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Summer Notes
The Crackpot Confession of a Computer Killer: 6/24/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
I murdered my online computer in G-string New Jersey—worked it to death after a few years of toil.
I'll get another in the fall.
The site is scheduled with posts through September 6.
I have online access here at The Brick Mouse House until August 1.
There are 65 articles and 25 chapters of a novel written and ready to schedule.
Before I leave for the west in August the rest of 2022 should be scheduled.
If you have an article prompt send it to my email before end of July.
When I take a day four times a year and just schedule posts, I put crackpot mailbox posts first.
Below are notes, links and brief questions and comments from readers, some of whom are writers:

"By the way, I have started writing, too. But with your vision problem, are you able to read?"
Well, here's my Substack. Please don't overexert your eyes. Have a good weekend.
I can read 16 point Lucida Sans up to 2 hours a day now so can look at documents in that font.

Mon, May 23, 9:51 PM to me
James, you might recall the bicyclist (James Ponsi) who was stabbed to death by three "youths" back in 2016 in Waverly. One of the attackers was Prince Greene.
Despite his crime, Greene was released from juvi in short order, but did not pursue his dreams of becoming a doctor or honest grocery manager and coach:
Thankfully, his 10 year sentence for the 2018 crimes was suspended down to the ~9 months he had spent in pre-trial confinement. So, he was back out on the streets in early 2019:
While putting the Harm in "Harm City," he also seems to have racked up a robbery charge in 2020 (was not using his Brovid Jiveteen mask to full obscuring effect). Only 7 years suspended of a 10 year sentence:
As best I can tell, he's locked up for the time being on Madison Street:
Because the robbery was a violation of his probation for the 2018 crimes, he's having a hearing later this month:
You are are a father and a grandfather. I cannot imagine the grief of the Ponsi family that they lost their son to violence perpetrated by a monster, nor the rage they must feel if they've been tracking how the system has handled Greene subsequently.
As you noted in your coverage of the Ponsi killing, "nice guys die in Baltimore."
Unlike the Ponsi family, I will not be raising any nice guys.

Sun, May 29, 7:24 PM
Eine Denkpause: Davos - The Real White Supremacist Extremists
-B Sirius

Budding surgeon.
Thu, Jun 16, 7:46 PM (8 days ago) to me, Lynn

Ghost Hunters
Thu, Jun 23, 4:02 AM (1 day ago) to me
Hi James, I hope you're well. I was wondering if you had or had planned to release Ghost Hunters as a full book? I've been looking over your bookstore page and amazon listings and haven't been able to find it. Is it available for purchase? I've been hoping to read it ever since you mentioned it on Myth a couple years ago.
Best Wishes,
The book Ghost Snatcher might be in print this coming winter. My editor is working under a 71 book backlog. I sent Mike a copy. In cases of books that you know I completed, you can check the gaming page for How many Books are You Writing, which has book status updates, email me, and when I bump into a computer I haven't killed yet, and I find that you donated a small sum to my ghost fund, I'll send you the unedited pdf. I won't do this with history books, just travel and fiction.

Wed, Jun 22, 10:42 AM (2 days ago) to me
Thanks! I’ve read like 30 of your books might as well make it 31! Looking forward to the boxing book Lynn is putting out.
I haven’t read any of the Plantation America books - admittedly have been putting it off because I don’t want to learn what it has to teach - definitely an effeminate trait right in there. I’ll start with Cracker Boy in a coupla weeks.
I sent Marc Into Wicked Company, which is the easiest Plantation America book to read and a reasonable starting point.

Tue, Jun 21, 11:51 AM (3 days ago) to me
Thought you might find this of interest.
Don Quotays

Greetings from Portland Joe
Sat, Jun 18, 7:10 PM (6 days ago) to me
How was Man Weekend?
It was great, 14 men fighting and training and socializing. Next year it should be bigger and better and planned much further in advance. I wrote about a dozen article on it which should post in November.

Thu, Jun 23, 3:08 AM (1 day ago) to me
Hi James! I have been meaning to send more musings and thoughts on issues, hopefully I will send it soon. During my travels and in my life I will see something or experience and I will have a conversation with the crackpot in my head and I wonder what your thoughts would be on the subject. But maybe it is good I don't send it to save your eyes. I have been really enjoying your talks with that guy "in these going down" on youtube. I really hope you can make more hobo history videos. I really love the intro music to hobo history. Its a real pity that rusty and that other guy who I can't recall his name( the homeschooled guy who wears suits) stopped doing videos with you because I really enjoyed those talks. But at least you still have 20th century guys! Thank you for the free book! I will write to you soon ! Take care!
ps: I watched your recent sparring sessions, awesome stuff!
-Michael Collins
I can read 16 point Lucida sans.
I am supposed to do some hobo history with Incognegro who works on Extended CP Time. There are 15 episodes recorded that have not been released. So if we do one I'll insist on livestream, which means facebook, I think. Backfist Mick brought up your bully stories on Man Weekend and suggested you attend next year if you are State Side. He tooled me up in boxing.

Thu, Jun 23, 10:26 PM (10 hours ago)
It's an LTE, so missing some context:
I really enjoyed our dinner conversation at The Esoteric Cafe.

Rusty Vignettes
Fri, Jun 17, 2:24 AM (7 days ago)
Hi James and Lynn,
I saw on twitter from corsair21c (the last pirate) that apparently the rusty podcasts are gone, but i downloaded a few of them a while back. Please see the link here-
James LaFond
Wed, Jun 22, 11:16 AM (2 days ago)
Oh, thank you! Hope you are well, Oliver. Here is something I wrote during the plague 2 years back. james
4:37 AM (4 hours ago)
Thank you, I have been well and I hope you have been too.
The events of the past year or more has really made me appreciate your works and insights even more. They crystalised a lot of thoughts I’d been having and served as a touchstone and guide for me as I fumble my way through this world.
I recently read alienation nation and this sentence you wrote really hit hard as quite a few years ago I’d had the same thought thinking that I’d want to write a book pass some knowledge to any other souls out there that thought like I did and give them what little wisdom I could, little realising at the time how little I actually knew…
“As a thinker and writer I see myself as one in a long line of alternately hunted and shunned autonomous minds struggling to preserve what portion of the truth we may, in hopes of handing it off to others of the same ilk.”
So thank you again James.
-Optimist E. Lee
Optimist, thank you. It is an honor that my eccentric attempt to avoid insanity by writing for publication as a compulsion, has value to anybody.
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