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Clued Prompts the Crackpot on Dystopia Now: Missouri, 4/13/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
I read an article by some big brain author about his experience talking with the Midas' of the age and their plans for us: 
This in particular jumped out at me:
"Finally, the CEO of a brokerage house explained that he had nearly completed building his own underground bunker system and asked, “How do I maintain authority over my security force after the event?”"
"The billionaires considered using special combination locks on the food supply that only they knew. Or making guards wear disciplinary collars of some kind in return for their survival. Or maybe building robots to serve as guards and workers — if that technology could be developed in time." [1]
Bwahahaha. Evidently this man has never heard of things such as patronage, or loyalty.
[Patronage and loyalty are traditional tribal microsystems that can be used by we inmates of the Oversystem against it.]
It's too bad you'll be too old to live in this brave new world, if you were a meat-head in your teens right now you might get the chance to pull a coup on some twerp investor and make his girlfriend/wife/daughters your harem. The article writes of "leaving us all behind" but whatever faith there is to be had in the human race, I have faith that the chimp will always be with us. Shock collars? Robotic servants? The chimp will always find a way. Spend all your time looking at a screen and you'll get brained by a rock when you're not looking up.
Now how the hell am I going to live in this world...
Sir, hope springs infernal!
I have recently taken a brief tour of a county in Southwest Missouri that has less people in it than my old neighborhood in Baltimore Maryland. A new jail is being built because the current one is so filled with people locked up for the crime of using drugs to facilitate an inner escape from the hell crafted for us by or satanic master, Uncle Sham.
A truck breaks down, and the two unemployed men that my host partially supports through his hard work, want to go to the lot and fix it for him before morning [loyalty and patronage]. But he does not want them getting locked up on his account, for they have criminal records for the crime of getting high. When the county promises to bring in food production facilities that will give jobs, using tax payer money to supplement the activity, and then the company brings in foreign workers as virtual slaves, thus impoverishing the locals even more and driving them away so that the rich can built resort homes in the very locations where the ancestors of the locals once fled to get away from the rich and their slaves, it sparks an ennui.
However, that impulse to suicide among people of European descent—while much of it is being used to kill our cousins with drugs made in China and Mexico—has an element of what you call the chimp, the aggressive backlash from the being that has been enchained.
Read Prometheus Bound by Achylus, and realize that we are that Titan, collectively chained to this rock, and that Zeus “Time-Holder” is Civilization, Western Civilization, Modernity, our hateful jailer.
When Prometheus breaks his chains, I would not hazard to guess. However, as we plunge on at increasing rates of disorienting change into the gaslight night of Post-Modernity, I know “How the hell” you can “live in this world,” and even thrive. I only know this because hundreds of our ancestors and dozens of my mentors and uncles have told me how, have shown me, and have echoed it down through Time.
-1. Learn to fight by as many means as possible, unarmed and armed.
-2. This is based on 1. Do not engage the system. Our Civilization is a giant collective negro, designed democratically as a chimp mob in order to get us to complain and debate, even as the negro pack mugger of its cities instinctively draws us into objecting verbally to his demands to kneel, pay taxes and apologize for the condition of our birth, all to the purpose of feeling insulted and thence justified in stomping us. I would not engage in politics, public discourse, and in any way saving my collective fellow man through voting and lobbying, then I would argue with three Reparations Recover Agents over why my wallet is not theirs. It is theirs and it remains only for them to take it. And it remains for me to prevent that through cunning wiles, and most of all, the commitment to die defending it. The modern dictum that your wallet is not worth your life is false.
Our only value under Modernity is our money [in our wallet or accessed by the card in it]. And our only eternal value as men is autonomy. Letting yourself be physically robed robs you spiritually. Every day engage the world determined to fight to the death against such transgression by Wakandan Demigods or law enforcement grogs. You will feel a great inner freedom emerge.
-3. Engage individuals as a benefactor whenever possible and develop direct human relationships. Realize that most of these friends and allies will wilt before the Oversystem when it comes after you and them. So, while not engaging the Oversystem, find ways to help people below the civic horizon.
-4. Do not discuss politics, ever, with anyone.
-5. Hide your true core beliefs from everyone.
-6. Find your lines in the sand, those acts of submission to the evil Oversystem and its rich fat cat soul farmers and the bitch cat chat people-herders who work for them in media, law, medicine, business and politics, and decide what moral hills you are prepared to die on. Once those decisions are pre-made in your mind, then the enemy that is the puppet state and its pupeteers may not attack your soul, only your body and your largely unimportant possessions.
-7. Avoid social contract commitments. The Oversystem will come after the boomers soon and take all of their social contract benefits, like pensions and such, keenly waiting for boomerdom to be too old to resist. By not making such devil’s bargains and instead engaging in relationship building with real humans that are not political tools or civic zombies, we can avoid the fate of those tens of thousands of boomers who had to get injected with poison or lose their social contract benefits. Do not ever engage in social contracts above one-to-one interaction. What worked for my fathers and your grandfathers, will not work for us, but is the noose or yoke we are being lured to place our necks in.
In conclusion, I feel as if I avoided the slave fate assigned me. Even if the next version of the Big Pharma Plague kills me, or if I am stomped out by a Bantu pack on my return to Baltimore, or die of some otherwise easily addressed ailment because I refuse to engage the death factory of modern medicine, I count myself as having already won my little rearguard action against The Beast.
For this planet has a 100% success rate in killing us—it will kill us all—even killed Jesus Christ, slew the old gods and buried millions of wastemen in The Plantations like me without a memory or a headstone and only this old kook for a posthumous biographer. We must all lose this battle against Goddess Earth—that fecund fiend thirsting for our bodies and souls. But, we can choose to die with dignity and honor rather than grovelling on our knees at her now cancerous hammer-toed feet and preserve our souls for whatever fate Eternity decrees.
This saving grace, this ‘chimp’ option that we have, is the bane and fear of the ever more thirsty Oversystem that drinks our hope like nectar, and is why heroic literature has been largely banished and that masculine contests have been proxied out to morally empty athletes enthralling us with their phony deeds while we root in the cracks of the soul-grinding machine like weeds.
-1. In Organa I have this done with brain implants. It can easily be done through electronic social credit based currency. For instance, in the hotel I just stayed in I could not use the elevator without a card, with $400 in my pocket could not buy a beer without a card. Instead of a collar, just issue smart watches to your henchmen, who can then be placed outside of the security net with the press of a button—can be deleted from payroll, can have their smart guns deactivated when they lose security clearance and also have their smart watch encrypted with a feature that has surgical claws to achieve bone-banding on that wrist as the device serves as a tracking beacon for a liquidation drone. In the future, [if social control mechanisms continue to progress] law officers, corrections officers, inmates, parolees and every day people will all be locked into the same system that they serve and will be used against them when necessary.
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