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Seattle Psychiatric Concern
Wake Christopher, Chapter 4
© 2022 James LaFond
Harbor View Hospital, Seattle, Washington 1:15 P.M.
Lucy Chen failed, at the bemused age of 11, to altogether appreciate her plight. The fact that her father had been hit in the head and taken to a different part of this gigantic hospital impressed upon her the peril of their situation. She stood and shivered under Mother, who held her rosary between her hands and prayed to Jesus above her as the rest of the congregation—what was left of them, as they had been sorted out into groups when the church got raided—knelt and prayed. Only Mother did not kneel, so that she could stand over Lucy protectively.
The men who held them were dark and mean and looked down at them like hawks or eagles or crows, with soulless devil eyes. They had blue uniforms and hats on, carried blue wands that made you numb when they touched you. Each of these men also had two blue pouches on their belts that they were opening up. Their blue wrist phones all glowed with the same red symbol. [0]
‘How many?’ she wondered, as she began to count the big dark men in blue: ‘One, two, three, four, five, six—oh, here comes more police, Chinese ones, like us.’
The six dark men in blue stopped pulling out their blue soul-lock glasses [1] and looked to their leader, a bad white man in a white doctor’s coat and looked at him in grouped and dumbfounded confusion.
‘These ones are not very smart,’ she thought.
The three Chinese men were dressed in white uniforms with blue arm bands on the left jacket sleeve and wore white helmets with amber visors. In the visor of each of these helmets was a red eye of Satan, [3] showing that these were devil men.
Mother shivered and stopped praying, afraid to pray before these devil men possessed by Satan’s eye. These men also had guns on their hips that Lucy knew killed people, because she saw a police kill a Christian pastor once at a parking garage testimonial that had been broken up. But he had been a black policeman.
‘Would the Chinese devil police kill fellow Chinese?’
She had neglected to ever ask this of Mother or Father.
The Christians from Jesus Saves Hidden Church were now outnumbered by the combined police. That didn’t really matter, three of the dark devil police had been enough to round up thirty of them at Testimonial Alley were they had been praying and giving testimony in a storage unit.
‘It’s a shame that Christians don’t have our own police to round up devil police. Jesus, why don’t we have our own police?’
The devil doctor in white was talking to the leader of the Chinese police: “Officer?”
The Chinese officer answered, “Doctor Billings, your department has received a recovery request from China Repatriation Compassion Corporation, concerning this matter.”
The white devil doctor sighed, “We will have to separate the American Persons of Chinese Descent and the Chinese-American Citizens and process separately. The Seattle Psychiatric Concern has jurisdiction over the latter.”
Lucy’s mother squeaked, “Please no, no separate my daughter—I will wear the blue glasses!”
The white devil doctor seemed sympathetic, “Miss, I am sorry, but the CRCC has jurisdiction over you and the SPC [4] over your daughter.”
The Chinese devil police captain sneered with cruelty and stepped forward with a blue tong blindfold and barked at Mother like she was a dog, in Chinese, “Madam, step forward!”
Lucy cried up at the Chinese devil captain, “No!”
The man sneered down at her, made to strike her out of the way, and then nodded to one of the large dark devil police, and the man stepped down over to Lucy, seized her little wrist in his giant ashen hand, and dragged her away from Mother, who cried, “No, no—this America!”
And more police came into the large white room that was now just barely large enough with these extra police. The additional police was a singular tall, muscular white man in blue uniform and helmet, more like an army police with the body armor and the big two-handed gun between his hands. Though alone, his presence made the other police seem unsure of themselves, which angered the white devil doctor.
Lucy of a sudden felt important. She looked up at this new policeman openly as the other Christians cringed and looked away from his ominous form, so like a soldier. Yet this policeman was so unlike the other police and seemed not the devil at all. For he did not have the dead dark eyes of a police but wide open, kind, blue eyes.
Mother was being blindfolded and the two other mothers among them were being blindfolded by the other two Chinese devil policemen. The children and the few young women that were not mothers yet were being gathered weeping by the dark devil policemen.
The white devil doctor then spoke in a firm commanding tone, “SSS [2] was not called—I better see a medical authorization, officer!”
