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Musings on Fear News and Creep State Mind Control: 3/19/22
© 2022 James LaFond
“What do you think about the halting of the plague narrative and an immediate same-day switch to news revolving around the war? Is that not proof that the plague narrative is false and now that a real event comes about it is swept away? Or perhaps, the war was engineered to take the eye of the people away from the unfolding evidence that these unprecedented plague measures, like quarantining healthy people, wrecking the economy and denying basic, cheap and proven effective medicines while pushing an experimental treatment has killed upwards of a million Americans?”
-British National
Wow, sir, what a fantastic stream of thought. I cannot take a drive for an hour with you without the insertion of the need to write an article above my pay grade in response to the conversation. First, I do not think that there is any threat that the American people will ever “wake up” and see reality, or call their vile shepherds to account for the manner of their sheering. Americans are not capable of perceiving actual real time physical events or of conducting even the most rudimentary level of thought, fact finding or critical thinking. Indeed, critical thinking has been ruthlessly persecuted in favor of ideological cheer leading, cultivated by every form of media since my childhood at least.
I would cite Gene Wolfe’s Shadow of the Torturer, here. The protagonist, Severian, an orphan boy raised in The Guild of the Seekers for Truth and Penitence, is dispatched by his ancient and nearly forgotten order to a far outpost of a billion person empire in a distant future. While on this quest, in his traditional garb, people regard him with terror and he is brought to speak to the commander of a bridge garrison.
This city of the future is so massive, that the main bridge spanning the River Gaol [which is the Amazon of a dying Earth] has millions of people traversing it a day—nigh millions squatting in its nooks and crannies—and is garrisoned by 10,000 men. When Severian asks why he has been detained, the commander informs him that panicking the populace must be avoided at all costs, for the hundreds of millions, once risen to revolt, must be an unstoppable wave of humanity.
Yes, Severian ends up using his trade, for crowd control, by performing public executions and entertaining the crowd in such a theatric manner that they fancy themselves being served by him, even though any one of their number could be denounced by their fellows and placed in a cell to be interviewed by the torturer who would then cut their head off on stage the next day.
In this, the most deftly handled science fiction composed in the 20th century, the century of Ideology and mass industrial warfare, Wolfe treats the individual and collective human condition in dynamic interaction; he sketches Reality, reality as people of Post Modern America can never experience it. For we believe only in good guy bad guy polarity narratives which have never mimicked reality throughout history, but are presented to us as reality from our cradle to our intubation chamber.
The disease narrative did not go away, but was maintained as the subtextual element in the ongoing, unending reign of fear that spans both narratives. The American mind can only consider one thing at a time. We have been collectively taught that only one important event or moral question or threat may be important to us at a given time. We have been conditioned.
We are retarded. No previous population of humans has been so blinded to reality than the gaslit media herd of Late Modernity. The real miracle of the Atomic Age was not the splitting of the atom, but the harnessing of that awful happening to terrorize a planet with fear of nuclear annihilation. We are creatures of fear, nursed at Fear’s raging tit—the TV, which now everyone of us has in the palm of our hand.
As soon as the Cold War was over the War on Terror was built and ramped up out of its ashes—recycling some of the same characters like any good pulp writer whose last story has failed to sell and then crafts another. As the War on Terror lost its grip in the wake of the last Afghan tribesmen being gunned down on the beaches of Miami and Asbury Park as they landed in their amphibious SUV’s and were defeated by Minute Men, new menaces must be created:
-2016, the Orange Man from Planet Permanent Tan usurped the Cuckmurican Throne…
-2020, Brovid Jiveteen and the Crucifixion of Floyd Christ brought down the Orange Man and increased fear to include most of the population, rather than the half who feared the interplanetary menace of the Orange Man.
-2021, The 10,000 man natzi gang rape of Orgazio Putez on January Sick in Boughtington Dee Cee shocked the world, but there just were not enough natzis to go around. So Brovid Jiveteen was amped up, new strains invented in the lab, and fear continued at the heart of the dimwitted beast that is America.
-2022, just as German paratroopers are deployed in Canada to arrest Canadian truck drivers, No.Ass.Today.Oleg, yanks on the leash of the great Roosky circus Bear and goads it out of hibernation to maw...really...that’s all we could come up with...YouGotGrain natzis fighting for a Geebrew hero president who used to be a cross-dressing standup comedian?
Bro, Brovid will be back, in new versions. I am predicting that the Domnicron Birus, that targets transgender Trekkies [look, every Star Trek fan is a closet Klingon] will be announced, scheduled, released, updated and the masters of fear will again take up our reigns in our very veins.
The point about the last paragraph, is that it would be easier for American Meet Puppets to believe the Trekkie Plague narrative once people start getting runny noses and coughs again. It is just hard to sell respiratory plague at home when no one knows anyone who is sick. It is easier to sell us a distant threat, a large scale conventional war in which one side has absolute air superiority and has yet to use two MIGs to take out a lead vehicle and the rear vehicle and then drop anti-personnel munitions and create a 10,000 corpse highway of twisted metal and death.
That an army that has supposedly lost over 7,000 killed in combat that has yet to produce a single grisly battlefield scene, would not call in serious air support, suggests that Doctor Evil is in on the fix too. What reporting I have seen on this war thus far reminds me of two video gamer nerds doing a pro wrastlin’ style “work” to entertain the slo-eyed media herd drooling in their gaslit stalls.
Like Theadore Sturgeon once said, “95% of everything is crap.” I would say that is likely true of the Domnicron plague and the Roosky War.
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