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Man in a Tinfoil Hat
A Gentleman with a Keen Rapier Discusses the Shoddy Logistics of Our Haphazard Endtime with a Hoodrat in a Tinfoil Sombrero
© 2022 James LaFond
[Crackpot comments in brackets.]
Anyway, hope the Christmas period treats you well (and you, too, Lynn). We managed to make it down to the beach for a Solstice bonfire run by someone I’ve known for quite a while. Whilst she was running it on the earth mother vibe, I was thinking of Wotan.
[Many human moments with friends over the past two science-haunted years have been made better in bold relief by the world being made worse.]
We hadn’t seen her in about three years, and she was among the most vital, active people we know of any age you are likely to meet. It was disconcerting, because she was sporting a cane and a mobility scooter because she got struck down by the Dread Minus two years ago and became bed-ridden as a result and is just now able to walk a little.
[The social engineering package around which this lab-made plague has been ensconced, has taken our old Christian belief that illness is God’s punishment upon the sinful and refocused it in secular humanist terms to make every one of us who falls ill either a stigmatized heretic or a victim of we unvaxxed heretics. I am certain I have now had two versions of the Dread Minus over two years and don’t think I have enough vitality left to weather more than one more such affliction, having been down with a fever for a full week now. I am resigned to the fact that the government and the medical companies are going to kill me with their canned plagues. What is galling, is when they finally succeed, my family will blame me for not getting vaxxed. This plandemic has its own fail safes built in as every media hand is on deck every day saying that there is a “global pandemic” when it was downgraded to an epidemic in July 2020. Cheap medicines that can actually help are being outlawed even as new strains of plague are engineered to afflict the vaϲϲinated, for which the unvaccinated are being blamed. This is the perfect science-haunted witchhunt.]
I just don’t know what to think about this whole thing even now, two years after we are into it: Clearly the government is lying about a lot because that’s what they do, but on the flip side there are a lot of titbits coming from the alternative side of things that look just as gay-oppy, and alarmist, as some of the crap the .gov is coming out with. And one is expected to come down hard on one side or the other of all these issues that are bundled together. And I am still in the middle. And I feel as if my tinfoil hat is there to protect me from both sides at the moment.
[The ideas on the crackpot side that get the most traction are always the most rediculous and serve to support the mainstream lie.]
I was acquainted with two people who died with/from the symptoms of this thing, and now another one who has become severely debilitated from it. So there is something there. But clearly it is not the Zombie Apocalypse the establishment is telling us it is.
[I still don’t know anyone who has died from the plague, though many of my friends have been sickened by it and two have been killed by related medical neglect based on plague hysteria. At this point I think that the medical establishment and the U.S. Goonburdenment have murdered a few million people in order to sell this plague.]
And even if this is a vehicle for a reshuffle for world domination, I just don’t think they’ll be able to pull it off effectively on two counts:
1. Although the controllers may be competent at extracting resources, their true-believer minions in the world’s various Civil Services aren’t incredibly creative and don’t know how to handle it when people colour outside the lines – their subsequent reactions are already causing counter-reactions in the populace. They are going too fast and believe too strongly in their cause to boil the frog slowly. They are nowhere near as clever as their predecessors of the previous few decades.
[Agreed. This follows Clauswitz’s dictum on the Friction of War. Our great hope is that there are too many complexities in this crumbling civilization for it to be stage-managed. In the future—the near future, we will have colonies of renegade doctors and nurses who opted out of the Vaxx Cult running alternative clinics and being raided, arrested, assassinated and committed to mental health prisons by military and police. Within ten years U.S. Special Forces troops will be executing medical warrants against naturalpaths and unvaxxed doctors and nurses, shooting health care provider renegades in the back of the head as they kneel behind the repurposed RV used to heal religious dissidents. Modernity now has its Reformation and we are headed into our Thirty Years War. And with War, there is always hope.]
2. Technology is deteriorating. The dumbasses at the top decided it was a great idea to offshore everything, which means that technology in general is getting crappier and crappier (much like infrastructure). They may have some clever clogs at the very top level, but there just isn’t the talent to maintain a global control system effectively.
I have observed enough evidence of these two points first-hand to feel fairly confident in my thinking here. Shit’s just going to get crappier and crappier. This is the lamest Zombie Apocalypse one can ever imagine.
[I am living with a man who is working as a foreman on a massive sky-rise construction in which enough materials are thrown away and wasted every day to build a house, dumpsters filled with expensive material. The men he works with are mostly not American and not able to do basic construction. The re-purposing of Medicine as law enforcement is already causing much economic friction and social disloyalty even among the remaining productive classes. Such does night fall.]
Anyway, all the best to you and yours. And to you, too, Lynn, if you’ve made it this far.
Good Yule,
James, A Gent with a Sharp Rapier
[Thanks so much, Sir. My tin foil sombrero has failed, I think—I am definately a kook now! My fever just broke and I have enough meds to hopefully get me through one more government attack on my lungs. This will hopefully enable me to spit in Leviathan’s eye for the coming year. I now regard my failing body as a target of modern medicine, which I now, finally understand is intended to annihilate humanity and usher in The Transhuman Age. This final stage is revealed when one notes the perfect synchronicity in which transgender medicine, the plague, the medicalization of the media and the repurposing of police and military have been conducted like a symphony of malediction over these past two years.]
[A great year to you, from the bowels of The Great Satan.]
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BuelahMan     Feb 11, 2022

Hello James,

I look forward to your updates.

I have been trying to reach certain Doctors of note within the couf fantasy world to get to the bottom of a subject that baffles me. Since I am no scientist, and barely-read on the subject of viruses, I find that two narratives are being foisted upon us in this "pan"demic:

1) viruses are the culprit behind the couf

2) viruses don't exist

I have tried to get Andy Kaufman and Tom Cowan to debate their no-virus theory with Robert Malone and Steve Kirsch (Kirsch is no doctor, but has been writing about this phenomena on substack) who obviously believe viruses are real, but are suggesting the stick is causing harm, especially to children when there is no need in it.

Obviously, the stick is not helping (and likely causing harm and/or deaths in some people). The no-virus people obviously are also against the stick. Both point us in the right direction, but for very different reasons.

So, what do you know about viruses? Real? Not real?

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