The various Christians were each now in the hands of their captors and all eyes were on the white devil doctor and the white Seattle police officer, whose visor had been up, which was so unusual for the police of any kind, and made Lucy wonder if maybe this police was a Jesus Police, because he did not have the satanic face filter over his kindly and peaceful eyes. Lucy noticed that there was no eye of Satan on the visor and no symbol of Satan on the wrist phone—for this policeman wore no wrist phone.
The white policeman looked directly at the white doctor, as he said with a calming and yet commanding voice, “I have been sent by a higher authority.”
With those words the Jesus police raised his big gun and the room exploded in chaos and noise even as the head of the devil doctor exploded and soaked many faces with red and white and gray globes and pink mist. The Jesus police was blowing Chinese and African heads off of their lurching bodies and Lucy got to see the entire miracle, because when the heads exploded and the necks squirted, it just blinded tall adult people, not short little kids being separated by the devil police from their mothers and older sisters.
Lucy was blessed by God Almighty to see the entire miracle clearly, to see the Jesus Policeman righteously answering her prayer as head after devil head was exploded in the wonderful cleansing of the chamber of persecution and soul trapping!
Further proof of the miracle was that when two black devil police touched the Jesus police with their wands that always made people numb and like play dough, that the Jesus Police kicked them in the knee and when the devil policemen fell one by one to their other bent knee that was not broken, that the Jesus Police smashed their heads in with the butt of his big heavy blue gun.
Very soon, the room was silent except for the whimpering, praying and crying of the Christians and the dripping of the devils from where their brains and hair hung from the walls and the draining of the blood that still pumped from some of the bodies, as if those devil hearts did not know that they were dead yet.
The man then raised his hand for silence, his left one, as he shouldered the big gun on the other side and said, “Please, put on the blue glasses in the police belt pouches, but do not secure them across the back of your head with the sedation lariat. Wear them as a disguise while I guide you to a safe location. Do not activate them and they cannot block your mind.”
Lucy went to the closest headless devil police and looted him of two pair of glasses, rose, handed one to Mother, who was stunned and didn’t seem capable of action. Lucy then stood suddenly under the Jesus Policeman and looked up into his kind eyes, “Are you an angel?”
The man took a knee so that he was only a little taller than her and smiled softly yet distantly into her and answered, “No, Sweet One. I am a sinner like these forlorn souls that have been returned to their cruel master.”
She sounded more grownup than she ever remembered sounding as the Christians gathered around stunned, neglecting to pick up their glasses, “That makes me sad. I prayed to Jesus for a Jesus policeman and you came.”
He smiled and patted her gently on her shoulder, “Thank you, Sweet One.”
“What is your name?” she asked, as she felt like a dumb-dumb upon seeing his officer name, ‘Carson’ printed on his uniform. But that was not what he said in answer, “Christopher, I am Christopher,” and she believed it with all of her flowering soul because it rang true and she knew.
“I understand, Christopher,” she said. “I had another name once, also.”
The man smiled and stood and repeated the directions to put on the glasses without activating them as he walked to each of them and assisted in a guiding way, without actually doing it, as if he knew he would not be around to help them put the glasses back on again.
Sweet One was eagerly helping Mother put on her glasses and could tell that Mother was near breaking, and held her hand in both of hers and looked up through the strange blue sunglasses, “Do not worry, Mother, Christopher has come to guide us.”
Mother cried with joy and held her with shaking hands as Christopher lined them up with words and led them out through the terrible tapestry of justice enacted.
-0. This seemingly [to Lucy] demonic symbol is a medical warrant order, a psychic break notice that psychiatric security persons must attend to the needs of the subjects of the warrant and achieve a therapeutic resolution before taking on another assignment.
-1. Christians of the Pacific Northwest were the first to be targeted for psychiatric disorders under the Seattle Health Concern. They believed strongly that the psychiatric guidance glasses that enabled constant access to interface with therapeutic medical media platforms and cut the wearer out of contact with fellow cult members for deprogramming constituted a type of satanic purgatory intended to deny salvation.
-2. Seattle Security Service
-3. Electric eye up-link to corporate dispatch
-4. Seattle Psychiatric Concern
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