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Superstitious Bumpkins in an Open Carry Town
A Discussion of Plantation America Origins and Destination: 5/29/22
© 2022 James LaFond
New Jersey, in Seclusion
May 28, 2022, 9:01 PM (16 hours ago)
to me
I don't know if you have seen "the northman" yet, but i liked the movie and eggers movies like "the witch" since hes a historicaly very educated guy and i read in an interview with him that as a youth he collected medieval woodcuts from Albrecht Duerrer like other kids did comic books. I found that very amusing since he also said about his own movies that they are "feministic" like "the witch" and "machismo" like Northman and that Viking culture shouldn't be just handed over to "right wing" frindges. So many people are quick to say that he is very based and trad and all that, but i think hes just a honest liberal like his inspiration Duerrer was before him.
See his work; Three Peasants in Conversation ca. 1497
Many other of his works have found their way on Black Metal Album Covers like "knight, death and devil" and he made many pictures of soldiers and spooky skeletons, but this work of peasants gives a view how he saw common people.
First off their clothing is like over 50 years out of fashion, its agricultural, its baggy, one lets his leggings down, he also wears "spurs" like a noble, and they are all armed. Duerrer painted conservative walmartians.
Change a few details like give them realtree caps, tacticool cargo pants, maybe a molle backpack instead of a basket, and these three walk with Ey Ur Fif Teens in your local Starbucks because this is an open carry state.
This is how he saw peasants and i think this is also how Eggers sees the right wingers who he made the Movie Northman for, and because he understands them so much he can serve them exactly what they want while Conservatism Inc. can never ever serve some engaging and interesting entertainment.
If find this very amusing.
I found the illustration fascinating and while trying to copy it from the email that computer failed and is lost. I have not seen a movie since October 2021 and it is May 2022.
In reading on the conditions in England for transportation and press-ganging and kidnapping, that served as the foundation for populating English North America, the question of armed citizens was foremost in my mind, what with depositions by Scottish parents telling of press gangs entering their house and taking children from the bed they shared with their parents.
England and Great Britain in general were heavily armed societies, with little police, where men of means were armed with firearms, swords, knives, clubs and other weapons that are illegal to carry in most of the Western World today, yet were much in evidence in the 1600s. During the Congregationalist Migrations to New England in the 1600s, one of the curses upon the land was in fact the presence of numerous discharged, unpaid, and yet armed and equipped soldiers!
The utility of the sword during this time was that it was better for combating a pair or trio of men that might be armed with clubs and knives, then a single shot pistol that might misfire. Press-ganging and kidnapping were so easily committed acts in the main, for two reasons:
-1. Social sanction from judge, captain, king, magistrate and other officials insured that if there were a battle that resulted from defending as a group against such abductions, that the King’s men would come down on the side of the human traffickers. The King of England and Cromwell, when he was Lord Protector, would receive between 10,000 and 20,000 pounds a year as their fifth for all humans sold into The Plantations under color of law. In the case of the depopulation of two thirds of Ireland in the 1600s, that king’s fifth may well have amounted to a million pounds in royal revenue for selling those people into bondage.
-2. The above guaranteed that human traffickers worked in groups, serving as witnesses to their own just deeds, helping overwhelm any attempt to defend by a father or brother, the abduction of a family member, and was aided and abetted by the fact that the families of the lower orders in Great Britain, had already been transformed into nuclear families [or less, orphaned children and widowed women], without clannish support of brothers, cousins and such and that more and more work and travel was being done on an individual basis as agricultural practices broke down and a mercantile economy in cities revolving around bondage export, work houses, and work as a sailor, placed the individual alone more often than had earlier medieval style pursuits.
This was also a period before heavy industry placed large gangs of men together coming and going to work, This latter development necessitated the creation of military scale police forces and would place the business of abducting sailors in the hands of criminal gangs staffed by professional athletes who preyed upon a physically smaller class of man who suffered the stunted growth of the urban orphan.
Marines, in Navies, were in fact mostly employed to acquire sailors, punish sailors, and protect the officers from sailors, being the police of the military sailing ship.
Also, the type of weapons most useful for abduction are blunt weapons, which favor groups over edged weapons and firearms which favor individual use against the group; this according to my violence findings in examining 1675 acts of violence involving residents of Baltimore City between 1996 and 2000. [3]
The illustration above shows men of the peasant class, which were free men who generally owned slaves and serfs and served as footmen in late medieval armies. Such, fit, well-fed, laboring farm managers, would be the types of fellows that ran kidnapping gangs out of towns like Aberdeen, Scotland once the shipment of laborers out of Great Britain to do agricultural work oversees placed them both in peril of having their traditional economy outsourced and left them in possession of the means and organization necessary to traffic in less robust, less organized, less numerous, and less well-equipped humans, such as a lad come to town on an errand for his mother. Perhaps the first men to fill the cargo holds of British slave ships were the peasants of an outsourced agricultural town selling off their own slaves?
-1. The Logic of Steel, When You’re Food and The Logic of Force, being published studies of group and individual dynamics concerning weapons in urban settings.
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