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The European Threat
What If the Founding Fathers Defaulted on the Original National Debt? 3/19/22
© 2022 James LaFond
“So what if the U.S. had a national debt? They could have defaulted on it. After we beat Great Britain, what European power could have landed here and conquered the U.S. Not France? So why would Washington and Jefferson be worried about paying off the national debt?”
-Big Tone
This very reasonable clutch of questions was asked after I explained to my friend why war was declared on peaceful tribes, in order to sell their lands and pay off the national debt to European powers. Conjoined with this desire to pay off that debt was the desire to form a standing U.S. Army, as the nation’s total military force stood at 75 men and officers.
First, the reasons why the U.S. defeated Great Britain were:
-The British did not have their heart in it, as this was a same nation conflict fought on distant shores.
-Other European powers financed the U.S. with loans.
-The British army was the smallest land force fielded by a major European power and was not geared towards fighting large land wars, but small colonial wars against non-European iron age tribes.
-British troops were needed to put down an uprising in India.
-The French landed actual main battle forces in Virginia and defeated the British Navy in American waters! That last was the big one. The French usually lost naval engagements and the British usually lost land battles.
Now, as media-slave Americans we can only think in terms of nation-to-nation invasions, not complex military partitions, such as happened to Poland during this era.
Lets look at the fears of the Founding Fathers.
-They had no standing national army.
-The States were divided: The MidAtlantic states wanted to remain with Great Britain, The Southern States wanted to expand westward, New England wished to be a world maritime power like Great Britain. Only 1/3rd of Americans had wanted to revolt against Great Britain. 1/3rd were neutral. 1/3rd fought for the British! If something could happen to swing the neutral third, that was bad news.
-Men like Washington and Franklin and Hamilton feared that these three blocks of states [which had further interior disagreements] would fall to squabbling and that various states and blocks of states might seek European backing:
-Western breakaway states allying with France
-New York, Jersey and Pennsylvania allying with England
-The southern states forming a vast confederacy.
-New England, the most militant group, had no likely nation state allies and were most like the British and had the same maritime aspirations and would seek international banking partnerships.
The possibilities were made complex and unpredictable by the upheavals in Europe, which included a dawning World War, which showed what a French Corp could do in the Americas—and the French had 20 Corps[being a small army including divisions, brigades, regiments, battalions and troops of various arms.]
As it was, the Founding Fathers managed the genius stroke of crafting a brilliant lie that would convince about a third of American men to back all of the above aspirations in one bid to build a world-straddling nation. The main point, is that all of the Founding Fathers were British, and held the same British worldview of a global, naval-based, colonial empire. They succeeded. They lived then. We live now. They were powerful. We hold no power. They created a nation. We have not even inherited a nation. So dismissing their fears—these men who created a one-in-a-planet lie-based ideological resource extraction and human exploitation machine that would have 930 military bases around the world—is foolish.
If these terrible men shared enough fears to force them into a devils’ bargain with each other, than those fears were probably justified.
For one, Canada was a huge land base held by England. If England could manage a peace with France, they could build a Great Lakes navy and blockade the U.S. just as the Union would later blockade the Confederacy, surrounded by the lakes, the Mississippi and the seas. In the end, the U.S. was fighting for a share in the bounty of seaborne trade. If peace was achieved with France. England could deny that. The U.S. could not even defend its shipping against African savages with swords!
France and Spain held vast tracts of land on the Southern and Western borders and had good alliances with the tribes. This fact drove the southern planters to go along with the New England merchants. Before the War of 1812 would be fought between Britain and the U.S. and fought to a draw, a French Corp under LeClerc landed in Haiti and wiped out hundreds of thousands of uprising Haitians. LeClerc settled on total extermination as the only plan and would have succeeded if he and his 20,000 men had not shit themselves to death with yellow fever, something that would not have afflicted them in the U.S. LeClerc’s corp, was easily capable of defeating all of the combined forces that the British and the Americans fielded in either of their wars on the Continent. If a French corp could ever be landed in the U.S. with British support, let’s say, in the event that Britain decided to give the French half of the U.S. in order to recover the other half—goodnight Big Daddy George!
If the French and British agreed on partition of the U.S., both could marshal vast land armies from North American bases, conducted corp level landings on the Atlantic, sail ships around the Great Lakes and Miss, and expect tribal allies for both and Royalist allies for the British.
Such a partition would have most likely left The Mid Atlantic states [where the capital was] as a small maritime power, the southern states as vast Anglo-French Plantations, and New England returned to the mother country and attached to Canada. Also, recall the vast African population, that could be promised freedom by the French under something like Napoleon’s Rights of Man contract. The French Revolution, especially what happened in Haiti, ironically scared the shit out of the Founding Fathers, because they were not true revolutionaries, but separatists.
There are enough possibilities here to shape numerous alternative earth time lines. It was common for European Powers to agree to partition: Poland, Turkey, Africa, China, India, etc.
So, the possibilities and realities above did loom as a many-headed threat, but was still not the clutch reason why the Founding Fathers wanted to pay off their national debt and create a standing army and a navy.
Number one, is that these were elite class British men borne and raised with a British view of the world as a collection of lesser races to be despoiled of their resource rich places. This would view would result in World Wars I and II, The Cold War and the War on Terror.
Number two, the primary enemy of every government is its own people. The enemy nations of Athens and Sparta in ancient times helped each other put down slave revolts. Anthony Wayne, conqueror of the Northwest, claimed that he and his officers [herding slave soldiers who are not credited for the victory into battle] fought for the honor and glory of “the Government” not the people.
If one wishes to rule people, he must play the Game of Nations against his peers, mindful not to be toppled into the clutches of The People, but to use that war, to forge The People into a willing machine of national action. If The People are not given an external enemy they might look up at their masters, the oligarchs holding the leash of state attached to the collar [laws] about The People’s neck, and see there an enemy. When one Rules it is far better if the ruled fancy themselves the partner, or even the ruler of The State, than to have them rise up in rebellion.
Consider that as I write, the very U.S. Government and media, that conspired in the murder of some million Americans between 2020 and 2022, has gotten all of these Americans, the witches and the witchfinders, to forget this great crime and look ten thousand miles away to YouGotGrain and the Roosky Menace, as “the European threat” to America. As this goes on, a French Colonel Commands the NATO Cognitive Warfare Center in Virginia, which focuses mostly on targeting the collective mind of America.
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