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Man With A Name
Self Defence: Articles and Conversations from The One In One Journal, Volume One by Jeth Randolph
© 2022 James LaFond
1/11/2022, Cascades, Washington State, Dishonorable States of Cuckmurica
Jeth is a self defence instructor in the United Kingdom. He contacted me some time ago with a photo of one of my books and his training tools in a back yard setting, I think. People in backyards, garages, dance halls, other folk’s karate studios, in boxing gyms at night in a basement behind taped windows, these are where real survival training remains in the future, to we the combative remnant.
British martial arts training has tended to be more real than American, in part due to a strong boxing influence and the fact that weapons of defense are entirely outlawed, as Jeth demonstrates with his basic overview of British knife statutes. Another fact is that the Brits have not warped the word defence, “to fence,” not twisting the idea to practice combat into defense.
Americans must fĐ°ggotrize everything it seems.
I was quite flattered that Jeth referenced some of my work and enjoyed his well-informed queries. So, when he sent me a Christmas regard, I thought he might enjoy my final book on combat. Written a few years ago, I asked for a forward from him, since he had told me that he had written his own book. I sent the PDF.
Within a few days Jeth returned a forward to Lynn and I and offered to send me a print copy of his book.
Measure of the man.
He could have wholesaled me a book in the Western U.S. via a local Amazon printer.
But he paid in his more worthy currency to have the book shipped to him, signed it, inserted a letter written to me, and mailed that thing across the world. It arrived with The Colonel, who perused it, approved of teaching women the eye gouge right off, and said, “This man spent some money getting this book to you...this was damned expensive. Your experiment in late life literature seems to have developed a network of worthy and interesting folks.”
On the interior the book is dedicated to Jeth’s Uncle Chuck, who served in the same U.S. Army formation, the Rangers, as The Colonel did. For that matter, the man I’m staying with is the father of a currently serving Ranger. Such things offer more than coincidence, I think.
The 178 pages of text is well enough spaced that I was able to read it with my screen glasses, easily! I did not realize that text density, not just text size, was one of the problems—thanks, Jeth.
Jeth begins with a drill for getting up off the floor, supported by kettle bell conditioning drills. This is the most practical beginning to any self defence book I have read or that I have written.
From here most of the entries are 1 to 2 pages with a couple of 3 to 5 pages when dealing with legal concepts, social media lynching dangers, legalities and context.
In the main the entries are either drills for specific scenarios or they are answers to questions or a breakdown of actual videoed or experienced incidents. My favorite was when the professional criminals stole Jeth’s tools from a work site locker and tried to run him over.
For the long time self-defence book reader, imagine if Geoff Thompson was a construction worker instead of a bouncer, and how much more useful that vantage would be to we the wee.
The photos of training and tools and the very practical treatment of stick and knife use was much to my liking. Jeth’s being deplatformed for honestly commenting on a video of a crime sounds very American from here and moved him to write a very nice chapter on social media self-defence!
The graphics range from clean and useful to humorously illustrative and the reading was pleasurable. His breakdown of an insane pack attack by Bantu retail security guards on a maskless Bantu who are all rescued form their own low IQ by an off duty Bantu cop made me think of Loyd of the Piper Knife System and smile.
Thanks, Jeth. It is an honor to be associated with you and I hope the best for your struggle to continue helping people learn how to defend against aggression within the anarcho-tyranny matrix we both find ourselves in half a world away.
You mentioned my possibly answering questions from your network. Of course, along with reign to publish and edit them as you see fit.
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