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'Am I doing this Right?'
A Way Overdue Crackpot Mailbox: 2/11/22
© 2022 James LaFond
As of November 22, 2021:
I was looking at getting my passport for a future trip over-the-border when I noticed half of the globe is RED.  Looking further... 
International Travel Advisories from the U.S. State Department website lists the following countries as DO NOT TRAVEL due to:
Canada - Brovid 19
Sweden - Brovid 19
Norway - Brovid 19
UK - Brovid & Terrorism
Germany - Brovid & Terrorism
Netherlands - Brovid & Terrorism
Denmark - Brovid & Terrorism
Italy - Brovid & Terrorism
France - Brovid & Terrorism & Civil Unrest
Spain -  Brovid & Terrorism & Civil Unrest
Ukraine - Brovid & "increased threats from Russia"
Russia -  "the embassy’s limited ability to assist U.S. citizens in Russia, Brovid and related entry restrictions, terrorism, harassment by Russian government security officials, the arbitrary enforcement of local law, and terrible food".
Ok not the food part, I made that up.  I really feel sorry for the French & Spanish tho, they must be going thru hell.  Can you imagine having an authentic bicycle ride along the Rhine, passing picturesque windmills and endless gleaming tulips, when all of a sudden you're ensnared into having healthcare and a dignified retirement?  Chills down my spine.  
Venezuela's summary warns: "Political rallies and demonstrations occur, often with little notice."  
The following countries are a lesser threat at the "Reconsider Travel" tier:
China - arbitrary enforcement of laws, brovid travel restrictions
Cuba - Brovid-Jiveteen and "demonstrable and sometimes debilitating injuries to members of our diplomatic community resulting in the drawdown of embassy staff". << this made me laugh out loud
Indonesia - Terrorism & natural disasters
Don't travel!  The world is simply not safe for science or freedom.
Sir, we truly live in a science-haunted world. I think that the entire Brovid Jiveteen racket is nothing but enhanced social control. Every nation began practicing this at the same time and will not stop. Indeed, the Brovid Witchhunt is now highly privatized. I live with a couple who cannot go to an eatery or a resort in most of the Seattle Area because they are not Jaxxed.
Speaking of jaxxination, since Joe Rogan cucked out and apologized for using the Nether Word of Ancestral Low IQ Power, I think that he should be the first public sacrifice to the Yo Got Pantheon of Wakandan Gawdz. I hereby call upon Joe to publicly perform oral sex on Labron James. Yes, that sounds disgusting, but he already performed a higher order of oral sex on 13% of 250 million Americans. So why not…
I am of the opinion that travel beyond national borders will increasingly be used as a net to catch people up in mandatory injection therapy.
If you think about it, why is rape so bad?
It is so bad because it is an involuntary injection of a person with something they do not want in their body—an actual DNA delivery package. Is vаccination any different then rape? It is an injection of genetic agents received against your will.
Vaccination is rape.
Keep in mind that tens of thousands of elderly people were murdered by NGOs, state governments and medical systems in 2020, in order to sell vаccination. Governments and medical organizations across this satanic nation demanded that nurses and doctors integrate the conragious elderly with the non-sick elderly in old age homes to maximize death. Ventelators are nothing but death machines, like those alien babies that latch onto your face in the Aliens movies.
Effective and cheap drugs used in third-world shithole nations by most people, have been denied to Americans, which can only mean that Americans are being targeted with replacement by Third World Shitholers.
Do not forget that most of our municipal governments, medical organizations and corporations are currently engaged in a three-year-old mass murder campaign to reduce population and terrorize the remaining population into compliance.
These blood suckers are playing for keeps.
Jump Rope?
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