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Instinct and Divinity
Musing on the Reverse Colonization of the Metaphysical Mind: 2/14/22
© 2022 James LaFond
Today, walking down off the mountain with The Colonel’s wife in the winter rain, she recalled an offer to travel as paid employee to an exotic location. She had been initially put off by the offer, wanting to give herself tome to consider the job. Her friend thought she was crazy for not leaping at the opportunity, but taking the time to consider a downside.
I and other men I know have had numerous such offers, many of which we have turned down. I mentioned that this was good instinct on her part and she bristled at a suggestion that something other than God had guided her caution. I pointed to her dogs, “God created them and they operate on instinct. He created us and we have much instinct that we bury under our a creation of arrogance. What would be more Godly, instinct or doctrine. Why would we deny our Creator the latitude to impart an automatic response to an offer of enslavement? Employment is enslavement of the will to another person’s will and comes from the French for “Tool” or to employ [to use.]”
This made sense to her and brought home to me how much weight the fakery of science places upon faith, that as the dominant religion of Modernity, science [physical explanations] has colonized the metaphysical mind. Instinct is associated with Darwin and the sciences, and since nobody has read Darwin’s 24-page argument against his theory of evolution in favor of Creation, we are inclined to think that this description of the “slave-making instinct” is against the metaphysical. It was not until today that I sensed the distortion that science and its various sub-superstitions, have imparted even to the minds of those who seek to escape the Great Lie.
Colonization is another term that has been reduced to the physical due to our purely material morality. When we, the Meat-Puppets of Modernity, think of colonization, we conditioned to see only economic, military and civic imposition of a foreign will upon an indigenous people.
But colonization is best achieved through passive induction of the target population into the cult of the invader: replacing meat with grain as the staff of life, or replacing participation in a contest with spectatorship, of placing the feminine over the masculine, placing surrender on a plane with victory, of making kneeling sacred, of inculcating that slave-making instinct to submit before the master in return for some promise of plenty or comfort.
Honor, for instance, has been reduced and corrupted in this way, with law-abiding and tax-paying passivity replacing adventuring and bond-breaking activity as “honorable.”
As we followed this line of thought she said, “Like the rainbow and the wonderful term gay, we let the homosexuals take that from us.”
Well said, once submission and passivity becomes the bedrock of civic morality, then we cannot even hold onto the meaning of the words our parents passed down to us. This extends to the influence homosexual fashion designers have had on slanting the feminine beauty standard in the Western World towards a sterile body image, with our actual collective beauty standard a perversion of the female form from motherly fertility into boyish vulnerability.
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