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Winter Reading
Buffalo Bob Wonders about Ancient Books of Wintry Interest: 10/18/21
© 2022 James LaFond
Bob is gathering his books by mail for winter reading even as we expand the chicken coop, tear out the tomatoes, plant the last of the garlic and put away the bee supers and lawn chairs for the winter. We laid in his wife's new floor so his ponderous gait does not awake her with Frankensteinish ninja steps as he limps to the whiskey cabinet to invoke Morphius in the wee hours. His hungry mind is set for a winter of reading and he asked this audioknave bookworm for some suggestions.
So, as the storm clouds gather above the snowy mountains and the gray wind howls down the canyon, the following titles come to mind.
If I had four months of winter ahead, what books would I order?
This is what comes to mind, all in the vein of martial adventure:
-1. History, Anabasis, Xenophon about the march upcountry and down to the sea of The Ten Thousand
-2. Science Fiction, Hegira by Greg Bear, the story of the last three men of a military expedition on a voyage of discovery to determine the size of their planet—which seems too big to make sense.
-3. The Histories, Herodotus, the unabridged edition, stands as the best picture ever painted in words of the world of classical antiquity.
-4. Historical Fiction, The Walking Drum by Louis L'Amour, the story of a marching caravan in the High Middle Ages.
-5. Hernan de Soto: Savage Quest in the Americas, written by a Baltimore area historian named Duncan, I think, one of the very best histories I have read.
-6. Science Fiction, Who Writes the Songs of Night? By James LaFond, a tale of warfare in the coming Ice Age. [My dear editor has already sent the copy.]
-7. Alexander, Arrian, an ancient account of the greatest military expedition of combined conquest and discovery.
-8. Science Fiction, the Boat of a Million Years, the best stand alone science fiction novel I have read.
-9. Bust Hell Wide Open, author slips my mind, a biography of Confederate Private-to-General, Nathan Bedford Forest.
-10. Science Fantasy, Almuric, by Robert E. Howard, the most savage planetary adventure I have ever read.
-11. The French Revolution in San Domingo by Lothrop Stoddard, the history of the most insane civil war in human history.
-12. Science Fiction, Shadow & Claw by Gene Wolfe, the first two novels of The Book of the New Sun, the best science fiction epic I have read.
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Sam J.     Mar 4, 2022

You mentioned Hegira by Greg Bear. I've read many Greg Bear books but not that one. While looking for it I realized he edited some of the series of one of the best anthologies of short stores I have read. The "Man-Kzin Wars". Worth reading.

Another sort of set in the same tone and just as good is the "There will be War" series.

Both of these series are classic sci-fi and well worth reading.

I really enjoyed the "Shaping the Cattle Space".

On one of your recent articles you said you were going to describe where Whites came from. Here's my stab at where Whites/Cro-Mags came from.

Now in order to hide the truth they have given up on the Cro-Magnon label, [even my computer tells me Cro-Magnon is a spelling mistake]. Sounds too good and too specific, so now they call them "Early Modern Man". Retch.

Now there's not much data on this and from my reading Cro-Mags just seem to pop up all of a sudden in Europe. After all Neanderthals ruled Europe for 250,000 years or so. They try to say they wandered in from Africa but...I'm not buying that. To my knowledge, they don't even begin to have the fossil proof to get anywhere near to proving that. So where did they come from? I say Atlantis. Now this might seem silly but there are a few data points that are hard to wave away. First, Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson have talked about the massive comet strike about 12,000 years ago and say they believe it sunk the mid-Atlantic ridge, (Atlantis). Now it so happens that when Europeans got to the Canary Islands which was a high mountain ridge of what used to be the mid-Atlantic ridge, what did they find but a tribe that from their descriptions appeared to be pure Cro-Mag.

Now the present anthropologist try to say that they came from the Berbers, but I’m not buying either that because...where did the Berbers come from? They really don't have a good explanation. In fact, it's more likely the Berbers came from the Cro-Mags on the Canary islands.

My take. Cro-Mags lived on Atlantis. They would venture to Europe and the Americas every so often but the vicious Neanderthals made it very dangerous as they are an animal like (psychopathic) creature who constantly attacked whenever they got the chance. Who needs that when you have Atlantis? But when the comet struck, that was it and what was left moved to Europe and the Mediterranean. All the Cro-Mags in the Americas were wiped out by the comet strike and subsequent floods, along with all the large species that vanished. The Cro-Mags stuck on what was left of the Mid-Atlantic ridge became the Canary Islanders.

This theory corresponds with the little data we have but also corresponds with folklore. The Egyptians told the Greeks about Atlantis. Supposedly they had the longest continuous history records of anyone, and there's not much doubt that the Canary Islanders were Cro-Mags.

The Neanderthals, after the comet strike were eventually pushed out by the Cro-Mags. Their constant aggression meant the Cro-Mags had to combine forces to eliminate them. What's left of the Neanderthals are now (((them))) who have learned and combined in an ancient blood fuel to wipe out all the Cro-Mags from the Earth, which puts our current situation into perspective.

You think the current vax scheme is about life extension or some other scheme. It’s not. It's revenge.
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