasked with confiscating firearms. This may take on various forms. However, I am counting on the crime of “poaching” by which all hunting engaged in not by government persons or sanctioned by an agency for huge sums of money or credit, will be likened to a Planetary Crime. [Ditcher, Urprising]
-By 2040 some form of social credit score, based on compliance with edicts, mandates and laws and reduced by bad thoughts, bad words, failure to repent for racial crimes committed by your ancestors, failure to provide tourists services, failure to pay race reparations, drug and alcohol use, va¤▓¤▓ination avoidance and science-denial will replace the dollar as the world’s reserve currency. [Ditcher, Longshank Cain]
Below is an addendum from Crux Cross, whose email began this inquiry into the ghosts of Future Present. Henceforth, until some paradigm shift in the system of control, mask cultism will serve as Leviathan sign for those who wish to trace the progress of the beast of cognitive rape that is Modernity.
Crux Cross 2
Pardon the back to back updates, but I just saw the best mask usage yet; sui generis usage.
She gets onboard the Q subway at, I believe, 72nd street. Young 20's. Cutie. 
At first I thought she was dressed in costume as a 'flapper' Roaring 20's girl, silver shimmery shiny type dress, good bit of makeup, but after she got off on 57th and I got a fuller longer look, I think she's just from an ethno-cultural background whose woman go for more shiny silver stuff than, say, your Irish-Am background set.
The mask. Regular blue white standard. Brand new. Uncreased.
She gets on board and sits down and goes the whole ride holding the mask with one hand about an inch in front of her face! How great is that!?! Like it was perfectly square, not creased at all. Maybe it was the make up.aube she was going to a wedding or something very serious. But she didn't put it on, around her ears or anything. Didn't let it touch her face. God bless her! 
Meanwhile, to complete the picture, she's holding her cell phone and purse in the other hand. And sitting down, she's reading or writing texts or whatever. 
The mask as screen held in front of but not touching one's face. Brilliant!
Hope you enjoyed that story.
-Crux Cross
[Crux, that was an uplifting departure form the constant cuck muzzling.]
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Rugerio     Mar 21, 2022

Hello James,

A search for the Ditcher novel reveals nothing but a heartwarming farm family novella. Even the all seeing Goolag cannot do better than that. Any more info on what sounds like a readable novel?

james     Apr 24, 2024

Sorry, I scrapped that novel. I might revive it as a Plantation America short story if I get around to doing more historical fiction.
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