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When You’re Game
Buffalo Bob and The Crackpot Discuss Our Hunting: 2/11/22
© 2022 James LaFond
“Reading  Gulag Archipelago, reminds me of finding a couple of game cams at one of Utahs national park, hidden quite well, found first one by accident, couple more looking for them. This was 2015, think of their improvements now, believe me, they were not gathering data on Bighorn Sheep.”
Thank you so much for the news—makes a hoodrat happy.
Brother, they have had game cameras at four-way intersections in most cities for 20 years. All social media companies are in fact spy companies.
That The State is Our Eternal Enemy, has been understood only by libertarians in my lifetime, and increasingly not by them either, as they have switched to the nonaggression principal in order to render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s. I suspect, with the cartoonish politics around Sleepy Joe, that such a shitbag Prez will encourage even more dissenting minds into thinking that government could be good, for the first time in human history, if only “our guy” got elected.
Well, that happened in 2016 and only made things worse. What happened, when The Orange Usurper became the first non-politician and non-military man in American history to become Prez, was that the System, the Evil, Ravenous, Soul Eating Government, became self aware. Imagine walking into a dragon’s lair and waking it, of awakening Leviathan to your notion of resistance.
Most humans are just meat-sticks with no free souls, their souls having been purchased by Evil to be used on earth as a kind of fuel. For the tiny minority of humans who retain possession of their souls, who have not knelt before deviltry, it has always been obvious that The State is Our Enemy, is indeed the eternal enemy of God, that the State is the monster eater of souls. But, until 2016, The State only possessed the instinctive reflex that we are its enemy, that we are its food. Now, since the Advent of Orange Usurper, The State knows, with a unilateral predacious overmind, that WEE are its enemy.
Imagine sitting at the dining room table and realizing, that not only was this meal placed before you delicious, but that the roast beef was conspiring with the gravy and peas to enlist the mashed potatoes in an attempt to kill you?
You’d either eat the meal of throw it in the trash, not retreat from the table and give it over forever for the evolving awareness of the food to rule for its own ends.
We Are Food.
We deny this, and thus…
We are forever fated to be food.
Thus, seeking a political solution to our earthly bondage, some number of Americans turned the Evil All-Seeing Eye on the back of our sacred article of worship, upon us. In so doing, Americans in 2016 were like Frodo shouting at the Dark Lord at the foot of his tower, or a Veit Cong fighter waving red flags as American jets and gunships flew overhead.
So, in that light, I am very pleased to hear that there are game cams for humans in rural place. This will generalize the hunt and spread hunters out so that more of us can duck for cover. I think once the drone program is improved, the game cams for humans will operate in conjunction with Elon Musk’s satanic satelites to find runaways and gun users, and then dispatch flights of toy-size drones to murder us.
I envision a near future were game cams and orbital listening posts will be used to identify the reports of hunting rifles and the presence of escapees from the suburban and urban gulag system and kill us with small caliber gun mounts. I think they should use 22 short miniguns, hitting an escaped human from 3-5 drones with full auto small caliber bursts aimed from under 20 feet distance. I wrote about this in Skulker Jones, American Dream Boat and Uprising.
Bob, can’t wait to see you again at the roof of this evil world.
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