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Restaurant and Bar Hits
Portland Joe Bounces a Weird Piece of News off of the Cracked Pottery: 11/28/21
© 2022 James LaFond
“There is something else that is getting a buzz on various news sources. Apparently, down in LA, groups of “People of Color” are showing up on parking lots, and robbing owners of money and then gunning them down. Do you have any theory about what might be going on there?”
-Portland Joe, 11/27/21, at a Portland parking lot
Of course this is just a theory. This has never been a thing back east—to my knowledge. Back east, its like Old Man Pappas, an 85-year-old dude who Oprah declared had the best crab cakes in Baltimore. He is promptly pistol-whipped and abducted by a Bantu at closing time. I walked by his place at 4:00 A.M. at about that date and two Bantus trailed me, leaving their post staking out his joint and deciding on me. This is obvious Oprah-Inspired crime. They still have the declaration on the marquee at Taylor and Oakley, where he owns two buildings. Even Tyrone and Jerome can see, “Dammm, dis ole cracka’ makin’ bank!”.
The above are normal, organic crimes of opportunity within the limited creative sphere of the Bantu imagination. These crimes evolved directly out of Old Man Papas and Mine relative lack of physical means and our habits. This is Hyena-watering-hole/game trail 101.
Sometimes, a Bantu duo like “The Shotgun Bandits” of the late 1980s, find a niche and keep robbing the same kind of places in the same way until shit goes sideways.
My experience base to be applied here is had in Baltimore and Portland, where I have now lived over three years for about 10 months.
In Baltimore, and also in most of Maryland and Pennsylvania, a bar-eatery is started by someone who worked their ass off for 30 years, saved a lot of money, went in debt on top of that, and started that little business. To stay in business is pretty simple:
-the fire inspector gets cash every second month
-the health inspector get cash four times a year
-the police eat for free
-the police drink for free
-police are free to conduct criminal rackets like fencing stolen goods and human trafficking, through your bar.
Baltimore is not a town built by organized crime. The rackets pretty much all go through the government.
I know nothing about LA and hope never to go there. I will use Portland as a model because I have met numerous people who came here from LA and know one business man who set up shop here to launder his brother’s drug money in Portland. I know for a fact that he has lost money three years running. He does nothing to stay in business, to improve sales, to cut costs, he discourages business at every turn—and yet opens for business with a smile despite not accepting cash.
My host told me of one bar he knew that was funded from Detroit drug money. Guess what, when Brovid Jiveteen hit, this bar declined to make money in any way available. It is up and open again, doing like zero business and carrying a huge perishable inventory that is not being marketed for whole sale, despite it being made at the location. Imagine a bakery filling a dumpster with doughnuts daily, and refusing to sell any to the coffee shop next door while not cutting back production?
Over 18 months of Government made Shamdemic what have I noticed in Maryland and PA: half to 70% of such businesses failed, because they were real businesses, not criminal fronts.
In Portland, not a single of the 30 businesses I track, went out of business. In fact, with six exceptions, 24 of these businesses have spent a whole lot of money on additional construction [optional] décor, staff, inventory...and business is still at half of pre-covid. These places are fronts for laundering the money that people brought with them from Chicago, Philadelphia, Seattle, The Bay Area, Vegas, and Los Angeles.
One of the business “owners” who has been very kind to me, seems to have been running at a 70% net loss for 18 months and is still building back better. He is a Latino-Asian mix. At a crucial tom last year [12.5-months back] when everything was being shut down for the Election, three upscale white dudes, two of them blond, showed up and had a long talk with him at a table, that corner of the dining room reserved for business. His body language was that of a manager, not the owner.
So, in LA, a city where blacks have mostly been run out of criminal rackets by better organized Latinos, I am expected to believe that as many as 5 black men with military style equipment are not just robbing a drug laundering operation, but doing it again, and in the city where the police have drug gangs and the drug money is actually made and the players are on the ground?
Sir, more than three black dudes with guns never agree on anything. I give you the Baltimore, Philly, Saint Louis murder rate and the governance of Sub-Sahara Africa as evidence.
The fix is in. I don’t know what the fix is. But these shooters are working for a higher up, a higher up that is certainly white. Because the Mexicans would just do this shit themselves. My guess is that if these are real hit squads of black shooters with military weapons and that the reports are not just Deep State disinformation, that there are two strong possibilities:
-Cops working for a private actor
-Military contractors working for a Creep State Agency
and, to be fair, lets offer an alternative:
-The first and only squad of black crooks not to fuck each other over for pussy, money or weed almost immediately into the flawless execution of their big idea!
Look, I am certain that almost every upscale bar-restaurant in Portland is funded by dirty money. And Portland is, in a sense, just an overflow basin for low-level and drop-out criminals that left more dangerous cities. I can imagine, with the type of fiends that actually run big money places in LA, that Kebmo and WrayWray would think twice about whacking such people. Also, I would suspect, that the robbery is just a cover for the killing.
Thanks for the fun thought puzzle, Joe, and for taking it easy on the old man in sparring.
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