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Enforcement Fatigue Eve
Crux Cross on Big Snapple Mask Dynamics: 12/29/21
© 2022 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Mask update: back to almost 100% this week on my sole subway ride, some non-masking on the LIRR. I haven’t witnessed a LIRR conductor vs. non-masked passenger interaction since, I believe, the summer. What I have noticed over the last few of months is a sort of purposeful ‘look-away’ or averting of face from a non-masker by the conductor. And I have noticed the conductors immediately taking off their own masks when they get to their private work area or off the train onto the platform. 
[Amtrak conductors are more aggressive on enforcement but have a fraction of the passengers and unmask in their own area as soon as out of interaction with the masked herd.]
At this point I’m kind of bored with the mask phenomena, and feel like there’s another shoe to drop, like mass arrests of chronic offenders based on video records logged over months. Or maybe just a tipping point where everyone stops wearing them —perhaps led by frustrated young pretty women upset that one of their leading assets —their cute faces, have to remain hidden away. But neither of those really seem imminent, do they? How long can this go on? Years? 
[Something will hit big in April. The way this has been managed disobedience is guaranteed and, I suspect, has been accounted for. Part of what is going on with the release of these experimental cold viruses from the lab, goes beyond crashing the economy to prep for a resset, and goes to the establishment of social credit scores. Rather than use mass recordings from traffic and transit cameras, for instance, I suspect that one’s own smart phone will be used to generate a social credit score based on private compliance. Those people masking alone in cars have good system survival instincts. Imagine somewhere—everywhere—is a constant database of ongoing self-imagery of hundreds of millions of Americans gawking into their smart phones in the attitude of contrition and infoworship. When a sufficiently high social credit rating has been established there will be means by which face filtering will be achieved, making the unmasked loyalist seem masked, for instance.]
With regard to supplies, there was one glitch where I heard Costco here on Long Island was out of Half and Half milk and a relative down in Maryland reported the same thing, and of course roast beef is a lot more expensive (and lamb and bison —like $14-15.99 per lb.). But nothing really crazy. I wonder if there’s some observer bias at this point, where I’m more tuned into this kind of stuff. But there’s no arguing the price rises.
[The price rises are artificial and intended to drive ranchers broke, who are still getting bottom dollar for their beef.]
Getting back to trains, I noticed on a recent ride on the LIRR the announcement regarding masks cited a “federal” mandate or regulation. I thought that was interesting because all along I thought the Long Island Railroad was a strictly, you know, Long Island, or at most New York State type project. Then I watched your linked Ice Age Farmer video where he discussed Amtrak and federal rail projects and I noticed that Long Island on one of his posted maps is shaded the color of ‘new projects’.
[The entire Floyd Christ riot surge and the defund the pigs movement was a federal op to weaken local government. Currently, Washington State is at war with one of its municipalities, where mask compliance has been voted out by the locals. The town is called Enumclaw and the war is being fought in the media with public service announcements.]
And of course LI is included in the New York Metro Census area and was on that guy’s graphic as part of the NY-NJ-MD-Boston mega metro area. His thesis is there’s a plan to herd us into cities. (Or herd us even more into cities.) And then there’s the new 42nd Street East side LIRR Grand Central connection project which —give me a minute —yup, per Wik the East Side Access project received federal funding. So New York City can’t build bridges, tunnels and rail road tracks without federal funding?  
[Rampant construction in crime ridden cities at increasing material costs and huge wastes of material point to an expected economic crash which will magnetize cities into refugee zones and play into the hands of the plague farmers.]
Nothing can be done without the federal government now? Everything is a federal case? I’m thinking something’s gotta give in that regard. 
Well, I’ll cut out now.
Merry Christmas, take care, be well, great to read your daily updates and longer work.
-Crux Cross
All across The West indigenous Americans of the Interior are selling their land to coastal elites for cash that is slated to be devalued, moving from pasture to desert, oasis to wasteland, all in an attempt to stay away from the coastal scum and to maintain their precarious slice of the pie scheduled for evaporation. All movement of displaced people profits the bankers and empowers their government stooges. We are firmly into the American Enclosure Acts. The stage is being set for a new feudal order, a manorial system based on federated loyalty to an axis of hallowed lies.
Happy New Year, Crux, and thank you for these thoughtful updates.
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watson79     Feb 10, 2022


I keep hearing shout outs to you from dissidents on twatter and other platforms. The ones mentioning you (always with approval) are men and women for whom I have respect. I know that you will fail to monetize any of this acclaim.

Best. etc.
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