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Rage of Athena
Bio-Weapon Fallout Notes from a Mother: 2/15/22
© 2022 James LaFond
“Did I tell you about the anarcho-socialist family? The mom is here today with a coffee and sandwich from Starbucks. I’ve got food and drinks from home.
[All notions of socialism stem from the rich, the wealthy, the elites and those who aspire to join this class. Poor and workers and criminals who think that socialism is for the poor and against the rich, are merely the dupes of the rich.]
“I want to be on welfare and shoplift premium groceries from whole foods.”
[Corporations are the foundation of the modern civic construct. Modernity is corporatism and worked best with certain demystified religious expressions as a moral support structure. These structures still actively support corporatism even as these faiths are being replaced by ideological social and medical sciences. The entire basis of the corporation is that no individual should be held accountable for evil, that the collective organism is held accountable and is also held to be too big to fail. A true morality that represents all corporations as heads of a hydra-like evil, should focus on thieving as much from and doing as much damage to, corporations as possible. The notion that corporations should be held sacred because they provide jobs, is pure slave-minded submission to evil.]
“All of my pro social mentality has been destroyed. I do it now out of habit. I used to believe it was good to be a good citizen. I no longer believe that. I feel responsibility for my kids and a very small number of others.”I used to feel responsibility for everything.”
[Responsibility in the individual heart for the well-being of the necessarily evil collective is the key mesmerism that hypnotizes the citizen into compliance. Modern Civics is nothing but sorcery.]
“If I didn’t have kids I would try to be a terrorist like Ted K. Sorry to the fed reading this!!!”
[Uncle Ted, is, I think, one of the few moral actors of Late Modernity. I also think he was framed and merely confessed in print as a bargain with The Great Satan for permitting him to publish his written work. For the record, I regard America as a Satanic construct from its very inception.]
“The junky video from yesterday was very disturbing. Our government is directly funding the collapse of society.”
[Everything about modern civic theology is focused on the junky, which is what society wants us to be—all drug addicts and consumers, employees [tools] and other forms of human resources.]
“The Police in Canada are robbing truckers and all that conservative and back the blue types on twitter can say, is ‘Well, the police can’t risk their pension to do the right thing.’ Police deserve nothing but our contempt. We live in a society where it is considered unreasonable to act decently if it could jeopardize a chance at retiring at 40 with a pension that will be collected for another 4 years.”
[Police forces, wherever and whenever in human experience they have been formed and raised, have been so constituted as THE ENEMY OF MANKIND and the HOUNDS of EVIL. Police are strictly a feature of civilization and have no other purpose than the erasure of humanity in favor of a transhuman order, which is to say The State as Deity. Watch the cop killing scene from the movie Hold the Dark as often as possible to protect your humanity.]
“I want them to fund my groceries. But that would improve society. So it makes me mad and I want bloodshed and destruction.”
[It is normal and healthy for a human woman to seethe against the conquerors of her people. It is good that this is beginning to surface among some women. The dualistic false polarity politics of America was designed as a self-correcting safeguard against Evil. So long as people believe in, have faith in, and worship The State, that State is safe.]
“Over the last few days, my oldest child has figured out that she has lost her sense of smell… I am so angry about this and this bio weapon that no one will be held responsible for…”
-Mother Interior
This venting against social order by a highly intelligent woman cheered and chilled me. Her rage at the indecent and evil morality of Modernity, and especially in its American form, reminds me of the rage of Athena at Troy. The most frightening of all the deities portrayed by Homer was Athena, or Thought-lady, essentially the patron of Hellenic Civilization and specifically the patron of America’s best ancient civic analogue—Athens. No deity wanted men to pay for their hubris more than that deity that represented Civilization Herself.
Civilization is as feminine as barbarism is masculine and accounts for its most terrible aspects—the mothering thirst for social control. For whatever reason the Controllers are demolishing the current system of control, they have unleashed the ire of civilization itself, as reflected in this woman’s turning away from our collective delusion that government represents human society and towards the reality that government and associated structures of social control, are nothing but the pack of grisly fiends that are dedicated to devouring our lives, or hopes and our dearest dreams.
-1. When I used to watch YouTube, I sometimes spent hours watching police videos. Usually the good guy was killed, but on occasion one of the evil pigs got whacked, which made it worthwhile. My favorite was this large Bantu beating the face in of a short blond lady cop at a traffic stop. Female cops are the face of future tyranny, have been steadily placed as law enforcement spokespeople and police department leaders. What could be more evil then letting a woman have a personal army of 2,000 cops to set upon her husband? That, more than anything, is America, an army of goons serving the petty jealousies of white bitches.
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