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Documenting the Death of America
Han Silo and Hoary Hobo Discuss Next level Street-Fighting: 2/13/22
© 2022 James LaFond
The video is of a Reparations Recovery Agent being chased by a privilege retention officer, in clownish fashion, which brinsg to mind various truths about combat:
-Heavy armed combatants develop psychological weakness and physical fatigue due to reliance on equipment. Lightly armed combatants have defeated heavy armed combatants repeatedly in Southeast Asia, Scamistan, Europe, North America.
...the American rifleman defeated the red coat,
...the Taliban outlasted everyone,
...the rice farmers of Vietnam outlasted the B-52 carpet bombers of America,
…The high school students of Frederick Douglas High School defeated the BPD in unequal combat with stones against body armor, shields, helmets and sticks,
...Native American warriors almost always bested American soldiers of equal numbers, etc.
-That mobility is king in combat, which is only negated by overpowering paradigm shifts in war technology. If both parties are at the same tech level—that is pre-firearms muscle-powered combat—then the more mobile combatant usually prevails.
-That Western Civilization’s slavish addiction to imitate everything Roman, such as this shield and stick armored goon armed like a Roman legionaire in training gear, is a perminent plague upon the mind of Western man which shall doom, him, like Rome, to fall before Barbarism.
The website has a sub title about documenting the Death of America, which I think is a worthy undertaking. America is the nation that outlawed me being a man, me being permitted to defend against attackers, me being permitted to resist the Bantu takeover of my place of birth. America is The Monster, Leviathan, The Great Satan and has outlawed free thinking, independence, masculinity and decency at every civic turn. Sure, this will irritate my conservative friends who believed the holy lie and are now thinking that they were not lied not all along, but that the rules were suddenly changed on them. This is genius governance, as the very slave folk you fleece and then set your new favorites upon are constantly baying for the Boot of leviathan upon their neck, crying for more goons, pleading for we theur fellow slaves to “back the blue.”
I am sure that Christian conservatives who see this video will call for firearms use by the goon, more goons, more goon latitudes, etc. And when they get their wish for backing of the blue, then the blue goons will come to their church and escort them out to the killing fields or to medical centers for forced drug addiction and surgical sexual reassignment.
As for me, I loved every aspect of this video, as both combatants showed their inferiority, both of these representatives of my hereditary foes: the Black who hunted me in packs, and the Blue who protected them from me and chased me off the streets of my birthplace in their roaring machines, with their arrogant guns, bought with money stolen from me and mine.
I, as I limp toward ultimate decrepitude, joy in seeing those two foe races gestated, imported, dedicated and organized for my race’s extinction, locked in comic combat.
As with most videos, the appearance of a war party of Mohawks with axes, muskets and scalping knives, to fall upon both sides, would improve the theatrics immensely and ad a sacred meaning to the much deserved death of mankind’s most evil nation, the first nation on earth to curse its folk according to four severe dooms at the same time:
unleash plagues upon its own folk and deny available medical treatment,
to bring in alien invaders upon its own folk,
to drug its own folk into oblivion,
and to outlaw manhood itself, to the point of ordaining sexual reassignment from male to female for children as a national policy.
Oh, I am still willing to train cops to fight Bantus, providing they spar with me.
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