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Goodness Grace Us
The Upside of the Downside, or Positives about Da Vid: 2/21/22
© 2022 James LaFond
We are entering the third year of the never-ending lab-made plague. For two years I have been telling people that the masks and the plague are not going away, that it’s too big of a racket. Finally, I have grown tired of saying, ‘I told you so,’ to those I love, and began to wax positive on the verge of modern night as we left church yesterday, for my final visit to the house of worship this year.
What good has been wrought by the plague mongers who sought to do only evil?
It is a rule of historical thumb, that those men who insist upon acting as vile gods upon the earth, consistently fall short of their aims and generate positive effects. An example of how disease can be good, was the Plague of the 1330s, which caused such a massive labor shortage that the working class gained some ground on the parasitic class for a hundred years or so, until Modernity was invented to more completely enslave us to our earthly masters. Let’s start there.
1. Retail food wages have risen more in 2 years than they rose between 1964 and 1984. In light of the fact that these wages dropped from 1992 through 2019, that is a huge boon for some of the most downtrodden among us.
2. Enforcement fatigue is weakening government tyranny. Just like when a boxer reaches too far for a punch, when the government tries to control everything, they began to lose their grip on power. I currently know numerous tradesmen who are avoiding jaxxination and mask slavery even on government worksites. This is related to #1 above.
3. Good people have lost jobs, which means good people are now starting their own businesses, helping counter some of the ever-expanding corporatism.
4. Good people have been forced to behave like criminals to avoid unjust laws, which is good in that criminal activity is counter to Civilization and Civilization is the ultimate transhuman enemy of humanity. The more crime, the better for humanity and the worse for corporations. Only government thrives under high crime, and government is actually less aggressive and effective than corporate mind control, as witnessed by the rush to privatize mandates. Yes, government is 100% evil. But, it is less effective at mind control than the media, academia and corporate compliance measures that use our comprehensive worship of money as a lever against us.
5. Fat people die at a higher rate from brovid and thus oxygen thieves are on the wane.
6. People of color die at a higher rate from brovid, decreasing the force pool of thugs available to hunt my pale ass to extinction.
7. People have been forced to home school and do remote learning, which weakens the reach of educational institutions to indoctrinate our children and grandchildren into hating us.
8. Most importantly, bitches who are not pretty, but have great bodies, thrive in mask culture, which is a form of justice. Women are born with or without pretty faces and age robs them regardless of merit. But to maintain a nice figure, a woman must work hard. Therefore, the fact that rough looking bitches have been downtrodden by pretty-faced bitches, even when they have rocking bodies, is being reversed to a more functional beauty standard.
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NotBillGates     May 14, 2022

Microsoft is into the remote learning hard. The indoctrination continues.
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