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Yeti Season
Don Quotays and the Crackpot Discuss Gaia’s Frigid Season and the Grey God’s Return: 5/4/2022
© 2022 James LaFond
Lancaster, Pennsylvania
May 2
The global cooling will also have affects on North Africa, the ME, and all the various Stan's, as well as Iran.
Which is to say, it's going to be cooler and rain more in these regions, which means their growing potential can increase significantly.
Can, not will, as the areas political issues and pervasive corruption may get in the way. Plus near term shortages can create chaos in these regions.
The current weather extremes in the USA were predicted by the big brains during the 1970s new Ice Age scare.
So it appears the Grand Solar Minimum is on track.
As they say, shit is getting real.
Be careful out there.
Don Quotays
Oh Don,
Yeti Season is here!
In Oregon, Colorado, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indian and Pennsylvania this spring, I have noted that it is cooler and wetter by a slim margin, just as each of the past 3 years have been cooler and wetter in Maryland by a gradual slight measure. This is how one of these grand solar minimums shifts, rather than kicks, into gear.
I was recently at a horse auction in Oklahoma and on various farms and ranches in Missouri and Arkansas trying to learn about these big beasties. The auction was a bust, with a full 60% of horses not bidding for a price acceptable to the seller. The high price of feed seems to have something to do with this. I am also informed that moister conditions cause problems with horse feet—well, equines need to be on the lookout for a podiatrist in the coming ice age.
Total arable land will be reduced worldwide by a margin. The greatest reduction will be in the northern hemisphere, where most of our food is grown and eaten, and where most of our arable land will be forced out of grain production. In the past, these periods of cooling northern altitudes and moistening middle latitudes, has caused Africa to act like a demographic pump. This acts like so, and is heralded by locust plagues in North Africa which are signs that more growth of plant life and some reclamation of the Sahara and Saheal are imminent.
Sub-Saharan folk are lured north into the greening deserts and to Egypt. At the same time, Berbers, Arabs and higher IQ Caucasians of the Levantine kind, begin crossing these narrower sands to get sex slaves, laborers, slave soldiers and gold to bring up into the Middle Sea basin to displace the indigenous lower classes and maintain power.
Then, in these middle regions, tougher, smarter, more ruthless folk, first the Neanderthals, then the Cromagnon, then Aryаns, the Sea Peoples, and finally the Turks and Mongols are driven south and west and east by the howling winds of winter to meet across Gaia’s amble but drying loins. The victors in these battles are always the men from High and Hinter, from north and winter—not the suckers who crept up and were enticed out of perpetual Summer into an autumn world.
Our current situation will be even more interesting, in that the massive population of Egypt is dependent on grain imports and the social retardation of Africa and the colonial and medical meddling in its affairs renders it incapable of agricultural sustainability. It, however, remains a great unplundered resource. The two world wars of Aryаn Suicide began over the late 18th Century Scramble for Africa, a scramble that was fought over everyplace but Africa and resulted in its abandonment.
Chinese and American interests are currently vying for dominance in Africa, with the Chinese more interested in mineral and agricultural resources and the Americans more interested in the population resources. The latter party wants keenly to cause havoc in Africa in order to drive Africans onto Europe to destabilize economic competition from the Old World and make massed millions available for population replacement initiatives in North America.
My novels American Dream Bout, Uprising, Ghost Snatcher, The Last Good Cop, Prentice Dolphin and the trilogy Who Writes the Songs of Night? are all based on this dawning ice age and the effect on Africa and North America. In addition, the novels Sorcerer!, Ranger?, Up Shingle Creek and Knight…, are fantasy’s based in a medieval America set in 2031.
I know military contractors and active duty U.S. Service Men who claim that Africa is the focus of nearly all current, “boots-on-the-ground,” American military activity, both NGO and ZOGnificent.
Don, we live on the cusp of a great and grim age that seems likely to make of adventure an activity for men once again. May The Grey God Return and gust his gales from the quarter of the world that long ago forged our forefathers in His image.
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